Think On It

a novella by Dan Standing

Part II of III

(read Part I)


Pam’s little jump had finally broken the driver’s attention and he cast a look over to the saleswoman, who had quickly stilled herself but was flushed and slightly short of breath in the passenger seat.

“Are there any features you have questions about? Oh, and turn here,” Pam spoke up, hoping to divert attention from herself.

The customer simply shook his head “no” a few quick times, clearly not certain what to make of the state Pam was in.

Holly shit, this is REALLY happening…it’s the wish the genie said I made! raced through Pam’s mind as she tried to collect herself. The notion that the purple man had been real was absurd, but there didn’t seem to be a better explanation.

Not sure what else to do she went to gently place her shoeless foot flat on the floor, gritting through the stimulation pumping straight to her groin.

Well, she tried to place her foot flat.

She could not push her heel down to the carpet.

And suddenly Pam also knew why she couldn’t get her foot to flatten…and why the foot still in the other shoe was feeling strangely loose. Pam’s day dream from the previous night started to fully replay in her head.

Oh God…I asked for long shapely legs and petite feet perfect for heels, Pam silently gasped. That explained why her pantyhose were being destroyed; another secret glance confirmed that her thighs and calves were toning slightly and overall her legs were gaining inches in length. This was also why her foot was now stuck up in an arched position; it was perfect for wearing heels, as was the foot in the now over-sized shoe. But this locked position was not so great for walking barefoot, as she would have to do once the car ride ended since her shoes were now too big – and in the wrong shape – and would only serve to trip her.

I wasn’t serious when I thought of all that crap! Pam bemoaned, almost forgetting to instruct the man to take another turn. As her body shifted with the momentum of the car she pushed her naked foot against the carpet and again felt the erotic chill run through her toes, up her leg, and further ignite her loins. She was prepared this time and didn’t jump, but her skin flushed once more. Although she’d stopped further stimulation the sexual warmth and energy between her thighs wasn’t receding – and it was very distracting. Pam noted that so far only her feet seemed to be so sensitive, which was a small caveat. I need to get back to the dealership’s women’s room to clear my head and assess myself, but at this rate I’ll probably cum before I’m halfway across the lot! Pam grimaced.

Knowing she needed to prepare herself as the trip came near an end Pam took her other foot out of the remaining shoe. As she did so the second toe seem of her pantyhose ripped and exposed her bare skin as it contracted up her leg to the knee. As she placed the ball of her arched foot on the floor yet another erotic sensation rose through Pam’s body, and she again forced herself from physically reacting too much. She figured that if she moved out of the car and into the sales building quickly enough perhaps no one would notice her torn stockings or lack of shoes.

As her customer pulled into the lot Pam reached down and grabbed her shoes. She had to shift and squeeze her thighs to do so and her new longer legs made reaching the floor more difficult than it should have been.

“Just, uh…just pull over here and let me out…you can park anywhere, just bring in the keys,” the flustered saleswoman explained, knowing the guy wouldn’t just drive off with the car since they had a copy of his license. Before the vehicle even came to a full stop near the curb Pam had opened the door.

Pushing herself up from the seat the panicking brunette pressed her full weight down on her feet for the first time. Now the warm feeling of sexual arousal rose up from both of the erotic lightning rods her legs had become. The heat from the sun-baked blacktop made it even worse, and she could tell that more of her nylon encasement was ripping as she moved. Teetering unsupported on the hot balls of her feet Pam acted quickly. She let herself start to fall forward, swinging the door shut with her momentum. It wasn’t easy moving across the flat top to the doors, but her longer legs allowed her to make it in fewer strides. As she pushed open the double doors and dashed inside Pam thanked herself for taking ballet lessons through high school – it wasn’t much but it helped her keep balance.

Fortunately almost everyone in the show room was showing vehicles and Pam didn’t get stopped by anyone. It was as she turned to head to the bathroom located in the back of the building that the first orgasm washed over her. Along the walls of the show room floor was a red carpet, and the sensation of fibers rubbing across her strangely sensitive toes under her full weight was incredibly intense. Pam was lucky she was able to steady herself along the wall, and although she wanted to scream and buck and enjoy the strangest cum of her life she knew she couldn’t stop and had to walk through it – she had to get to the women’s room. She could feel the fabric of her panties sticking to her hot lower lips from the orgasm’s flush. The smell of jasmine and lavender surrounded her.

Moving along there was practically no lull between Pam’s first orgasm and when she sensed she was nearing a second peak, but as she opened the restroom door and stepped onto the cold hard tile Pam gasped and jumped from the chill against her sensitive skin. Its texture was smooth enough, and temperature low enough, that her building orgasm paused and Pam got a handle on it. The dull pressure of her weight on her feet kept her aroused but wasn’t pushing her much further towards coming again.

