Store Caught Justice

another experiment by Dan Standing

Dani glanced down the aisle towards the check-out counter. The old woman at the register was flipping through some sort of magazine and was paying Dani no mind. Turning back to the wall of hooks and packaged panties, Dani quickly grabbed one and placed it in her bag, adding it to the pair of high heeled shoes she had already hidden away.

Dani could feel the warm rush across her skin, as she once again felt as though she had gotten away with shoplifting. Since the store had no security chips or cameras Dani felt the thrill as if she was 15 again. Those first few five finger discounts – still now performed for nothing more than thrill and not need – had been so satisfying, back when all she had to do was outwit cashiers and floorwalkers. Seven years later Dani found fooling and outmaneuvering cameras and magnetic buttons more challenging, but much less fulfilling than human obstacles.

As Dani sneakily placed a bra in her bag she wondered when the store had opened. She was at this mall every other weekend, rotating the stores she hit regularly. So there had been a little time since she had last gone down this nearly empty hallway, but not long enough to explain how established all the merchandise seemed to be.

Dani glanced around and looked for any other last trophies she wanted. The store was like a tiny convenience mart – its items ranged from cosmetics, a small selection of clothes, bath soaps and oils, random souvenirs and books, and even some food. Dani’s specialty was clothing; she got the most thrill wearing her trophies after she was home free.

Deciding to take a risk and move towards the check-out area, and the old woman engrossed in her reading material, Dani slowly made her way forward, her white sneakers making tiny squeaks on the tiled floor. As she approached the cashier she spotted a small display of lipstick – a particular green neon color caught her eye. Taking a breath, Dani stepped forward.

“This is a lovely store,” the thief gave a big grin as the woman looked up and locked eyes with her. The woman was dressed in a flowing dress that Dani felt hearkened back to the free-love 60s. Her grey hair was curly and poofed out around her head. The woman had the wrinkles to be expected at her advanced age, and her nose was a tad long and pointed, but otherwise Dani felt she was fairly beautiful. She wore a pair of wire-framed reading glasses. The cashier smiled, revealing teeth that were yellowed but straight.

“Why, thank you, my dear,” the woman spoke up, clearing her throat a tad, “It always nice to hear that my wares are appreciated.”

“Oh yes,” Dani replied, eyeing up the other impulse buys on the counter, and the tobacco and 21+ products along the back wall, “How long have you been here?”

“Oh, deary me, let me think…” the woman sighed, leaning back in her chair and removing her glasses, “It’s been quite some time. But I get so few visitors in here thanks to this lousy location, sometimes I forget all the time that’s past. I’m amazed I’ve been able to make ends meet.”

Dani heard every word of the cashier, but had long gotten past any feelings of guilt regarding her favorite hobby. She had already formulated a plan to snatch the lipstick.

“You have quite a variety of cigarettes back there,” Dani said, motioning to the glass case behind the woman. The old cashier smiled and glanced back for a moment.

“Oh yes. Like the other items in the store they’re either special order imports, or crafted by my own hands.”

“Do you have Kamels?” Dani asked.

“Well, no, those are a brand…I only have-”

“What about those?” Dani asked, pointing towards a random box behind the old woman, which forced her to nearly turn all the way around in order to investigate. As she did so Dani swiftly pocketed one of the lipsticks.

“Oh, no, those are Green Stables. Perfect for those with an interest in horses. Would you be interested in a pack?”

“Oh, no, thanks, just asking for a friend. She’s very particular,” Dani lied, “Well, thank you for your time. Good luck with everything and have a great day!”

“You as well, dear, thanks for stopping by,” the woman replied to Dani’s back, as the brazen thief walked swiftly out of the store.

Back at her apartment Dani tossed her bag and jacket onto her bed, and began to strip down. Tossing off her shoes and socks, Dani grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

Momentarily dressed in only jeans and a bra, Dani was quickly without either. Padding barefoot over to her wall mirror, she was pleased to see the small damp stain on the front of her panties. She had spent the entire returning bus ride reveling in her success; squeezing her thighs and rubbing against the seat to relish in the sensations that were now normal reactions to a perfect theft – the reaction from other riders be damned! Her arrest three years ago had done nothing more than intensify the rush and thrill she now experienced when getting away with everything. It was one of the few things that turned her on anymore.

