So, recently I passed by a Cosmopolitan that had been sitting out, and something caught my eye on the cover. Can you guess what it was?

Now, as lovely and talented as Rihanna is I can’t say that she’s the reason I stopped. Haven’t figured it out yet? Here’s a clue;

Yeah, that part.

Like most articles in Cosmo there isn’t a lot of meat to it. Interesting tidbits include what cities and states it is legal for women to go around topless in (New York and Maine round out the states, and Columbus, OH is the city nearest to me…who knew there was a reason to go to Columbus…), that nipples grow 3/8 of an inch when aroused (stack five quarters and you’ve got it), and what bra shapes are best for what type of breasts.

But that wasn’t what I was there for.

Now I’ve read a lot of fiction stories about women getting off from breast play, and I’ve certainly written about it, but I lacked statistical proof. Seems like massaging the sides, teasing the nipples, then moving to licking, rinse, repeat could do it.

Of 213 women surveyed, 29% said playing with their breasts could get them to orgasm. Don’t know if they’ll ever have that one on Family Feud, but it’d be the best episode ever.

So, yeah. Boobgasms. Real. Pretty awesome news to have confirmed.

And my stories are now just a little less fiction…but just a little less.

It’s probably better that way.