Pausing a moment to stare at one of the mirrors over the sink Pam was certain she had gained at least 6 inches of height. Going to a stall she locked it and undid her skirt. The reshaping saleswoman let it fall down her legs and hooked her thumbs under her pantyhose. Realizing her ridiculously sexualized feet would not allow her to balance while she fully undressed Pam sat her butt down on the edge of the toilet seat and shimmied the destroyed hosiery off her longer and now very sexy legs.

Tossing the material aside Pam took a moment to examine what had changed about her. Superficially it didn’t seem like much had altered above the waist. Of course, her legs looked a tad out of scale on her torso, and her feet were much more petite, but the casual observer wouldn’t have been aware. Pam reached down to try and straighten out her foot, but as soon as her fingers curled around her sole it was if she was playing with her most intimate spot. Her skin flushed and she quickly let go and leaned back, breathing hard and trying to get her pulse under control. Her clit pulsed and her pussy reacted to the sensation by expelling more purple oil into the soaked fabric pressed against it. Pam willed her body to relax and pushed back as much of the sexual tension as possible.

That’s when she felt her panties tighten. Her hips were starting to stretch and pull apart.

Flaring hips…Pam recalled.

The actual reconfiguring of her flesh and bone wasn’t painful, and it wasn’t pleasurable, but the elastic band digging into Pam’s soft flesh was annoying. After a moment the internal pressure stopped; she had a set of spectacular hips that were perfectly scaled for her new legs. The elastic of her panties cut deep creases across her skin.

Pam sat thinking about her next move. She couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever, and the last thing she wanted was to have Gia sent looking for her. She considered going out without her panties, since they were drenched in her fluids, but with her new skirt and her feet as they were Pam was afraid if she fell over there was no way to explain why she was commando. Plus, given all the sweating she was doing, the perfumed smell now soaked into the scant fabric was actually a blessing.

Realizing that more was probably in store for her Pam considered heading straight to the car and going home. But she was stronger than this, she could beat it, she was certain. Leaving would only let Gia continue to get sales with Pam unable to match them.

She was an empowered woman. She could do anything. She’d get through this.

Grabbing some toilet paper Pam pushed her panties down off her hips a little, jumping as the sticky fabric, stained with purple, peeled away from her labia. She patted the fabric as dry as she could, and did the same for the matted patch of hair stuck down on her mons. Pam then grabbed some more paper and folded it around her panties to keep them as dry as possible – she’d inevitably orgasm again and didn’t need anything to start dripping. Pam realized that a feminine pad would have been great to have, but had none with her and while the women’s room had a dispenser, it was never stocked.

Pulling the panties back up and getting them as comfortably snug as she could Pam stood and grabbed her skirt, pausing for a minute to adjust for the erotic rush of putting weight on her feet again. Despite the temperature and texture of the tile she was not spared from some stimulation.

She knew her hips were too wide to clip the band of her skirt where it had rested before so Pam tried pulling it further up her hips to her waist. For a moment she still couldn’t get the band to clip, but a small feeling of suction in her abdomen preceded her stomach suddenly drawing in and slimming. After the change had passed Pam realized her new hourglass waist was to thank for being able to clip the skirt. She easily tucked her blouse into the waistband. Looking down it was clear that more of her longer legs was now exposed.

Opening the stall door Pam looked across to the mirror hanging over the sink. She was grateful she hadn’t opted for the shortest skirt at Spencer Twins; her butt was already very close to peeking out the bottom of this one. She had shaved her legs – although they seemed particularly smooth at the moment – so the lack of pantyhose wasn’t very noticeable beyond a slight change in color and texture from before.

Making her way out of the bathroom Pam concentrated hard to keep herself from falling – or cumming again. She discovered that she was able to walk without using the wall for support if she kept track of her balance, and the combination of her stretched feet, legs, and hips made it look like she was walking a runway with invisible shoes. She dropped her shoes and torn hose in her locker and then actually made it all the way back to the showroom’s double doors when she was stopped.

“Miss Parker, there you are…could we see you for a moment?”

Doverton’s voice sent a chill up Pam’s spine and she slowly turned around to face her boss.

“Yes, Mr. Doverton?”

“Gia and a customer are waiting in – are you barefoot?”

“Uh, yes sir, sorry,” Pam answered as she walked over. She thanked the gods when the floor transitioned from rough carpet to cool tile – she couldn’t stand the idea of uncontrollably orgasming in front of her boss. “I snapped a heel outside and would rather keep selling than go out and get a new pair.”

