I was recently perusing one of my local awesome shops and came across this;

The cover to my copy of Super Tarzan Vol. 10

No, Super Tarzan doesn’t fit into your ol’ Super NES/Famicom. It’s a collection of Tarzan comics bound into what seems to be Volume 10 of the series.

And I do literally mean bound into – three individual books, complete with front and back thick-stock covers, all glued together and collected within another encompassing cover. I guess that’s one way to include cover art in a TPB.

It’s odd. But not the only thing that’s odd.

Every other four pages the comic alternates between black and white and full color.

Oh, and it’s in French.

I’m not saying that a comic in French is odd (we know many of the best come from France), but the fact that I found a Tarzan comic in French in Cleveland seemed a little odd, until I saw that the printing was listed as Montreal, 1978…or I think that’s what it says. It indicates the book came from a slightly closer locale, but I still can’t read French, whether it’s Canadian style or not.

And there in lies my self-imposed challenge.

I’m pledging to myself that I will start learning French, with the goal that in a year I will be able to read Super Tarzan. It looks like it has ape people and other appropriate characters to report on for this website, and I want to be able to do it! I don’t know if I can learn French in time – I always sucked at foreign languages – but that is the goal.

Anyone have experience or recommendation for a good cheap/free French language tutorial? Maybe some second-hand Muzzy I can borrow?