So, Vescell #3 and The Beauty still aren’t in yet, so I’ve decided to post on some real life TFWatching.

The amazing Cedar Point is not far from where I live, and each year they do Halloweekends. This is their Halloween themed time of the year, and part of their set up is a walk-through area called CarnEVIL.

Designed like an old fashion freak show, this is the first year I actually paid attention to some of the banners posted up around the area. Below are some of my favorites. I apologize for some of the bad lighting and quality, it was getting dark and my phone is rubbish for pictures. I did what I could to clean them up in

The Tattooed Girl, one of the more normal female sideshows advertised.

The Spotted Girl, a slightly more unusual female sideshow.

The Rubber Skinned Girl, one of the sideshows with some potential...

The Alligator Skin Girl...not one you'd want to spoon with...unless that's your thing...then enjoy.

The Woman Changing Into Stone...this one made me stop.

Spidora...I think her show has some real legs...

Now that I know these are there, next year I’ll see what I can do with some better tech, lighting, and…well, I can’t really drag a ladder through the park so these are the best angles we’ll get.