“I see…admirable, but after you’re done with the gentleman Gia’s with right now I think it would be best to go get something so you don’t burn your feet off out there.”

“Yes sir,” Pam replied, “…and where is…”

“Room A, over there…” Doverton answered, swinging his thumb behind him and walking back to his office. Room A was the old meeting room that Pam had always used to close a sale and a flash of anger crashed over her…which was quickly washed away by the rising erotic tide that kicked up again as the saleswoman started walking.

The path to the room required Pam to step back onto the carpet, and she had to use every ounce of her will to hold back any visible reaction to the erotic peak she could not avoid as she made it to the doorway.

“Ah, Pam, you’re here…” Gia’s voice dripped with disdain.

Pam kept the look on her face as neutral as possible, and as she finally felt the flush ebb she said through her teeth, “Yes, may I ask…” it was then that Pam saw the customer who had driven with her earlier seated across from Gia at the square table.

“Mr. Lojals said you were the one who gave him the test drive on the car I’m selling him and won’t go on with the sale until he’s certain you’ll get a part of the commission.”

“Oh, well, thank you,” Pam replied, and Mr. Lojals nodded. This was perfect; the brunette knew having to split a sale was killing Gia and Pam wanted to watch every moment of it. Neither seated individual could see from their angle that Pam had no shoes on and she quickly padded over and took her seat.  Seated with her feet stretched up as they were, and lacking the confinement of the pantyhose, Pam couldn’t help but spread and flex her toes into the carpet, which kept a low carnal heat percolating in her loins despite her efforts otherwise.

“Easy on the perfume, Parker,” Gia spoke up. Pam realized her scent of jasmine and lavender was filling the small room, “Some of us like to breathe air.”

Pam started to apologize but Gia paid her no mind and rolled right into the credit review. The brunette saleswoman smiled at the blonde’s irritated tone of voice, but only had a few moments of peace before she noticed a new change kicking in. She felt a tugging on the front part of her skirt, and she realized her butt was starting to expand. The hem of the skirt was trapped under her ass, and as Pam’s body rose from the bubbling butt the forward portion of the skirt’s waistband continued to pull against her stomach. Reaching her hand back Pam leaned forward and subtly pulled and freed the back of the skirt, which relieved the pressure but meant her butt cheeks were now sitting directly on the chair’s pleather seat. She had also had to put weight on her feet and flushed from the sensitive pressure.

As her ass grew out Pam noticed her underwear was stretching to the limits. Pam could feel the paper-wrapped front push hard against her pussy while the rear fabric became engulfed in her increasing ass. Had she been standing her panties would have looked more like a thong.

Shifting slightly to try and relieve this new pressure created by her luscious bubble butt – which had raised her about three inches up in the chair – Pam stopped when she felt a new part of her anatomy start to magically grow.

Pam’s clit was already quite engorged from all the sensations coming from her stimulated feet, but now she felt her pleasure button push against the inside of its hood and her labia. Pam realized she was getting a bigger clit a man could easily find and couldn’t help but squirm as the expanding nub pushed up and out of her feminine flower.

But she quickly stopped squirming.

By the time her clitoris had ceased its changes Pam could feel the tip of it pushing against the drenched toilet paper wrapped around her panties. It was held snug between each soft lip of her pussy. A primal part of her curiosity wanted to gyrate her hips and investigate the extent of changes made – Pam figured she now had a clit as thick as her little finger. But she was certain that any investigation or experimentation with this new alteration would push her further over the edge than she’d be able to hide behind a poker face.

She realized she probably shouldn’t move.

Her changed anatomy was now like a trigger. As she sat, pretending to listen to Gia, any small shift in her thighs caused Pam to quiver. In fact, it seemed like the salacious sensations from her feet had now reached up her calves and thighs and was spreading underneath her. The pressure of Pam’s butt cheeks on the chair wasn’t quite as erotic as her toes on the carpet, but the thick bundle of nerves nestled in her crotch was making up for that. The very pulsing of blood through her clit tapped at the brunette’s arousal.

For a little while Pam sat still and thought she was being given a break from the transformations. Her eyes had been absently wandering as she adjusted to what was happening to her and now she turned her attention back to Gia and tried to pretend nothing unusual was going on. This was already difficult, and Pam found a new problem developing.

Her nipples were quickly becoming two large spikes pushing against her bra. Pam could see cleanly down inside her blouse and bra and quietly gasped as her nipples became smashed within the brassiere’s cups. So stiff were the sensitive teats that bumps were clearly becoming visible through both layers of clothes.

Moving her arms to cover what was happening Pam looked up and saw Mr. Lojals trying not to stare. They locked eyes for a moment and the man quickly moved his attention back to Gia, who was droning on about replacement policy as sluttily as she could.

