After my comic TIME AND AGAIN was successfully funded with the help of Kickstarter I decided to see if I could spread a little love and good karma. I’ve donated a little here and there to projects I feel strongly promote gender equality and/or are taking myth and legend into interesting directions.

One of these projects I donated to was called “”TITANS” A New Indie Comic Project” by new indie comic writer Johnny Mack. The Kickstarter page provides a brief summary of the story’s concept; “…a re-imagining and “re-mixing” of stories from Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology to tell the overall story of the impending retirement of God and the ensuing battle over who will become the next “Supreme” ruler.”

Suffice it to say I was intrigued.

After adding my donation Mr. Mack contacted me, and after mentioning our equal love of mythology he sent me a little preview of Issue #1’s script. After reading it I can say I’m very excited about the project and quite hopeful it will reach its funding. Fans of original takes on myths won’t be disappointed, and if you enjoy a good transformation or two (and if you’re on here that’s a high possibility) there is a really cool battle that plays out between Athena and Artemis wherein each goddess does some animal shape-shifting to try and find an advantage. Both goddesses were portrayed as strong and cunning characters and I’d very much like to see this illustrated.

If you’re interested in more information you can use the widget below to get to Mr. Mack’s Kickstarter page, where he has some very affordable donation levels. I give him my best hope for success.