Fairy Interesting Wording

a short experiment by Dan Standing

Sara sat and stared at the blank text document on the screen. Her fingers hovered above the keyboard, twitching and waiting to start putting words to page. A blond hair slid in front of her eyes. She tried to ignore it, tried to force herself to start typing, but after a moment she finally gave in to writer’s block and slumped back in her chair.

Pushing the blond strand back behind her ear, Sara sighed. Her paper on female body image and American culture was due the next day. She had put it off all week because it had required her to actually buy a Playbunny Magazine. She had been so embarrassed earlier that morning, when she finally bought it at the convenience store down the block from her dorm. She wasn’t sure why, though – what did she expect the man behind the counter to really think she was going to do with it? Maybe think she was a lesbian? From his face it hadn’t looked like he could care any less – he scanned and bagged the thing just like he had sold so many groceries before.

Sara settled back into her light tank top and pajama pants, and looked across the outlines and arguments scribbled all over notebooks and the sticky notes across her computer screen. Every one was about how awful the magazine would be. But after flipping through the glossy pages, looking over the pictorials and interviews, and reading every last word she now found herself in an unusual situation. It wasn’t really that bad.

And she was jealous.

Sara let out a frustrated sigh and threw back her head. There was no doubt she was an attractive girl. She had never gotten her actual dimensions mapped out, but if she had they’d be 35A-26-35. In layman’s terms she was slim, attractive, with pert handful-sized breasts, but not a bombshell. It was really Sara’s shyness that had held her back from boys, but with the smiling face of Posie Amberwell staring up at her from the expanded centerfold Sara couldn’t help but feel lacking in the physical attributes department.

It wasn’t only the disparagement between her measurements and Posie’s overly developed figure that had gotten Sara thinking. The contemplating girl had read through Posie’s interview and was shocked. Here was a woman who was really only a few years older than she, and had already traveled the world, set up a non-profit fund for sick children, was dating a philosopher rock star, and actually didn’t sound like a complete idiot. Sara was amazed at all the good that this woman had done not with a college degree, but simply because she had a set of tits each bigger than Sara’s fist.

The young woman realized she was staring at the folded out page once again and pushed away from her desk in a huff. Standing and stretching, her back and bare feet arching up with a small grunt, the junior co-ed stared at herself in her roommate’s mirror. Her tank top left nothing to the imagination – with Valerie and her boyfriend out for the night Sara wasn’t concerned with her lack of bra. She felt herself get hit by the cold air streaming in the open dorm window and her nipples sprang to attention. Sara dropped her arms as she came down from her stretch, and the light fabric of her pajama bottoms billowed down her legs.

Letting out a sigh, Sara caught sight of how late it was. Deciding she was too tired and distracted to get any writing done, she set her alarm clock to go off in an hour and curled into her bed for a nap. Exhausted from the day’s lengthy classes and stress Sara was quickly asleep.

Forty-five minutes later the sleeping girl was disturbed by a bright light. Rolling over and pulling the pillow over her head, Sara muttered, “Turn off the damn light, Valerie…”

“My apologies for the light, but my name is not Valerie…” came a voice Sara did not recognize. The thought of a stranger in her room startled the student, and she shot up straight in her bed, using the pillow to cover her chest. Her body was tense, ready to fight or flight depending on what she saw. Looking around, she did not immediately see who had spoken – the room seemed to be empty.

“Who’s there?”

“Well, I am, my dear!”

Sara’s eyes shot down to the foot of her bed as she followed the sound of the voice. Standing there, perched daintily on the end of her quilt, was a tiny winged woman. She was a sultry thing, wearing nothing to cover her breasts or womanhood. Her skin was a dark chocolate, her iridescent wings colored to match, and she had with her a tiny clipboard and quill pen.


“Late, yes, I know, my apologies,” the tiny fairy replied, stepping forward and writing something on the paper on her board, “Ever since you humans bounced back after the Black Plague we agents of the Balance and Acts Commission have been way behind schedule.”

“Agents of the Balance and Acts Commission?” Sara repeated, rubbing at what she assumed must still be sleep in her eyes, “Are you, like, a fairy godmother?”

“Please, dear, we’re trying to take a more gender neutral route in this day and age – fairy guardian is better, but still not right. But enough with the small talk, I have plenty of other ‘young girls’ I need to catch up with. So if you’d please state your wish I can get on to my next assignment.”

“My, uh, my wish?” Sara repeated, still not certain she was awake, “What do you mean?”

“It’s my job to grant you one wish, so – have at it! We’ve had a few rule revisions, so the wish does have to pertain only to you, something physical, but there are few limitations within that realm.”

“Um, okay…” Sara muttered, certain her alarm would go off any moment and wake her up from this dream. Sara looked over to her desk where the centerfold of Posie Amberwell sat, still open. “Can you give me the same dimensions as the woman in that picture over there?”

“Hmmm?” the fair guardian hummed, as she lifted off the sheets and flitted over to the desk. Her own assets – proportionally larger than Sara’s but smaller than Posie’s – shook and bounced in flight and only fueled Sara’s jealousy. “Let’s take a look…” Examining the centerfold for a moment, the tiny woman turned and flew back to Sara. “That is certainly within my power. Are you certain?”

“Y…yes,” Sara replied, glancing to her clock. She’d wake up soon, but might as well get some fun out of this dream.

“Very well.”

Sara waited, then coughed, as the tiny being wrote on her pad. The human had expected a blast from a wand, or the feeling of some energy entering her body. Shivering from the cold let in by the window, Sara shook off the feeling and looked down at herself.

As far as she could tell, all that was going on with her body was that her nipples were hard…or, harder.

“Umm…nothing happened,” Sara said.

“The magic is not instantaneous,” the fairy replied, making another notation down on her clipboard, “I’ll send in my paperwork en route to my next client. Within the next few moments following that you should feel the full effects of your wish. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have a schedule to keep…” With that the little woman took off, zipped out the window, and the fairy was gone as quick as she had come. Sara sat flabbergasted for a moment, when her alarm finally went off.

Scurrying to shut off the blasted noise, the young woman sat for a moment with the clock in her hands. She was surprised that she hadn’t seemed to wake up. Had she not been dreaming? Had it all been something more serious, like a hallucination? Sara began to worry about something being wrong with her brain when a strange sensation suddenly overtook her.

We’re trying something new this week! Below are the possible ways I feel this story could go! I want to leave it up to you, the reader, to decide how things pan out for Sara! Use the Comments section to vote for one of the possible outcomes listed after this paragraph! The option with the most votes (or most passionate argument for usage per my personal determination) will be written and posted up for next week! ~dS

  • Things go as Sara expected…
  • Things go as Sara expected, with a small difference…
  • Things go as Sara literally asked…