As the young blonde neared the close of her paper work and got the man to start signing and initialing Pam could not wait to fill in the form for her part of the commission and get the hell out of the room before Gia fully realized what was happening. Pam’s nipples had filled out to the shot glass sizes she had specified in her bed and the pressure of her bra against them was not helping her concentration.

As paper shifted back and forth the increased sensitivity that had started in her feet began to spread up from her ass through to her crotch, across her stomach, over her breasts, and into her nipples. As the tingling wave moved across her skin Pam nearly gasped as the pressure of her bra against her suddenly sensitive tips caused her to practically cum on the spot.

“…and this is yours to sign…” Gia said through gritted teeth as she passed the commission slip and a pen to Pam. She had to lean over to grab the two items and as she did so Pam could feel her extremely sensitive clit rub across the soaked paper.

Pam silently came. Jasmine and lavender filled the room. She signed, feeling that even her hands had slightly succumbed to the sensitivity, and passed the slip and pen back to Gia. As the blonde and Mr. Lojals stood up Pam did as well, doing her best to not shudder. She was careful to keep her legs slightly spread. The pressure on her feet was bad enough, she didn’t need to add any sensations from her clit being squeezed. She could feel the tip of it sticking to the soaked toilet paper in her panties. She wondered if her underwear was soaked enough to drip. She shook hands with the lucky new car owner, noting the jump in sensitivity her palm had against his flesh versus Gia’s pen.

For the first time Pam was grateful for Gia’s ego. She hadn’t even looked at Pam the whole time, and was now leading Mr. Lojals out to the sales floor. He made a few subtle glances behind them to try and see Pam but Gia was quick to take him towards the lot.

Pam sighed and tried to calm down her body. It was like standing after one’s legs fall asleep; once you’re up it isn’t so bad but the moment you move the pain starts. Only in Pam’s case it was extreme sexual arousal.

I have to get to my car…Pam thought, taking deep breaths and trying to get her body under control, Doverton already told me to leave…I need to get that bottle and see the old woman and-

A new pressure stopped her thoughts.

Her breasts were beginning to expand. Pam could feel her tits pushing the sensitive nipples harder against the bra. Flesh was growing off her ribs and stretching the skin of her chest, pulsing with erotic warmth and mass.

She had to leave.


Moving as quickly as she could on her toes Pam burst out of the meeting room and strutted swiftly towards the break room, legs moving awkwardly as she tried not to slide her thighs and lower lips across her clit too much. Her breasts were slowly approaching grapefruits as she opened the locker door and grabbed her things. She knew she had to keep going but the bra was so tight she could barely breath or move her arms. Looking around and finding no one else nearby she reached back and undid her bra through the fabric of the blouse. The brassiere practically flung itself forward as the confined breast flesh finally had some freedom, although it was quickly controlled again by the blouse. Moving quickly, but without removing her outer top, Pam pulled her arms through the straps and slipped the infernal support piece into her purse.

Ready to move on Pam took a step and came again; the pleasure receptive nature of her nipples brushing the material of her blouse made it tough to do anything but orgasm. For the first time Pam made an audible sound and quickly slapped her hand over her mouth – the pressure of her hand on her lips sent another pulse to her pussy. Shaking off the sensation and heat Pam started moving. The naughty spikes on the front of her expanding bosom pushed hard against the light fabric; Pam could not believe how X-rated she looked as her unsupported flesh bounced and pulled at the bottom of her vision; her breasts were worse than jello on a plate. She crossed her arms under her growing tits and tried to reduce the jiggle.

Jasmine and lavender followed Pam as she went straight for the doors of the showroom, one hand poking out slightly to use the wall to keep her upright as her center of gravity shifted. Everyone was busy trying to sell-sell-sell and she made it outside without an issue.

Balance was the problem outside. Her breasts – now puffed up like a pair of cantaloupes – were making her already tricky walking style more difficult. If they had stayed still Pam could have adjusted, but their constantly shifting momentum kept her off balance. Complicating matters were the long platinum strands of hair that were starting to fall in front of her face.

The hot black top that made up the lot didn’t help any, either.

Running from parked car to parked car to keep her balance Pam didn’t stop for anything as she felt her sensitive feet almost burning. An erotic wave struck her every other car thanks to a combination of her feet and nipples being touched, and her thighs rubbing her clit.

Across the lot Gia’s attention was distracted from another sale as she saw a very busty woman with long platinum hair run to Pam’s car and open it. For a moment the blonde was puzzled, but a pending sale quickly took her mind off the mystery.