Peeling off the dainty fabric exposing her shorn nether region to the air, Dani added the underwear to the pile of discarded clothes. She then eagerly turned to the material on her bed.

Dumping out her bag and jacket and retrieving all her misbegotten goods, Dan first picked up the bra. When in the stores Dani rarely looked at the quality or branding of the items she stole. She found it was more fun waiting until she had successfully made it home to go through her loot; like the fun of dumping out a Trick-or-Treat bag on Halloween to see what the haul really was.

Flipping the soft material over a few times in her hand, Dani found it to be a c-cup bra that lacked an under wire. Grabbing the tag, it read; CUP RUNNETH OVER BRA: When you want to Nurture what Nature gave you!

Letting out a soft laugh at the catchphrase, Dani turned and slipped it on. As she clipped the back elastic she couldn’t help but notice that the stitching seemed very poor. It was also clear that her own pert chest, the tiniest pare of fleshy apples one would ever see, barely filled out the cups.

Turning back to the bed to put aside her body issues, Dani picked up the panties. They were pink lacy things, somewhere between cotton and silk in their smoothness. Gently breaking the plastic tag off, Dani checked it out; PANTYtration: To fullfill a boring work day.

Dan again chuckled, this time at the misspelled “fulfil,” and gently pulled the fabric up to her damp folds.

Picking up the white ankle socks and freeing them from their store packaging, Dani observed that they were advertised as; JOGASM FOOTWEAR – To give running more of a flush! Simply shaking her head at that one Dani pulled them up over her petite feet, taking a moment to admire her scant ensemble so far.

Figuring she’d finish outfitting her feet, Dani grabbed the high heels off the bed. She considered these one of the more difficult trophies, given their awkward shape, even though they had actually been the first thing she nabbed. Slipping the tag off the little black straps of the 5-inch heels, Dani turned it over; HIGH BALLS – Effortless heels.

Now bored with the unusual names, Dani tossed the tag into her growing pile of trash and slipped the strappy black heels over her sock-encased feet. Normally she’d never adorn her feet as such, but she wanted to get the full look of everything she had come home with.

Picking up the neon green lipstick – the last of her trophies – Dani planted herself in front of the mirror. Admiring her mismatched outfit from all sides, Dani applied the green lipstick and tossed it on to the bed. Blowing a kiss to her ill-begotten outfit Dani smiled and posed a few more times. Pleased with her score, she was about to turn and begin pulling everything off when suddenly her body flushed with heat.

Turning back to the mirror to check her color, Dani saw she had suddenly started to sweat. The skin around her panties, bra, and socks started to feel weird and tight, and for a moment she thought she was having an allergic reaction. But as she stared at herself in the mirror there seemed to be a sudden pop of air and the look of her outfit changed. Dani also found herself landing hard on her heels as the five inch support she had been relying on suddenly gave out.

Stunned and uncertain of what just transpired, Dani simply stood for a moment and caught her breath.

“What the hell happened…” the shoplifter muttered to herself, as she shook her head and looked up at the mirror. At first it looked as if nothing had changed; save for standing flat on her feet, Dani still saw the bra, panties, and socks adorning her. But as she looked longer at herself she realized what had changed.

“What the fuck…?” the she gasped as she approached the mirror. She wasn’t really wearing clothes anymore – it was more so as if the material and patterns had become painted onto her skin. Switching between staring down at her breasts and looking in the mirror, Dani grasped at the bra, which was now smoothly pressed across her chest. Her nipples and crinkled areola stood at attention in the open air, the white color and stitching of the bra painted over them entirely.

Actually, it didn’t look like paint, it was more like…

Dani opted not to examine the rest of her body at the moment and instead dashed for the bathroom. Turning on the spigot and pumping a healthy amount of soap into her palms, she desperately brought her lathered hands to her chest.

Rubbing the suds across her womanly handfuls, Dani was frustrated to find the white would not wash off. In fact, she quickly discovered the slick ministrations across her nipples were turning her on. She pulled her hands away. Her nipples now stood at attention, poking through the suds.

