Think On It

a novella by Dan Standing

Part III of III

Part I and II


Pam entered her apartment exhausted and dropped the Spencer Twins bags to the floor. The entire way to and from the car the bags had been bagging against her thighs, causing quite a few spikes in arousal. Once inside and in private Pam wasted no time in stripping off everything except her heels to relieve any more stimulation. Now standing nude in her foyer, one hand carefully leaning against the wall as Pam let her body relax, she took some deep breaths. She had also hit a pothole on the way back and cum while driving. It had almost caused her to veer off the road.

Finally calmed Pam wasn’t sure what to do with herself. She had spent the whole day either resisting orgasm or giving in out of necessity. Part of her wanted to go right back to the bedroom and revel in her lust. But the other part knew she had to eat – she did have work to be ready for the next day.

Pam microwaved herself a frozen dinner – a lean chicken fettuccine with broccoli – and took it with some silverware and a glass of water over to her couch. Placing the dinner on the coffee table Pam gently lowered herself onto a cushion. She felt her loins flare as her skin made contact with the tightly woven material, but as she settled down Pam figured as long as she didn’t move too much there wouldn’t be a problem. She pulled the table close so she could reach her drink, and placed the reheated tray on her lap. Looking down through her cleavage Pam could just make out her engorged clit poking through her slightly spread thighs – and she could certainly feel the pressure of her labia on it.

Trying to distract her mind by grabbing the remote she flipped on the TV and starting watching the first thing she could stand. With the sound and visuals starting to take her thoughts away from the sensitivity of her body Pam began to eat. Everything was going really well until she brought the fifth fork of fettuccine to her mouth.

As Pam opened wide the end of a pasta strand slipped off the fork. The noodle quickly unraveled, and before Pam could react the sauce-covered strip of starch landed on Pam’s right breast with a splut.

The enhanced woman didn’t even make a sound. Oh god! ran through her head as her arms flew to the cushions beside her, casting off the fork as she gripped the material tightly. Pam’s head flew back and her body shuddered as the white sauce allowed the fettuccine to start sliding down the curve of her spherical skin.

Oh, yes! It’s so smooth! Like a tongue!

The scent of the purple perfume mixed with the diet Italian smell as the platinum blonde’s pussy went into over drive.

Squealing and squirming as the pasta slid along her skin into Pam’s cleavage she was too lost in the incredible sensation to realize what was about to happen. As the noodle made its way past the apex of her breast’s inner curve cohesion kept the fettuccine stuck to her for a few moments before – splut!

“Fuck!” Pam screamed as the food landed partially onto her clit. The fast impact to her most sensitive body part caused Pam to jump up off the couch, sending her tray of food flying. The fettuccine stuck to Pam’s feminine cleft for a moment before it fell, but it was long enough to send Pam well beyond the point of no return. She had already felt three orgasms crash over her. Juices were spraying uncontrollably. As the food hit the floor Pam fell backwards and her hands took over. Undulating on the couch she used the residual white sauce smeared on her skin and her own purple liquids to drive on her passionate coming.

An hour later Pam was still going, but once again becoming frustrated with the satisfactionless loop and decided it was time to break it. She had long lost count of her orgasms, but as the most recent one peaked and transitioned into the abbreviated afterglow Pam willed herself to stand up.

Holding out her arms to be certain she’d get no more stimulation beyond the pressure on her feet Pam held her breath and let her libido cool. She was a sweaty sticky mess and the heaving woman bemoaned the fact that showering would only drive her body back into the same loop once again.

As she calmed down Pam looked at the mess she had made. Various pieces of chicken, broccoli, and pasta were sprayed across her floor and table, and some sauce had even splattered to the TV. A mist of jasmine and lavender had coated the couch cushion and part of the table. Bending over carefully, to avoid brushing her breasts, Pam grabbed the purple sticky remote and switched off the television.