Pam closed the door and adjusting her seat to allow room for her growing bust, which was somewhere between fruit and sports equipment. She wanted to rip off her panties and shirt and directly sate some of the dire need that coursed through her body and clouded her mind but she knew she couldn’t do so in the lot. Pam tried to push back the flowing mane of hair she now sported; it hung down to her ass and without a hair band it was all over her and a lost cause. Her primary goal was just to keep it out of her face and expansive cleavage.

It’s all coming true…all of it! ran through the woman’s mind as she stared down at the deep fleshy valley that was only now settling into the basketball size – but smashed down her abdomen thanks to the well-built blouse. She unbuttoned her blouse a little to relieve some of the tension and she wondered how much good at keeping her decent the top was even still doing her. The fabric had been lifted up far above her naval and a large amount of underboob was already showing. And her nipples were in no way obscured.

Sitting still and trying not to stimulate herself Pam attempted to clear her mind. But since so much of her skin was pressed down on the car seat she decided she wasn’t going to get any more ready to drive and started the engine.

The drive home was, thankfully, free of any interruption. Pam tried to stick to back roads and areas where she could avoid most speed traps or highway patrolmen. She was thankful her tires were new and she had no reason to fear a blowout.

Going the long way, however, had a side effect. Every extra stop sign or light meant one more time that Pam had to move her sensitive foot from one rubber pedal to another. And although half of the time her foot was on the brake every bit of pressure was pure gas to her libido. Her breasts added little to the situation beyond their jiggling, as Pam didn’t bother wrapping a seat belt across her sensitive chest. It was her ass constantly grinding directly against the cushion which was most distracting. And, although she sat with legs spread as wide apart as possible, the mere presence of her nether lips and soaked panties wrapped around her clit kept it stimulated. All of this got Pam so fired up she barely even parked within the lines of a space at her apartment building.

She had never gotten upstairs so quickly before.

Having locked the door and dropped her purse in the entrance Pam desperately peeled off her blouse, skirt, and underwear as she walked to her mirror. Standing stock naked up on her toes Pam was able to assess the total damage done to her.

Well, maybe damage wasn’t the best word.

In front of Pam stood a woman almost completely different from the person who had woken up this morning. Long straight platinum hair hung lightly from her head and just tickled the top of her plump and curvaceous ass. Pam noticed a subtle change to her face. Her once sharp features had rounded slightly, and at some point she had failed to notice her lips plumping and filling out, taking on the exaggerated bee stung look she had playfully – and fatefully – imagined. It was clear that she was also younger, and her make-up seemed strangely perfect despite all of her sweating.

Following her new curves down her body Pam could only stare at her breasts. They were monstrous. Easily the diameter of basketballs they had just enough droop that someone could believe they weren’t implants. But they retained their shape and curve in a way that did not give the impression they were natural. They stuck out so wide that Pam’s arms were partially obscured.

Her sensitive shelf’s enormous shadow blocked Pam’s view of her naval, but she could clearly see in the mirror that her waist looked like an invisible corset had cinched around her. She wasn’t so thin that she could have put her fingers all the way around, but it was a little hard to believe that she could support her upper body without breaking in half.

I guess I’m lucky I specified a WALKING wet dream…

It wasn’t a far look to see that the patch of hair between her widened hips was gone, as was any stubble accidentally left on her legs or underarms. But that’s not what garnered Pam’s attention.

It was the enormous glistening clitoris peaking out of her pussy that Pam was staring at.

She realized that she had not specified alterations to any of her other nether anatomy, and thus the glistening bundle of nerves stood by itself about a centimeter beyond the lips of Pam’s slit. Although she originally guessed it was the thickness of her smallest finger it was actually the width of her thumb. Despite it’s distance from her pussy proper it was still slick with a warm light-purple sheen.

Pam pushed her eyes down her legs to finish her inspection. Her expanded butt cheeks rested with a sexy bump at the top of a pair of thighs which then ran long and shapely down to perfect calves and eventually to Pam’s stretched and petite feet. She was shocked that balance in this new body had come so quickly, but Pam continued to attribute her ballet lessons for her adjustment.

Resting her hand on her dresser for extra support Pam just stood and stared. Now, away from work, without the pressing need of thinking of an escape plan, she able to be alone with her thoughts as a wash of emotion ran over her. At first she was indeed quite upset about what had happened to her body. She looked ridiculous…like a caricature. But the more she thought about her looks, both past and present, the less upset she became.

Where’d that dowdy body and conservative lifestyle get me, anyway? Pam thought to herself, starting to smile, I’m the mocked-and-failing saleswoman at a third-rate car dealership. Why did I even think twice about that being something I really wanted? All I need to do is put Gia in her place then I’ll take this new body and start a better life somewhere!

