Fairy Interesting Wording: Voted Conclusion

a short experiment by Dan Standing

voted conclusion (highlight to reveal): Things go as Sara expected, with a small difference…

Sara wasn’t exactly sure what she felt as she sat back up in the bed. Looking down at her under-filled shirt, the most she could see were her nipples just slightly pushing through the fabric. But it was only another moment before a pressure began building within both her ass and breasts.

“Holy shit!” Sara exclaimed, as she felt herself lift a bit off the bed, her butt suddenly fattening up. The elastic of the pajama pants stretched over her hips as it drew taught. Pushing her hands down under the material Sara squeezed the spongy flesh, still in shock that this could actually be happening.

But the idea of this being a hallucination was quickly leaving her.

As her rounding posterior grew out to match Posie’s, the young woman could also feel her stomach and waist contracting in. Sara became short of breath as her organs shifted to adjust for the new space allotment, which was further complicated by her hips starting to push out towards their 34 inch goal.

While this was going on Sara wasn’t unaware of her expanding breasts. The first thing that had grown were her nipples, popping up to the size of small fingers and ridiculously tenting the fabric. Pulling her hands from her ass Sara grabbed her nips at first in repulsion, but that was quickly wiped away when she got her first feedback from them.

“Oh…” shuddered down from Sara’s tits through her spine, to her suddenly warming pussy, and residual shock-waves went through her toning thighs. Pulling her hands away to resist further stimulating herself was successful at first, but then her breasts began to grow. As the nipples dragged across the inside of her nightshirt Sara again threw her head back in growing ecstasy, and quickly removed her shirt. Tossing it aside she looked down at her tits, which were slowly pushing out from her chest like someone stuffing pillows with down.

Except these were her own magnificent pillows, and they were filling with warm sensitive flesh.

“I can’t believe this is really happening…” Sara panted, as five inches of chest finished growing in. Looking across to her mirror she almost couldn’t believe the 37E/22/34 dimension she now sported…but this new and alien weight of two warm cantaloupes hanging on her chest would be a constant reminder of reality.

Sara considered getting up and modeling her new body to herself, but first decided that a certain fire betwixt her legs needed to be doused first. Laying back, one hand made it’s way towards the drawer of her bedside table, while the other went to push her dampening bottoms from her hips.

This was the first moment Sara realized something might be up. The shorts were suddenly looser than they had been before…and the drawer was just out of her reach.

And it shouldn’t have been.

“What the hell?” Sara muttered, sitting up again. That’s when she saw her lower body swimming in her shorts. Suddenly, she understood why she couldn’t reach the drawer.

“Why the fuck am I shrinking?” the minimizing woman shouted, noting a slight change in the pitch of her voice as she slid down in height. She was shrinking to scale; her breasts and hips were holding their proportions on her diminished form. After a few minutes the room seemed to stop getting bigger, and Sara carefully lowered herself from her mattress.

Pushing aside shock, her very petite feet took her over to her desk, with her once-grapefruit-now-baseball-sized breasts swinging freely across her little ribs. With some effort she pulled open a drawer and retrieved a measuring tape. Place one end under her foot Sara pulled the roll up over herself and marked off the top of her head; twenty inches.

“Why the hell would she make me…” Sara’s voice trailed as she spotted the glossy cover of the open magazine, with the centerfold still expanded. Grabbing the magazine and pulling it down from her desk – which was more difficult now under the power of her smaller muscles – Sara took it to the bed and fully laid out the image. Climbing onto the mattress, which was not an easy task and required her to grind her naked body against the sheets, Sara understood; the fairy…whatever had not only given her the physical dimensions of the nude model, but also her height as printed on the page. Sara was thankful that Posie had been posed kneeling instead of photographed lying down – it had given her a few extra inches.

Sara then shuddered at the idea of even one more thing going wrong; that she had also been made one dimensional. Waiting a moment after the thought, Sara decided her transformation had fully completed, and it wasn’t something to fear coming.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do twenty inches tall?” Sara muttered to herself, kicking aside the magazine. Although she had noted that her body seemed more sensitive at this height – she thought it might be due to her nerve endings compacting together in a smaller surface area – it wasn’t like she could just-

“Excuse me, is this Valerie DelTomo’s room?” a small voice rang behind Sara. She turned, and saw a small, nude, fairy woman with a clipboard perched on her desk chair. “I’m late for my appointment.”

“Are you from the Balance and Acts Commission?” Sara replied slowly. The small creature nodded.

“Yes, I am, you’ve heard of us?”

Sara couldn’t help but let out an angry, nervous laugh.

“Yes, and I have a question for you…do you have a complaints department?”