Not sure what to do next Pam was suddenly hit with a wave of physical exhaustion. While she was magically inclined to be always energized for sex, Pam’s body was still subject to the usual limitations regarding any other activities. Since she wasn’t coming up a storm the general exhaustion one would expect from such a day was now catching up with her. Being careful not to brush any part of her body Pam turned off the lights and went to her bedroom. Gently sitting her billowing butt down onto the quilt she bent over and undid her heels. Pam automatically let out a little gasp as the bottom of her breasts accidentally brushed her knees, but with concentration Pam kept herself under control and kicked off the shoes.

Briefly feeling her feet on carpeted floor immediately undid all of Pam’s efforts. Throwing the sheets aside Pam fully tumbled back onto the bed, her hands in all the places they needed to be. Jasmine and lavender spread across the fabric and filled the room with the pleasant scent as Pam gave into four orgasms before forcing her hands from her body. Laying as still as she could, as soon as Pam’s libido dipped down and her body’s desire cooled off her supernatural sexual energy waned and her need for sleep quickly kicked in. Naked and completely uncovered on the bed, Pam fell asleep.

The next day had started interestingly. Pam’s sleep had been restless, and because of all her tossing and turning she had woken up in mid-orgasm. She’d never really been a morning person but the intense sexual fire that her body had built up over the night had gotten her moving. Knowing there was no point to trying and finish anything in the bed and then take a shower Pam fondled her breasts and pushed two fingers in and out of her fragrant slit as she stumbled to the bathroom completely caught in the fires of pleasure.

Screaming orgasms ran across Pam’s shaking form throughout the entire shower as the water added a greater level of stimulation than the sensitized woman had experienced thus far. Finally escaping the stall, and drying off as well as she could, Pam threw the towel aside and stood stock still in the bathroom as she let her body cool off. She was clean, but there was no escaping the sweet smell of the replenishing purple oil.

She hadn’t thought about the necessary walk from the bathroom back to where she had left her heels, and Pam cooed as she quickly went into the bedroom and strapped on her shoes.

Rid of that stimulation Pam looked over her wardrobe and picked out a new blouse and skirt from her little shopping spree, putting them on over the single bra she had bought. With concentration she was able to dress while keeping focused.

Pausing a moment to take a look at herself in the mirror, Pam actually smiled; she definitely showed off her curves, was certainly sexy, but had managed to stay one level above slutty.

She drove to work beaming confidence.

Arriving and parking at the lot Pam could feel the eyes of some of her male counterparts on her as she walked towards the showroom. She found it empowering, and for a moment she was eager to see Gia.

Then Pam stumbled.

At first the saleswoman was confused as to what she could have caught her heel on, but as if in slow motion she glanced down into her bouncing cleavage and saw her bra disappear. For a split second the material turned to smoke, and it just dissipated into the air. Free of support and protection Pam’s endowments swung wildly under her blouse, nipples tenting the fabric, and she fought to stop her momentum and regain balance. It was then Pam figured out that she had tripped because her shoes had reformed; she could feel the arch had gotten steeper, as if a few inches had been added to the heal.

The platinum haired woman didn’t want to stand and figure out what was happening while her nipples attempted to stab through the light material. Clutching her purse across her enormous bosom Pam walked with purpose towards the showroom.

I need to get to the bath room and figure out what’s happened!

It was then Pam felt her panties dissipate like her bra had. She tried to ignore the air that was now caressing her lower lips and nub as she neared the doors, but it was clear that the breeze across her pussy was starting to increase. Looking down as she pulled open the door Pam looked at her skirt. It had been black fabric and went to her knees when she slipped it on that morning, but the hem was quickly flowing up her legs. Pam could feel it dragging across her skin, shortening until it stopped just short of exposing her ass cheeks. The material had also become a high gloss leather.

Bursting into the women’s room Pam threw her purse onto one of the sinks. As the sales woman wasted no time in staring at the mirror she didn’t notice that the genie’s bottle had spilled out and come to rest in one of the porcelain basins a few sinks away.

