The Traverse is the larger shared universe that some of my mostly-unpublished stories fall into. One is a comic called MaGE FORCE. I am almost finished writing Issue #1 and I wanted to start talking about some of the characters you will be seeing in it.

The idea behind MaGE FORCE is that it is a group of women battling those who would abuse Magic and Genetic Engineering for their own perverted gain. Each member of the team has been effected by a trope of transformational fiction in some way.

Fyre & Brimstone (copyright Dan Standing)

Many of you may have seen Christine Fiere, a.k.a Fyre & Brimstone, on my welcome page. Christine was a college cheerleader who, alongside a friend of hers, found a book called the Directoria de Demonas. Christine wanted to be more daring and naughty, tired of everyone calling her a good girl. Her friend felt weak and helpless in her life. Together they accidentally summoned a demon from the book. Perverting their desires the demon, actually a cursed warrior called Pucioasă, escaped within Christine and sent her friend to take its place in the book. MaGE FORCE was already tracking the book and immediately took in the distraught girl.

Training with MaGE FORCE has allowed Christine, now under the codename Fyre, to access some of “Brimstone’s” physical power, selectively transforming into the demon’s form as much as needed. This includes manifesting talons, wings, and a tail, all of which are injury resistant and have great strength. Fyre has to concentrate, however, as the more she takes on the form the more of Brimstone’s violent personality tries to take over. Should Brimstone fully manifest then Fyre’s human side will be burned away, trapping her consciousness within the Brimstone-controlled demonic body forever.

Latex (copyrightt 2011 Dan Standing)

Terri Lawrence was a simple customer service agent for the company BioMASS when she was secretly contacted by MaGE FORCE, who needed an internal spy to retrieve an experimental substance called “arbitrarium.” While trying to smuggle the unstable material out of the building Terri accidentally spilled it on the latex boots she was wearing to tease her boyfriend on their anniversary. The latex boots bonded to her flesh, and over time and betrayals her entire body was converted into biological latex. Ultimately she had no choice but to flee to MaGE FORCE, the very group she blamed for ruining her life.

The latex does not give Terri, now codenamed Latex, any shape-changing powers – she still has a fixed bone structure, but since that is really dense rubber she does have enhanced flexibility and injury resistance far beyond a regular human. Extremely sharp weapons can injure her, causing her to bleed liquid latex. Her body does not fatigue and water will actually help heal her. Extreme high and low temperatures will adversely effect her.

Latex is so horrified by what has happened to her that she no longer recognizes her form as her body. She therefore has no reason to clothe it and walks around naked. Since her feet have been permanently reformed to look like high heels many assume she is wearing a full body suit.

Hopefully I’ll have more of issue #1 edited and ready soon, . I may need to do another fundraiser to get it drawn. we’ll have to see. As my plans become clearer I’ll preview a few more characters!