Standing with her jaw slack, staring at the impossible sight in front of her, Dani had to accept it; the bra had become a highly detailed tattoos across her supple flesh. A quick rub at her hips proved the same problem there. And the green on her lips didn’t seem to smudge, either.

Opting not to dry her breasts and risk further stimulation, Dani walked back out to the wall mirror. It was now she remembered that she had very recently been wearing shoes and socks, and it felt as if she was barefoot. Reaching the mirror, Dani gave herself a full look-over.

Panning her eyes down her torso, she ignored the suds slowly sliding down her body and forced herself to look at her pelvic area. The once pink frilly panties were also a tattoo. Just as the panties had been hugging her hips, the tattoo ran across her lower abdomen. Every detail of the frills were outlined on Dani’s skin, and she could see the pink dip down between her legs. Spreading them slightly, Dani could see that everything down below was covered in the pink fabric tattoo. Turning, the pink continued over the better part of her round ass.

Taking deep breaths and keeping herself together, Dani directed her attention to her feet. They were encased from the ankles down in a white tattoo – like a pair of weird white socks with toes. Even the skin under her toenails was the clean white of the fresh fabric. Only the black lines which had once been the straps of her high heels disrupted the solid white, and covered her sole in a solid leather color.

“Okay…okay…don’t freak out…maybe it’s a dream,” Dani started to say to herself. She gave her arm a pinch, but nothing happened. She took another deep breath. “Okay…maybe I’m awake. So, how bad is this really? They’re just tattoos. Somehow they’re tattoos, but people get tattoos removed all the time. Besides…this is like thousands of dollars of work…”

Dani tried to figure just what had happened to her. It was impossible, but it had happened. Clearly it was some sort of reaction to having stolen the items. Some crazy security device. She briefly considered going back to the store, but she’d never been caught and she wasn’t going to go back begging for a fix to an issue like this. As her breathing returned to normal, Dani collected her thoughts and gave the mirror a closer look.

Once again striking a pose, Dani tried to think positively of the situation.

“I’ll totally knock ‘em dead at the clubs,” she smiled, rotating her body, “People won’t know what to think when I take my jacket off…I’ll have to have the feet fixed…”

Rotating one foot and then the other on the carpet, Dani would not be able to wear any of her strappy club shoes without looking completely out of fashion. She had one pair of knee high boots that would obscure the bright white wrapped around her toes, but the boots were uncomfortable and Dani had always liked showing off what she felt was one of the better parts of her body. Lacking a large chest she was always trying to make up for it, and didn’t want to lose the advantage of her sexy feet.

The more Dani accepted that what she was seeing was real the more she was actually excited about the bra and panties. The suds had all since popped and dried, leaving a sexy sheen across her chest. But the socks had to go.

“Okay, I’ll just get dressed, go down to the parlor on the corner, and find out how much it is to get rid of the sock tattoos.”

Padding over to her dresser, Dani pulled out a quick outfit and tossed most of it to the bed, holding onto a pair of green and yellow striped panties. Stretching up one leg and then the other, Dani snapped the elastic around her hips and walked over to the bed. Dani grabbed the strapless bra she had pulled out, and just as she was done hooking the back together she started to feel a strange push against the lips of her pussy.

It happened quickly; Dani felt something soft and phallic gently push its way inside of her. Jumping up on her tip toes in reaction to the phantom penetration, Dani was too shocked to do anything about what she was experiencing. Although surprised and violated, Dani actually thought it felt good – it had been a long time since she had been with a man.

Realizing that whatever was inside of her was beginning to push certain button and get her off, Dani quickly hooked her fingers around the panties and pulled them down. She felt some resistance as she pulled, and with some extra stretching of the fabric she slowly slid out the object inside of her, which was attached to the midsection of the panties.

“Oooh…” Dani shuddered as she depenetrated herself, and then held up the panties, as she could not see past her breasts – wait, what?

Spinning around to the mirror, Dani was thrown off balance as a pair of larger breasts pulled hard with inertia. Staring back at the thief through the mirror was a woman who’s tits had nearly overflowed from her bra.