Pam stared at the image in the glass. Amidst her panic she hadn’t even noticed the change her shirt had undergone; it was now a midriff baring swatch of cloth tied across her breasts and barely wrapped over her shoulders. It was more appropriate for a sorority car wash than a car sales lot. It was pushed out by her extraordinarily hard teats.

Looking down Pam so how her little strappy shoes had changed. What were originally only five inch heels were stretched to seven, and it was as her foot’s positioning changed mid-step that she had stumbled in the parking lot.

Oh shit, it’s the genie! He acted on my thoughts when I was bitching about my clothing not fitting…

A chill ran through Pam’s body as she realized the implications of that. As she took in the changes – whorish heels, a skirt that left nothing to the imagination, a shirt that was little more than a bra, and no underwear – Pam nearly screamed. She stomped her foot, but all that did was arouse her while her unprotected pussy added a burst of jasmine and lavender to the room. Lost in the anger and disbelief of this new development Pam was startled as someone came through the door – Gia.

Pam didn’t say anything, and Gia had barely noticed her before the cursed saleswoman  grabbed her purse and pushed her way out the door.

“Hey, what the-” Gia started, but she stopped as she saw Pam and her outfit for a brief moment. Following a step or two out the door the younger saleswoman’s jaw dropped as she again caught sight of Pam leaving through the showroom doors.

What is that bitch on that has her looking so hot lately? ran through Gia’s threatened mind as she walked back into the rest room. As she went to the mirror and started to check her hair the decanter lying in the sink caught her eye.

“What the hell is this?” Gia muttered as she picked up the bottle. She could feel liquid shift around inside.

Pam must have left it…I wonder what this-

Gia’s eyes shot open.

“THIS is what you’re taking! Ha, I got you!”

Outside in the lot Pam was going straight for her car.

Have to get home, I can’t be seen by-


From seemingly nowhere Doverton stepped in Pam’s way, blocking her path to her car. She stood staring past her boss at the sea of employee cars as the proximity to her own tortured her.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Doverton?”

“Just what do you think you’re wearing? I mean, I understand wanting to appeal to some demographics, but this…”

Pam wasn’t listening. This was too much, and her mind tuned out her boss. She just stood, staring in the general direction of Doverton’s face while she watched her car. She had been so close to escaping. A flash of movement caught Pam’s attention and she watched out of her peripheral vision as Gia practically jogged through the parking lot.

Where is she going in such a hurry…? Pam absently mused as her competitor reached her car. Gia quickly placed something atop the roof as she opened her purse looking for keys.

That’s funny, that kind of looks like the bottle that…

Pam’s face shot down and she yanked open her purse, completely ignoring Doverton now. A quick search confirmed her fears; the djinn’s bottle was gone.

“…are you even listening to-”

“Sorry, Mr. Doverton, I have to go!” Pam exclaimed, running around her boss as she pulled out her own keys. Across the lot she could see Gia get in and close the door.

“Ms. Parker, I don’t appreciate-”

“Don’t worry, I’m going home to change!” Pam yelled, trying to get Doverton to give up following her. Fortunately once she was in her car with the door closed the man threw up his hands in frustrati0n and turned back towards the show room. Pam floored the gas and practically put down rubber tracks as she drove like a madwoman to try and stop Gia.

Pam cursed as she saw her nemesis’ spot was empty and spotted her already pulling onto the highway. Pam didn’t know where the other woman lived and realized if she lost track of her she’d have no hopes of stopping her from using the bottle. Speeding up and reaching the lot exit she had to wait while three big rigs raced by before she could get onto the road.

All the pressure Pam was putting on the gas was causing her an immense amount of stimulation, but her dedication to catching Gia helped her push through it. Veering in and out of traffic she tried to spot the other woman’s car when she saw it already moving along an underpass – Gia had exited and was nearly on another highway.

There was nothing Pam could do. By the time she could turn around and get to the other road there’d be no chance of catching up to Gia. Pam sighed, hoped that she wouldn’t be at the receiving end of anything the brunette thought of, and figured out how she could drive home from where she was.