Pam realized that she had gone from nearly crying to posing in the mirror. Smiling, she placed her hands to her hips in victory.

And quickly pulled them away.


Pam saw the entirety of her smooth skin flush red. She had wished her nipples twice as sensitive as her clit and everything else increased in relation and realized now the true extent of the wish. She again gently placed her hands on her hips and let out a little coo…her entire body was like a lightning rod of pleasure. Both the skin of her hips and her open palms provided exquisite feedback, which compiled on top of the pressure of her toes on the carpet and the soft cradle of her clitoris.

Pam playfully bit her lip – which also gave her a jump – and stared at her bed’s reflection, imagining the feeling of all that glorious fabric caressing her body.

Gracefully, Pam backed up to the bed, watching her body bounce and sway as she moved. Each step gave a bump to her libido. As she reached the edge of the mattress Pam gently placed her round rump down onto the top of the cover.

Mmmm…the platinum haired woman purred as she rolled herself back, lying down across the bed. She bent up her knees, resting her heels on the mattress’ edge, and let her thighs swing wide. The open air on her extremely sensitive feminine flower was lovely. Her long hair spread out like a halo around her.

Here, on the bed with the intention of pleasuring herself, Pam found her body was a delight, and she let her sensitive skin soak up all the stimulation. Lying on her back she squirmed deliciously as she observed how her breasts barely pancaked across her ribs. Her hard nipples stood proudly atop her boobs like two towers.

The room was already nearly filled by the lovely scent that Pam’s pussy now constantly produced, and this full-bodied stimulation had increased its production. She giggled as she gently tapped the tips of her nipples, her hips bucking at the brief touches.

Pam had been denied full and free enjoyment of her new form all morning. It was time to correct that.

Sliding her hands down her stomach, over her hips, and between her thighs Pam screamed as her fingers squeezed her pulsing clit. Her pussy was leaps and bounds more sensitive than anything else.

The cumming woman spared no attention to her spasming body as her hands quickly rubbed and caressed each part of her that desired attention. She roughly hefted her breasts, tweaked nipples, and even found that running her hands through her hair kept the rolling O going.

As her body finally began to come down from her first extended orgasm Pam noticed that instead of tiring into a true afterglow she immediately regained her energy – and lust. Usually Pam’s post-orgasm caresses would lull her into a pleasant peace, but now her sweaty body immediately kicked back into full stimulation and carnal need.

At first this was great, as Pam was thrilled she could push herself into another orgasm at her will inside the privacy of her bedroom. But after that she found her body aching for a third cum. Giving in to that as well, Pam began to worry as even a fourth orgasm’s pleasure lead to no actual relief. In fact, it did nothing more than to cause her body to beg for a fifth.

Suddenly Pam’s thoughts from the previous night came back to her, and she realized that if she could never get tired or sore from orgasming there’d never be a natural point for her to stop. No matter how many times she came she’d never really experience the full comforting afterglow that she loved so much – without that satisfying exhaustion her body had no cue to calm down and just went right into another bout of primal hunger.

As she gave into her fifth cry of ecstasy Pam immediately pulled her hands away. Grabbing the covers and keeping control of herself Pam raised up her ass and let her hips jerk with physical joy as she tried to minimize her stimulation and force her body to calm down. From this angle she could see for the first time that she sprayed into the air a mist of the purple perfume each time she came.

After a few moments of denying her body’s desires Pam slowly placed her butt back on the mattress. Her self control had allowed a little afterglow but as soon as the cheeks of her rear touched the covers it was gone, replaced by small burst of lusty energy once again. This wasn’t as bad as when her hands had been all over her body, but Pam was frustrated at her inability to relax after cumming.

As she lay still, letting her deep breathing and rapid heart beat normalize, she rethought her opinion on her new form.

How am I going to walk around with clothes on? she asked herself, thinking about her current wardrobe. With no afterglow to control her spasms her body was now set to constantly loop sexual need and orgasms. When in public she’d have no choice but to completely stop moving at points to calm her elevated senses, or just cum no matter what she was doing whenever she happened to be over stimulated.

On top of that Pam remembered the new shape of her feet; she didn’t want to be forced to walk around in high heels for the rest of her life.

Gently rising from the bed, careful to avoid touching her breasts or squeezing her clit and risk falling back into an uncontrollable carnal loop, Pam picked up the bottle of oil from the shelf and approached her mirror. Looking at the sweaty mess she was Pam tried to recall what the genie had told her.

I have two desires left! Pam thought to herself, staring at her body and concentrating hard, I want to walk flatfooted again and have better control over my body’s sensitivity!

