Amber puts up with a lot of my more random activities, but one thing she honestly enjoys doing is watching me play a video game with an engrossing and exciting plot. I’m hoping SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD will satisfy those requirements, because I plan on playing a lot of it.

A point of issue that comes up now and then regarding my video gaming, however, is when the game has a character create feature. I prefer to play my games as a woman. Amber feels I should play as a male character.

Well, since the basis of any good marriage is cooperation and compromise, we’ve found a solution; I’ll start playing as a male character in SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD, and then get the character sex-changed to a female. This resolves my aesthetic preferences and desire to play as someone I’m not, and Amber will enjoy the intricacies that such a detail will add to my character’s history.

For those interested in the process you can check out the first video below, but be warned; although it starts with a nude female avatar it ends with some (covered) penis enlargement. If you’re here for T&A check out the second video regarding the general character creation system.