After making it back to her apartment Pam slammed the door and leaned against it, exhausted. Breathing deep and trying to calm herself down she gently undid the leather skirt, which was sticking to her skin, and angrily pushed it down her legs. As she kicked it away she also untied the blousette and threw it aside. Once again nude save for her heels Pam stormed into her bedroom.

Pulling open a drawer Pam pulled on three different panties before accepting that any underwear was going to turn to smoke every time she let the elastic snap over her hips. She whipped open her closet and grabbed a handful of outfits, not even bothering to take them off the hangers. She dumped everything onto the bed.

At first Pam didn’t even want to test a bra, assuming it’d have the same result as the panties, but her curiosity of just how screwed she was got the better of her. Slipping her arms through the straps of an old brassiere Pam took a moment to stretch it enough to clip, and the moment she released her hands the brassiere also turned to smoke and ceased to exist.


Pam hesitantly grabbed a button up top. Carefully sliding it over her skin the moment she had finished buttoning and removed her hands the material shortened and tightened around her torso. Most of the buttons undid themselves, throwing open the blouse and creating a deep cleavage. It wasn’t really being held together by buttons any more, as the corners tied themselves together like a naughty schoolgirl outfit as they had done before. The material stretched and stress lines became visible as the slutty blouse tried to directly support Pam’s tits and create a bulging cleavage. Her nipples pushed out hard and created incredibly obvious tents.

It was soon also clear that every skirt would slide up her legs and stop just under her ass. The material would also always change into something fetishy; leather, PVC, semi-translucent plastic, pleated cheerleader skirt, and plaid school girl skirts were now amongst the new wardrobe that Pam angrily pulled off and tossed to the floor.

Double fuck! At least I specified being legal…

Angrily shoving the remaining clothing off the bed to the floor, Pam collapsed on the sheets. She tried to cry, but the fabric across so much bare skin forced her to orgasm. There she lay, alternating between sobs and uncontrollable gasps, until the convulsing woman rolled over and finally cried herself to an exhausted sleep.

Pam didn’t know how long she had been out when the banging started on her front door. The loud sounds had startled her and jasmine and lavender now freshly filled the room thanks to the orgasms her thrashing body was subjecting her to.

Finally jumping out of bed to the floor Pam gasped at one more cum as the balls of her bare feet hit the carpet – she realized she had kicked off her sluttified heels while she slept. Not certain where they were – and irritated by the continual banging at the door – Pam suppressed further foot stimulation as she grabbed a robe from the bathroom and walked to the door, forced to balance on her arched feet. Pam tied the terry cloth robe as she moved and by the time she reached the door it had become a scanty silk night-cover.

“Hold on one second,” Pam shouted at the pounding, and when she looked through the eyehole she was shocked.

“What the hell has this stuff done to me?” Gia’s face was pushed right up to the peephole, and her mouth had a purple sheen across it.

“Holy shit, you drank it!” Pam exclaimed, throwing open the door. Gia was dressed in the same outfit she had been wearing at the dealership and angrily pushed through the doorway and past the apartment owner.

“Of course I drank it, this is the same stuff you used, right?” Gia responded, holding up the bottle. Her words were a little forced and over enunciated to account for the constantly regenerating purple slickness across her mouth. Pam noticed a sports bottle in Gia’s other hand, and it’s purpose was quickly revealed as the screaming woman spat some of the perfumed oil into the container.

“How did you find my apartment?”

“That’s what you ask me? I called Bill in accounting and told him I’d give him a blowjob if he checked your W2! Now why the fuck can’t I get this purple crap out of my mouth!” the invading woman roared.

“Uh, well, you’re not supposed to drink it, and even then-”

“Oh, great, you poisoned me! That’s why I was fucking hallucinating? Where did you get this shit? Do I need to call 911?” In anger Gia threw the oil bottle onto the floor. It rolled under the couch and Pam lost track of it. But there were more important matters at hand.

“Oh God, the genie visited you!” Pam gasped.