Waiting a moment and looking at the bottle expectantly Pam let out a sigh when she found she could still not push her heels to the floor. And it was clear her sensitivity had not altered.

Grabbing the stopper Pam was unable to budge it from the neck, despite how easily it had popped out for her the night before. She nearly dislocated her arm before trying to bash it open on her dresser – serving only to dent the wood.

Guess it really is just a one use item, Pam recalled the old woman’s words.

The old woman!

If Pam couldn’t summon the genie to question or command perhaps that woman at the store could do something. Pam tossed the bottle back on the bed and tiptoed over to her closet.

What can I wear? Pam sighed, sliding the door open and staring at the dozens of occupied hangers. Pam gently tapped her plump lips and looked down the row.

Any panties I have are too small, I definitely can’t let any rough fabric rub my clit, so that rules out pants and short skirts…she thought, reaching for a knee length blue skirt. Tossing it to the bed Pam figured it would conceal her lack of undergarments.

Pam now turned her attention to her shirts. She had a few sleeveless tops which were a sort of artificial silk. It would be a tight squeeze but she had no bras that would fit her chest and the benefit of the material was that it was smooth and, out of all of Pam’s options, would create the least amount of friction against her sensitive teats. Although huge tents in the material would denote to anyone looking the size of her nipples Pam knew there were few options that wouldn’t have the same result and cause more coming. She grabbed the one with a black and blue striped design and tossed it to the bed.

Turning to her shoes Pam sighed again. Of course none of her fitted shoes would stay on now, so she’d need something she could strap on tight. Crouching down – and regretting the fact that now her lusty legs, elbows, breasts, and arms were all brushing each other – Pam finally found a pair she had bought for an abandoned Halloween costume. Black and strappy, the heel was exaggerated enough to fit her altered feet.

Satisfied with her outfit Pam realized something; shower or no shower? Normally she’d never go out as sweaty she was, but she wondered how much good a shower would really do her. Pam was certain that a gentle rain of water would only incite her back to a marathon of masturbation, resulting in yet another sweaty mess.

Deciding that the scent coming from her pussy and a little hair brushing would cover up the smell and look of all her physical activity just fine Pam first strapped on the heels. Walking in the shoes, which put pressure on her entire sensitive arch, at first seemed worse than going barefoot. But Pam’s body quickly adjusted to the smooth uniform material of the shoe and it turned out to be less stimulating once she was used to it, especially when compared to walking over carpet.

Grabbing the skirt Pam rolled it up and stepped inside the fabric loop, trying not to clench her clit between her thighs in the process. That was only partially successful, but Pam controlled herself and gritted her teeth as she unrolled the material and slid it up over her hips. Again she had to clasp the waist band higher than she would have with her old dimensions, but at least the fabric didn’t stimulate her bare ass or legs too much. And it was long enough that Pam was not afraid of flashing anyone if she sat down or bent over.

The platinum haired bombshell knew the shirt would be trickier. Rolling it up like she had the skirt Pam slipped it over her head and threaded her arms through their respective holes. Now all that was left to do was to unroll the slick fabric and squeeze inside it the set of sensitive sports equipment still swaying from her chest.

Pam took a deep breath, gripped the bottom of the material, and pulled.

The smoothness of the shirt went a long way towards Pam’s success. Although her body did convulse when she popped her nipples under the edge she had gotten everything covered with minimum flaring of lust.

Looking into the mirror Pam considered herself mostly street legal. Her shoes and skirt looked perfect. But while her shirt hung down far enough to obscure Pam’s entire breasts it showed most of her stomach. The only reason it covered her breasts at all was because they were tightly packed within. It was low cut and cleavage literally overflowed over the neckline. The material was so tightly pressed over her nipples it almost seemed like liquid latex. While Pam considered the look incredibly slutty, it was legal.

Grabbing the bottle and throwing it in her purse it was now time for a trip to the mall.

Given her preparation and selection Pam was actually able to make it back down to the car without orgasming, but it did require her to stop at one point and let her body’s fire recede. Pam’s drive to the mall was much less distracting than her drive home had been. Her ass rubbed and bounced against the tight fabric of the skirt much less than it had earlier with her bare skin against the seat. And the heels greatly reduced any stimulation received switching from pedal to pedal. The shirt was so tight against her tits that the bumps and vibrations from driving kept her desires lit, bit at a simmer. Initially when she sat down the skirt had rested on the expanded nub between her thighs but an empty soda cup placed between her legs held the fabric up and away.

Having parked, and trying to do her best to avoid the stares of the mall shoppers as her enormous bust bounced and wiggled, Pam walked as quickly as she could to where the old woman’s store had been.

