I don’t normally have any legitimate reason to post up a link to the wonderful comic Knit Princess, as our two sites don’t have a lot in common. But that all changed when I found this;

The cover to my copy of Lady's Circle Knitting & Crochet Guide #18

I’m not reviewing the issue or anything, the cover concept just seems absurd to me. I mean, one of the reasons I swore off wearing sweaters was because when I was a kid the yarn was just unbearable – and I’m not old, but that was definitely back before we started getting a lot of less-itchy synthetics.

And this issue is from 1978! I cannot imagine that those are all that comfortable.

And most of the knit bikinis aren’t even functional! Inside there are seven two-piece sets modeled across three pages and four pictures. I did a little research in the back of the magazine and only two of the bathing suits are actually suitable for…bathing. And surprisingly the strapless top is one of them.

And surprisingly there’s a knit strapless top.

I mean, more than anything I’m impressed. Knitted bikinis aren’t something I’d ever think of making, and I certainly don’t have the talent to do so myself. So three cheers to whomever can, you have my awe.

I just won’t be asking you to do it.

I would like to close this very random post by saying that I really hope the classic 1970s slightly-creepy mustachioed man on page seven is wearing a knit set of small, tight, black briefs…if I have to see that much furry man-leg he should at least be as itchy as the female models.

Equal-opportunity and all, right?