No – were overflowing from her bra. No longer distracted by the sensation between her legs, Dani suddenly realized she could feel her bosom slowly growing. It was a warm, pleasant sensation, that had brought her chest up past the size of a respectable pair of apples. But this also included the unpleasant sensation of the bra’s straps digging into her back, and Dani quickly threw her arms around her back to undo the clasps. After a few difficult moments she managed to unhook clip, and the round flesh pushed the brassier cups off Dani’s body.

Looking at the mirror, hand holding bra and panties, Dani gawked at her inflated breasts. Even covered by the white tattoo they were impressive, slightly larger than your average fruit. Fortunately, they had stopped growing the moment the physical bra had been pulled away from her body. Her breasts had grown – now this was truly impossible.

Catching sight of the yellow and green panties in her hand, Dani held them up, and this time examined them without interruption. In the middle of the panties, sharing the same green and yellow stripped pattern from the fabric, was a giant soft rubber dildo. It was as if it had grown right out of the fabric, the rubber bottom of it fused to the stitching. Dani felt it slowly undulating in her hand and threw it and the bra on the bed.

Now things were starting to get out of hand.

Not really believing what had just happened, Dani retrieved another pair of panties. This time she put them on in front of the mirror. Again, as soon as they were in place, she started to feel pressure against her nether lips and pulled the panties down to her knees before anything came of it – examining them, only a small mound of rubber was attached to the fabric this time.

Letting the underwear slide down her legs before kicking it aside, Dani picked up her discarded bra. She didn’t think she’d be able to wear it again, as tight as it had been, and simply held the cups up to her swollen chest. The bra was definitely way too small now, but there didn’t seem to be any reaction to its proximity to her chest.

“Okay…so my panties grow dildos, and my bra gave me a growth spurt…I’ve got to get back to that store…”

Dani went and retrieved an older bra from college, when she had put on a few pounds. Dropping it on the bed, Dani grabbed the skirt she had pulled out earlier. She almost went and got a pair of shorts, but she was afraid that having the denim between her thighs would have the same penetrating reaction her panties had. The skirt was long enough that Dani wasn’t concerned about going commando.

Buttoning the skirt’s waistband the newly-endowed thief waited to see if there was any reaction to the fabric. When she felt nothing happening Dani grabbed the college bra. Bending over to the bed caused Dani to almost fall – the extra mass of her jiggling boobs was still tripping her up. Slipping her arms through the straps and clipping everything together in the back, Dani sighed as she found the slightly loose support offered needed relief from the additional weight.

Walking over to where she had tossed the t-shirt, Dani pulled it off the bed and started to pull the fabric over her head. Fighting with the shirt for a moment Dani finally pulled it down over herself. Pushing her foot under her bed to find where she had left her shoes, Dani found herself still struggling with the shirt fabric. She expected the shirt to be a little short thanks to her growth spurt, but every time she pulled it down Dani felt the material ride up again and expose her stomach.

Then she realized she could feel that tingling in her chest again.

Spinning around, Dani gasped as she saw her breasts pushing and expanding within the bra under the top. The cubs were pressed hard against the fabric, and she could see a deep crease where her fleshy orbs were starting to overflow again.

Panicking, Dani quickly tried to pull the shirt off so she could undo the bra. He frantic motions caused the bottom seem of the material to catch on the underwire, and it took even longer for Dani to finally rip the snagged stitch free.

Pulling the shirt back over her head and dropping it, Dani’s hands immediately went for the clasp of the bra. But the delay with the shirt meant that the elastic was stretched so far Dani couldn’t get enough slack to undo the hooks.

Struggling and gasping as the inflating flesh got trapped by the brassiere’s elastic limits, Dani screamed out in frustration, dropping to a seated position on the bed. The longer the growth went on the more her skin started to tingle and flush with sensitivity. It was an odd juxtaposition to the prickly pressure caused by the tight bra.

Thinking quickly, Dani grabbed the shoulder straps and pulled them down each arm. Pushing her hands beneath the underwire, Dani crooked her fingers and yanked down on the bra. The attempt was a success and the struggling piece of underwear slid down Dani’s ribs. With the tension relieved, Dani unhooked the back and tossed the damnable fabric across the room. For a moment she just sat on the bed, taking deep breaths.