She found the chain gate lowered, the lights off, and no indication that anyone had occupied the abandoned space for years. In fact, the gated doorway was smaller than it had been the other night, and the space inside could have never fit all of the merchandise Pam had browsed through.

Hooking her fingers through the jointed metal the sensitive woman stood and stared inside the empty locale. She did this partially out of disbelief, and partially to give her libido another chance to cool off. A myriad of emotions swept over her, but Pam stopped before reaching panic. She accepted that answers were beyond her. She believed in a purple wish granting genie, she could believe the shop that sold it to here was just as fantastical. She had sealed her own fate with her daydream and would need to live with her new body and all its good and bad aspects.

But that didn’t mean she had to live with an ill-fitting wardrobe.

Strutting through the mall Pam now allowed herself to fully observe the stares she was getting. Mothers would shield their children’s eyes.  Fathers would do the same but openly stared at her themselves. Other men, at least any old enough to appreciate her curves for the most primal reason, would stop and gawk. Some women would do the same, but most would give her a look of revulsion.

Pam was beginning to enjoy the lusty glances, thinking about what it must be like to fuck with a body like hers. This thinking, combined with her body’s sensitivities, meant Pam had to quickly search out a women’s room – such thoughts were all she needed to push herself over. Barely making it into a stall in time Pam yanked up her skirt and pressed a wad of toilet paper against her purple spraying pussy. She bit her lip and rolled her body against the plastic walls as the orgasm and perfumed scent washed over her.

As the entire bathroom filled with lavender and jasmine Pam removed her hand from her crotch and adjusted her clothes. She tried to remain still and let herself cool down. The shirt and skirt allowed for about three seconds of satisfaction before her lusty energy was back again, but at a low enough level she was able to continue on.

Finally arriving at Spencer Twins Pam immediately picked out a few bras, panties, blouses, skirts, lingerie, and dresses and found a changing room. Stripping out of clothes meant Pam had to silently endure a few more orgasms. Looking at the mirrored image of her nude form the disappearance of gravity’s effects or the lack of aged creasing and wrinkles on her younger body no longer seemed important in the big picture.

As expected almost no bras would fit comfortably, since nearly every one cut into her back. A single brassiere was stretchy enough to cup her enormous nipples and deter some of the rubbing and she decided to keep it on. The plus-size department quickly became Pam’s saving grace; a few tops actually covered her, but even just rubbing against her arms and sides most materials would stimulate her skin to orgasm eventually. A pair of plus-sized panties fit loose enough to be bearable over her slit, but that too was more of a delay of the inevitable and not a long term solution.

After accepting a selection of loose-enough fitting day clothes Pam gingerly held up a piece of lingerie; a black-laced one piece which was mostly translucent – and also from the plus-size department. Whether or not it could accommodate her breasts was unclear. Pam sighed.

How am I going to do THIS without cumming my brains out?

There was no way she was going to give up, however. If she couldn’t wear sexy things on her sexy body, what was the point? She figured she may have to get items custom fit to her, but first she had to find something to be custom fit. She pulled off the shirt and skirt and took some deep breaths to push past the sensations racking her body. Pam gently pulled on the nighty. She did have to throw one hand to the wall and bite her lip as a pleasure spasm washed over her, but she kept quiet. The only indication that she had orgasmed was the increased scent of jasmine and lavender and a little glisten along her thighs – and of course she’d have no choice but to buy the panties now.

Looking at herself in the mirror Pam sighed again. She was clearly too busty for the naughty black sleepwear; it hung high, exposing most of her midriff and everything between her legs. The satin hung unevenly and wouldn’t button. It wasn’t sexy, it was sloppy.

Getting EVERYTHING custom fit is going to be expensive… Pam thought to herself, initially trying to pose in the outfit but getting frustrated and dropping her arms to her sides. Why can’t anything I put on just adjust to me and my sensitivity? If I’m stuck looking like this I’d rather show off my body in outfits as over-the-top sexy to match! I’d want my clothes to be tantalizing and revealing…technically legal but as wild as my body is! And then I wouldn’t need bras or panties…yeah, no more underwear, I’m done with it, I’d rather know I can’t wear it than keep trying. Just sexy skimpy outfits designed to entice and show off my tits, ass, everything! That’s what I’d want!

As Pam completed her impulsive thought she saw in the mirror a bald purple man smiling and standing behind her. Quickly turning she found no one there. Shaking the image away a cold chill ran up her spine.

Was that…?

Standing still for a moment in the ill-fitting nighty Pam waiting for something to happen, but after a few minutes she assumed the image had simply been in her head. Carefully changing back into her original outfit the platinum-haired woman gathered up a few items and headed to the cashier.

Check back next week for Part III!