Normally I’d do a comic review on Fridays, but the insanity of this week means I’ll have to put it off. Instead, I’ve gathered some of DC’s officially-released preview pages for Wonder Woman #1 (the only type of interior art you’ll ever find on this website).

As I ranted earlier this week, DC seems to be coming up short on its promises. One of the big ones was that they were going to dress their female characters in less revealing costumes, in order to try and break some old expectations of female portrayal in comics.

Honestly, since men are usually dressed in costumes just as tight (and sometimes showing as much skin) as women I don’t care much about the issue, but I do care that DC seems to be epically failing at their own promise. Just as their claims of using the “soft reboot” to make their books easier to read is quick becoming a farce (I’m look at you “set five years before all our other books” Justice League), so is the female outfit promise. Flipping through the various #1s I’ve picked up so far I’ve seen little changed about the style of outfits, and in at least two cases so far the first appearance of prominent female characters involves them being only partially dressed.

Point in case, when a friend of mine saw the below pages he turned to me and said, “There’s no way my sister will let me buy this for my niece.” While I and many others are quick to defend the portrayal of strong female characters who are not ashamed of their bodies as an empowering thing, I agree that young readers (and their non-comic-savvy parents) may not be so willing to accept or understand that train of thought…a concept an organization like DC Comics should have a fair grasp of.

I mean, seriously…sideboob? I don’t have an issue with it, but is there any more obvious violation of their promise? Way to reach those new audience goals, DC…way to reach those goals…