“How the fuck did you know I saw a genie?” Gia asked, leaning her butt on the back of the sofa. All animosity Pam had known for the woman in front of her was gone; this situation was too serious for pettiness.

“Listen, Gia, what I’m about to tell you sounds preposterous but you have to believe me, you have no idea what’s at stake,” Pam pleaded, walking up and gently resting her hands on the spitting woman’s shoulders, “First I have to ask; did you ask the genie for anything?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, why would I interact with a hallucination?”

“Okay, Gia, listen to me. What you saw was real. And by not making any wishes you pissed him off-”

“How did you know about the second-”

“…what you have to do now is not think about wanting anything,” Pam finished, pulling her hands away and slowly backing away from Gia, “If you think you want anything that could possibly be less than ideal for you the genie will grant it in the worst way.”

“Yeah, right,” Gia scoffed, looking Pam up and down briefly as she spat another bit of lavender and jasmine into the bottle, “…why on Earth should believe a word you – I believe you.”

The change in attitude and verbiage was so sudden and clear cut that Pam had to do a double-take.


“I…I believe you…” Gia said, dropping the liquid container and starting to paw at her top.

“Why, what’s…Gia, what did you think about?” Pam asked, stepping forward and pushing down the orgasm from her bare feet.

“Well, you stepped back, and the nighty rested so well on you I briefly thought I’d want a body just like yours,” Gia replied, and for the first time there was audible fear and uncertainty in her voice, “Pam, what’s going to happen to me?”

“You’re gonna have a lot of fucking orgasms, that’s for sure…”

Pam backed away again to watch. There was nothing she could do for Gia at this point. Her nemesis was desperately trying to unbutton her top but it was clear that sexual sensitivity was starting to set in from all over. Her legs were lengthening as Pam watched the design of Gia’s black hose stretch. Her hands were still trying to undo the tiny buttons of her shirt, but the woman was starting to shake more and more and her small-motor skills were becoming disrupted.

“Oh, shit, my whole body, it’s so sensitive…I can’t even…God I’m going to – oh!” Gia finally collapsed to the floor, a purple-garbled scream of ecstasy bubbling out of her slick lips. She was convulsing and rolling as her breasts inflated and snapped her bra, destroying many of the buttons that had not already been undone. Her skirt was also tearing as her hips cracked and spread, and her thin and arched feet and been loosed from her shoes.

Pam was smiling the whole time. She watched the woman claw at her restrictive clothes, their pressure and the carpet pushing Gia right into another swell of pleasure.

Misery loved company, after all.

“Help me!” the flailing woman gasped, “I can’t stop coming!”

Pam had been enjoying the show, and taste of revenge, but her pity was starting to kick in for the woman.

“Fine, here, stand up and keep still for a moment,” the experienced woman ordered, grabbing Gia’s shaking hands and pulling her torso off the carpet. The shuddering woman was able to get her sensitive and dainty feet under herself, and while the pressure of standing contributed to another rolling orgasm her stimulation started to drop as Pam helped tear off the rest of Gia’s clothes. The over-voluptuous brunette now stood nude, wearily balanced on the balls of her feet while she slowly came down from her last carnal wave.

“What…what’s happened to me…” Gia asked, looking down at her exaggerated and nude body. As she had asked it was an exact duplicate of Pam’s.

“You’ve just gotten a taste of my week,” Pam replied, taking the transformed robe off of herself, “I guess I can do away with this, since we have the same body now.” She was glad to no longer have any extra pressure on her nipples.

“What do you mean I-” Some of the purple oil spat from Gia’s lips, landing across her expanded bosom and causing her to shudder. Pam reached down and retrieved the plastic spittoon and her nemesis drooled a large amount of liquid into it.

“You wanted a body like mine, and now you have it. Yeah, it’s super sexy but the down side is its super sexual. The slightest stimulation on practically any part of your skin can start you on a continual loop of coming, if you’re not careful,” Pam explained.