Eventually the cursed thief summoned enough courage to look over to the mirror.

She almost cried.

Her pure white bosom hung heavy and low off her ribs. It was as if a pair of bleached grapefruits were growing from her chest. They were heavy, with her equally-grown nipples hanging from the curve of each breast like little thumbs.

She had definitely robbed the wrong store.

Holding back tears, Dan reached out and grabbed the shirt she had ripped from her body. Cautiously she slipped it over her head and arms, and as she pulled it fully on she waited.

No reaction.

As Dani had expected, the growth only seemed triggered by bras. Before, going braless hadn’t been an issue. But now Dani could feel the extra weight hanging like guilt from her body, and her nipples pressed obscenely against the tight fabric.

Refocusing herself, Dani grabbed a pair of socks off the bed. She slipped them on, wondering what type of reaction these would have. She knew after she stood up.

And came.

The orgasm had hit her as soon as she had taken a single step, the moment her sock-covered foot hit the floor. It sent her reeling backwards onto the bed again, gasping and pawing at her skirt. Her nipples were at full attention, and Dani could tell her had released a little spray from the experience. As soon as her wits were about her she reached down and angrily yanked both socks off of her.

Panting and sweating as she sat up, Dani wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She carefully bent down – throwing out an arm against the mattress to adjust for her new top-heaviness – and grabbed her sneakers.

And couldn’t put either on. The moment her toes started to enter the shoe, her foot suddenly bent up, as if she were putting on heels. Stretched like that Dani could barely get the sneaker to come close to getting onto her foot, and she realized she couldn’t walk with her foot bent like that in flat shoes even if she could get them on. Throwing the footwear to the floor in anger, and discovering her feet went back to normal when away from the shoes, Dani got up and grabbed a pair of club heels from her closet.

As she padded across the room the young woman passed her bureau and a smaller mirror there, and was reminded of the color of her lips. She hesitated a moment as she stared at the green.

“If…if I’m asking to have this undone I should at least know what it does…” Dani sighed, putting down the heels and grabbing some red lipstick. Applying the new color with more energy than accuracy Dani capped it and slammed it back onto her bureau.

“Bring it, you stoobid stuph…wud da helb!” Dani screamed as her lips suddenly inflated and puckered into a big, soft, dick-sucking O. They were beyond bee stung, and Dani could barely shape them beyond a “bring it here, big boy” sort of expression.

“Wud du fuck has habbend bo me!” Dani finally screamed as articulately as she could, jumping and crying and slamming her fists against anything she could. Her enormous breasts swung and pulled within her shirt, threatening to knock her over. It was a miracle she even heard the piece of paper land on her bed.

Looking up at the strange sound of parchment floating through the air, Dani saw something gently breeze onto her mattress. Dashing over to it, she picked up the paper and began to read;

Dear Shoplifter,

By now you have discovered the danger of stealing from my store. The items you took were designed to be one-use or limited products; CUP RUNNETH OVER BRA would give a women bigger breasts until the loose stitching gave a satisfying pop. PANTYtration is intended for a woman to wear to a boring job. JOGASM FOOTWEAR gives joggers a more pleasant experience. HIGH BALLS heels were meant for women uncomfortable in normal heels. And LIP-SUCK is for the woman looking to give her man a thrill.

Because you have stolen these they are now permanently part of you; all bras will cause your breasts to grow until they break the bra, all panties or pants will grow pulsing dildos, all socks will cause you to orgasm with every step, all shoes will cause your feet to stretch up, and all lipstick will cause your lips to swell and pucker. These effects will follow you the rest of your life unless you return to the store within 12 hours of your theft, and take part in our retrieval policy.

Thanks for shopping with us,

The Management

Dani’s jaw was agape as she finished reading the paper. There were so many emotions running through her that she was uncertain what to do.

We’re giving this another go! Part 2 will be determined by the readers! Please select a choice below! Once again, outcome will be determined by number of votes, or especially moving arguments that I find overwhelmingly convincing. Does Dani;

  • Swallow her pride, return to the store, apologize, and submit to the process?
  • Swallow her pride, return to the store, but yell and scream about what has happened?
  • Become too prideful and resentful from the letter and try to live cursed as she is?