Steady Now

a poem by Dan Standing

One hand holds the change she got,
The other food and drink.
She turns to walk across the lot,
Giving that cute jogger a quick wink.

She’d love for him to ask her out,
Grab a movie and a meal.
But he’s ignored each sexy pout,
She seems to be lacking an appeal.

Her heels click-clack along the way,
And pantyhose give a swish.
Her full breasts bob and sway,
While her hand now holds a wish.

An evil coin among those mundane,
Is tight within her grip.
Hot legs falter; ankles sprain –
And the woman has an epic trip!

“Fucking hell!” she curses out,
Nearly falling on the lawn,
Her food and drink land all about,
One heel cracks and continues on.

“I don’t have time for this, not now!”
She screams, while checking for a stain,
“I don’t care what it takes or how,
But I wish I could never trip again!”

This brunette lass looks sadly down,
To find her broken heel.
But quickly hears a stretching sound;
A strange sensation she does feel.

Her legs are changing, getting long.
The pantyhose begin to tear.
It’s very clear that’s something wrong,
And it’s giving her a scare.

Shoes pop off as toes outstretch,
New shapes are clearly being formed.
It takes effort to suppress a wretch,
Now her lower half must be sun-warmed.

Scales begin to surface,
Spreading out along her skin.
They cover from toes right up to ass.
She tries to stand but doesn’t win.

Her legs now start to merge,
As bones completely change.
From hips to feet both limbs converge,
Her body’s looking mighty strange.

With new-found instincts she does rise,
On extended new-grown tail.
Serpentine surface glistens down her thighs,
Thick and strong and far from frail.

She doesn’t yet understand,
The reason or the why,
This day has not gone as she planned,
She thinks she’d like to die.

As she loses hope and tries to think,
She finds a hand upon her palm.
Now she fits the jogger’s kink,
And she begins to calm.

He thinks she’s sexy as all sin.
And soon life is pretty great.
Weeks later she and he move in,
Well, that’s one way to get a first date…