“Shit…why would you do that to yourself?” Gia asked, still panting. She gently rested one hand on the back of the couch for extra stability, but was careful to keep her big ass a few inches away.

“Same reason you just did it to yourself…” Pam replied, shaking her head as she headed to her bedroom, “…lucky for you I just bought some clothes you may fit in…doesn’t matter what I wear now…unless you got that curse, too.”

“‘That‘ curse?”

“My second desire accidentally made it so anything I wear will look whorish on me,” Pam called from her closet, “You only asked for my body so hopefully you only got the physical changes and not the magical ones. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in cut-offs and slut skirts.”

“Yeah, well, what I really want is my skin sensitivity back to normal, otherwise I don’t want any more clothes touching me,” Gia muttered as Pam returned with a skirt and blouse.

“Try them on,” Pam offered, “I don’t want you to stay here and you can’t leave naked.”

“Fuck you, this is all your fault,” Gia replied, snatching the clothes out of Pam’s hands.

Well, at least she tried to snatch them. As soon as her hands neared the fabric the material was suddenly batted out of Pam’s hand and hit the floor. Gia cursed and bent to pick it up, but could not get her hands close enough to the material to grab it. Something was forcing her to remain a few inches away from the floor.

“What the Hell?”

“Gia, what was it you said earlier about clothes…?” Pam asked slowly, reaching down and easily picking up the fabric. The other woman’s face went pale as she thought back.

“I…may have said I don’t want any more clothes touching me…”

“Well, shit…” Pam tossed the clothing at Gia, who almost jumped. But the flying fabric seemed to hit some sort of barrier a few inches from the woman’s body and stopped in midair, falling to the floor in a limp pile.

“He did it to me again!” Gia shouted, spitting in anger and still unable to grab the clothing that had just fallen, “I’m going to be naked for the rest of my life?!” She was beginning to hyperventilate.

“Now, calm down, Gia, I still think I can find a way to fix us. There was this store at the mall-”

“Oh stop, just stop!” the other woman exclaimed, trying to pace but again finding that the feedback from her feet combined with her balance made that impossible, “We’re stuck like this! You can at least go out, I’m fucked! I mean, I’m seriously fucked! I just wanted to beat you and get that plaque, Pam! I just wanted to know I could do it! I wanted to be the golden saleswoman, Pam! See my name on that wall, and know that I…”

Pam didn’t even need to wonder why Gia had stopped talking. She had heard the mistake as soon as the panicking woman had said it. It was like a cross fade in film – for a moment Gia was a flesh and blood woman panting heavily as she leaned against the back of Pam’s couch, and the next minute her skin had started to fade from light pink to metallic yellow. The nemesis didn’t even get a chance to say “Oops” as she became frozen as a golden statue. A look of slight confusion was captured on her face.

Pam just stood a moment, staring at the big bauble that had so recently been her greatest enemy. She wasn’t sure what to think…she’d just watched a woman go from vibrant life to cold metal. She probably would have been more upset if she wasn’t sure the genie wouldn’t have ever let someone escape his revenge so easily.

“You’re still alive in there, aren’t you?” Pam asked, not expecting an answer as she stepped forward. She placed her hand on the side of Gia’s cooling torso. Pam almost though she could feel the metal mass shudder, and it was practically true; inside Gia’s mind was rocked with an orgasm from Pam’s touch.

“You got out your rant and have tortured me since Doverton hired you, now it’s my turn!” Pam suddenly exclaimed, letting her legs straddle one of Gia’s. The living woman pushed her knee up into the exposed golden snatch and the imprisoned mind screamed in erotic reaction. “You think you had it bad? I was the queen of that dealership until you arrived! And then, with no provocation from me, suddenly you barge in, mocking me, getting customers to laugh at me, turning Doverton against me! For no reason other than to get your name on a plaque?” Pam was rolling in her own orgasms as she pushed herself against Gia’s leg, her hands running over every inch of the golden form beneath her. Purple oil from between the grinding woman’s thighs was slicking across the auric surface. Gia would have been screaming for Pam to stop if the sensations hadn’t been so powerful that all the metal woman could do was silently beg for more.

