The cover to my copy of Secret Seven #1

I’m not real keen on what Flashpoint is doing to some characters in the DC Universe. But I’ve been reading the books, trying to find things that I think are good and enjoyable. Plus, I must know what they’ve done to Zatanna. Thus I’m reading the Secret Seven miniseries.

Things start with a news crew and police at a diner which has suffered some sort of attack. While the normal humans investigate what is going on, Enchantress arrives in search of clues. She finds a piece of fabric with an odd design and takes it.

In a brief flashback we find out that something didn’t smash its way into the diner – someone smashed out. Specifically Shade, The Changing Man. There he sat, trying to enjoy a meal, when the shade/form of the deceased Black Orchid suddenly appears. Shade tries to confront the apparition, explaining to the confused Orchid that she’s dead and should go away, but her form starts to turn monstrous. Shade powers up and smashes out of the diner, running from all sorts of visions before taking flight and vanishing.

Shade wakes up in his home world, strapped to a table and being experimented on. We learn from the scientists that his M-Vest (the source of Shade’s multidimensional powers) is malfunctioning and has fused to his being – it can’t be removed, ever. One of the scientists is trying to help by deleting and cleaning up his memories, and the other specifies that memories of the Secret Seven must not be lost. Shade overhears their suspicions that while officially the original Secret Seven committed suicide the prevailing theory is that Shade killed them.

Shade regains enough strength that he tries to escape, and before he can be attacked by guards Enchantress pulls him back to Earth via magic. Apparently these two characters don’t like each other much, and after a slight altercation Enchantress asks for his help; she’s lost contact with June Moone, the original woman/personality/body that Enchantress now possesses. June is buried somewhere deep in her subconscious and Shade is doubtful he can successfully bring her back.

Of course the Changing Man does try to help, and initially believes his attempt is unsuccessful. However, Enchantress is suddenly taken with the throws of a strange force and within a few moments she has reverted to June Moone, who coyly says hello to Shade, leading to a TO BE CONTINUED.

MY THOUGHTS THUS FAR: Since this is Part 1 of a three part series I’m withholding my Final Verdict until all is said and done. At the moment I am slightly intrigued by the story. Despite all my reviews of DC Comics I am actually not a fan of DC’s universe, and am only interested in or knowledgeable of a few characters (thus all the Wikipedia links above). I don’t know many of these characters very well so any alterations made by the Flashpoint timeline would not be very noticeable to me.

There’s also a noticeable typo; at one point Shade says Cyborg asked him to help resolve, “Aqua Man and Woman Woman’s war.” Yeah, nice catch there guys. I totally claim the title “Woman Woman” for my own future character;

“She’s a woman, who possesses the power of a woman! It’s Woman Woman!”

Has potential.

Anyway, the art is good, and Black Orchid’s degeneration is a neat sequence, and Enchantress/June’s swap is an instant thing but they’re both pretty easy on the eyes – so those are reasons I might recommend buying the issue. I’m holding on so far…we’ll see how Issue 2 goes.