The cover to my copy of Zatanna #16

The last issue of classic Zatanna. Sniff. I almost don’t want to write this. But I must.

And it’s a fun little tale to end on, if not terrible complex.

Things start out with Zatanna on a jet heading home after multiple shows. She’s trying to sleep and enjoy a dream but keeps being interrupted. Even upon returning home she still can’t find rest, thanks to the arrival of a mischievous magic user called Uriah.

Distrustful of him from the start our sorceress turns down the little blue boy’s request to be her apprentice. When she goes to show him out Uriah has already run off while Zatanna’s back was turned.

Thus begins a fun little romp through Shadowcrest, and various dimensions, before Zatanna drops Uriah off in his home of Limbo Town and finally gets some sleep herself.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Yeah, go buy it.

Although my description of what happens is very short I’ve left out a lot of detail. Mr. Beechen slightly redeems himself after Issue #14 by including – correctly – details about Zatanna’s mansion, and provides us a rather enjoyable – if very straightforward – final issue. It’s a fun light romp and a great reminder of why I love Zatanna, and how much I will miss her. While I would have liked to have seen what Mr. Dini would have done with these last few issues this particular installment is not a bad way to end the series.

One thing I AM curious about is the last line of the comic. Zatanna is finally in her dream and decides she’s going to oversleep, meaning she’ll be late for her next show. The last two text boxes say, “The D.C. ticketholders would just have to live with it. Good night.” I wonder if that is meant as a message to the readers that they’ll just have to accept the upcoming changes made by Flashpoint, or if it means it is only a matter of time before we get our beloved Zatanna back.

I hope it is the second one.