“Now look what’s happened to us because you tried to fuck me over!” Pam shouted, undulating against the hard metal, “You turned yourself into me, destroyed your ability to be clothed, and after all that then literally made yourself into what you always wanted! A golden object to be put on display! And you know the ironic thing, Gia? Even without you making sales from now forward I probably still won’t catch up to you this quarter! You’re still going to get the plaque! Everything that’s happened to me, all my curses and changes and embarrassment, has been made moot! I wanted them to see how much more valuable I am than you are – and it’s all pointless! You win! You…”

Even though the reflection of the purple man had flashed for a moment in the metal surface of Gia’s gilded form Pam hadn’t realized what she had done until she felt her body start to stiffen. Her hands, gripped tightly on the outside of either of Gia’s breasts, wouldn’t budge. She tried to lift her lower body off of the golden woman’s leg, but couldn’t. Her face and eyes were locked looking down into Gia’s frozen visage. Pam could only see her own arms and hands and watched as her skin faded into a shiny gray-white metal substance.

She had turned herself into platinum.

Shit! Pam screamed inside her head. Amazingly, as she had suspected with  Gia, she was alive. Stiff immovable metal, but her mind was still alive inside. She could still see.

Still hear.

Still feel.

Still orgasm.

Oh, God! I…I can’t stop…coming…

Pam’s pussy had been pressed up hard against Gia’s thigh when she ceased moving, and even though they were both now motionless metal the presence of the other woman’s surface pushed against her kept Pam constantly stimulated. And since her body was now incapable of tiring the orgasm that the platinum woman had started didn’t seem to be finishing.

The same was the case for Gia.

Neither woman really knew how long they had been frozen in the apartment before being found. Had Pam been able to clear her thoughts for more than a second at a time she could have guessed about a month, since the first person to come looking had been Pam’s landlady concerned about rent.

Upon her entering the two metal women could hear her gasp. Gia’s mouth, caught open as she had transformed, had long overflowed and was dripping a thin stream of viscous purple to the floor. Pam’s pussy had also continued to dribble jasmine and lavender between her thighs, and another rivulet of indigo traveled down the platinum thigh, to the golden leg, down to the floor via rigid toes. Of course neither could divert their vision from the other to see the landlady’s reaction, and neither could care much as their endless orgasms howled through their minds.

A few weeks later the duo was vaguely aware of other people in the apartment. Their sensitivities were driven even wilder as they were poked, prodded, and measured. The workmen determined that trying to separate them would require damaging one of the two unclaimed erotic statues. When they tried to take samples of the metal it was discovered that no tool seemed able to cut either metal female form.

Another month went by before the auction took place. Representatives from universities, museums, and laboratories came to bid on the fantastically valuable duo – which the landlady desperately wanted out of her building for fear of robbery. The winning bid went to a representative of Heston Enterprises – a financial empire built on founder Howie Heston’s fusion of erotica and high class. Workers were hired, doors were widened, and Pam and Gia were nearly driven mad with pleasure as hands, blankets, and packing materials assaulted every inch of them while being transported to Heston Manor.

Two months later the women were unveiled atop a custom podium that Mr. Heston had commissioned for them. Sitting in the middle of his bedroom the dripping purple was collected into a little basin beneath their feet. Heston and his many lovely bed mates would admire the pair, touching them, kissing them when the mood struck them, and when another mood struck them dip a few fingers in the pool of lavender and jasmine and move their party to the bed.

It seamed that only purple oil taken directly from the mysteriously undiscovered bottle had any permanent effects.

And thus Pam and Gia’s new existence began; pieces of art on display in a millionaire’s bed room. They had wanted to prove their value, and now they were pure value.

Literally the ultimate trophies.

And as the passionate cries of Heston and his lovers occasionally broke the two enemies from their constant overwhelming coming only one thought passed through their minds;

Did they post my name up…?