Think On It

a novella by Dan Standing

Part I of III


“You’ll be hard pressed to find a more reliable vehicle than this one.”

Pam Parker’s hand smacked the roof of the squat vehicle next to her. She had one foot up and rested on the interior edge of the driver’s side, the door open as she tried to display the wheel and gadgets inside. The light material that made up Pam’s black suit pants wavered slightly in the wind, which outlined the shape of her leg. Being a few years over 30 she was still in possession of an attractive body and her legs, although a tad short, were no exception.

As Pam pitched her customer on the benefits of the car the breeze continued to accent her form. Although the blouse and jacket obscured much of her torso it was clear she had a fairly thin waist and a nice pair of orange-sized breasts. Of course it was the push-up bra that kept them orange-shaped, but overall the saleswoman was attractive.

Except she didn’t think so.

Pushing one of her short brunette locks out of her face Pam could tell her customer wasn’t listening. He wasn’t really looking at her; he was looking past her. Unwilling to look herself Pam smacked the top of the car again.

“…and it gets great mileage! What do you think?” Pam finished up her pitch and awaited the response of the startled man. He quickly collected himself and replied;

“I’ll think on it.”

I’ll think on it. The worst sentence a sales person could hear, especially in the car business. Pam tried to steer the sale back in her direction but the man again politely – and sternly – blew her off and walked around the car. The brunette didn’t have to look where he was headed, she knew. At first she didn’t even want to turn at all but her desire to confirm her suspicion got the better of her.

He was walking over to Gia Thelson.

Gia, the 22 year old blonde hired just three months ago, was already with a customer but Pam had seen many a man wait their turn to be assisted by her. They’d just stand, watch, and listen while she did her flirty shtick.

“…and this one you can really drive all day…all night…it’ll keep all four on the ground without any complaint…”

Gia made Pam sick. Up until three months ago she had been the top sales person at the car lot…not just saleswoman but salesperson. Then Mr. Doverton hired Gia and suddenly Pam dropped past second place because she’d waste her time with a customer who would just end up seeing Gia and wander off like the little upstart was the Pied Piper of Men. Pam had done well with the female customers, but the men were the largest percent of buys.

The brunette wasn’t in denial about Gia’s advantages; the girl was attractive. A swimmer’s thin body with a pair of breasts like two cantaloupes that Gia was not afraid to show off in clingy tank-tops with plunging necklines. Mini-skirts were the standard compliments to these tops and the girl’s long thin legs -wrapped in black-patterned hosiery – tapered into heels Pam thought would break her own feet. The shoes put Gia maybe an inch taller than the 5-foot-3 brunette, and her nemesis’ luxurious blonde hair swam in the wind like she was some mermaid under the waves.

Pam hated her.

“Miss Parker! My office!”

Pam jumped as the sound of Mr. Doverton’s voice rung through the lot. She realized she had been standing doing little more than staring over the open door of the unsold car. Gathering her thoughts and locking up the vehicle Pam quickly followed her employer inside the show room.

“Yes, Mr. Doverton?” she asked as she cautiously entered the office of her boss. The graying man dropped into his chair and pulled himself up to his desk. Doverton didn’t reply right away, he was busy opening up some images on his computer. Finding the one he wanted her turned the monitor towards his employee and pointed.

“Do you know what those are?” he asked. Pam’s heart went cold.

“Sales fig-”

“Sales figures,” the boss interrupted, turning the monitor back towards him, “…and you know what they say?”

Pam was well aware of where this was going but she had no desire to voice it herself. She knew Doverton would continue on without her participation anyway.

“They say you’ve been slacking,” the old man barked, leaning back in his seat and staring up at Pam, “It’s a shame, has your name out there on that plaque so many times made you lose your edge?”

Doverton was referring to the Quarterly Sales Award, whose golden plaque and winning names were hung up outside the office door. Pam had won every quarter since being hired, proof of which was clear by the number of times her name was listed in the yellow metal. But this quarter it was almost certain that Gia would be the one listed and it was eating Pam up inside.

“No, sir.”

“Well, I’m sorry Miss Parker but if I don’t see some turn around on this by the time of the awards we’re going to have to seriously reconsider your usefulness here.”

Pam wanted to argue her case. She wanted to vent everything that was unjust about Gia’s tactics. But she knew if she started complaining she wouldn’t stop.

And Doverton only cared about sales.

“I understand, Mr. Doverton.”

As Pam left the office, completely furious at herself for not fighting back, she pushed open the big doors of the dealership and almost ran down Gia.

“Oh, Ms. Parker, watch it!” the younger woman exclaimed, jumping back. The sounds of her ridiculous heels clacking hard on the pavement were like nails on a chalkboard to Pam, who wanted to slug the girl but collected herself.

“I’m sorry, Gia, I didn’t see you there,” she said, taking the high road.

“That’s okay. If you can’t see a sale why would I expect you to see a fellow employee?” Gia replied, a snide grin stretching back across her face. Before Pam could react she realized that a line of male customers had followed Gia and were all smirking at her comment. Pam’s face flushed with embarrassment and she quickly walked away into the lot. When she got about ten feet out she heard the lithe blonde and her men start laughing.

That’s it…ran through Pam’s mind as she checked the time, …no more being classy. It’s time to play on Gia’s level.

That was why Pam Parker was sequestered inside a dressing room at Spencer Twins Department Store on a Monday night. Currently clothed in nothing more than her panties and heels Pam had hung all around the walls of the small room every slutty top and skirt she thought she could get away with.

Pam had always accepted the changes that the passage of time had wrought on her body. She was career minded and generally avoided the dating scene so up until now a slump or crease here and there had not concerned her much. She had never thought of herself as terribly pretty so she didn’t think of getting older as an issue. The image staring back at her in the mirror, with her breasts slightly more effected by gravity and a few creases and wrinkles a reminder of her formerly more active life, wouldn’t have concerned Pam at all once.

But now she was at war, and Gia had the tactical advantage.

Pam put on the revealing outfits in rotation, pacing back and forth in the small room like it was a catwalk, turning and posing for the mirror like a fashion model. She wasn’t happy. The brunette bemoaned that she didn’t fill out the tops as tightly as Gia did. Her ass didn’t bump the skirts as well as Gia’s did. Her waist didn’t taper as much as Gia’s did.

She pulled the material off her alabaster skin with a long sigh of frustration. Of course she really was a striking woman, and it was a strange irony that Pam was disappointed in her body while pretending to model the outfits, since her dimensions were very close to the dimensions of many actual models – a trait Gia’s exaggerated hourglass form actually lacked.

But Pam was blinded to that. Finally reaching the limits of her frustration she gathered the items that had looked best on her, redressed, and found a cashier.

As the stressed brunette walked out of Spencer Twins with her shockingly small bag and entered the mall proper she noticed many of the stores were starting to close. Glancing at her phone Pam realized her pity party had caused her to spend more time in the changing room than expected. She had wanted to window shop and clear her head as she walked through the mall back towards the only parking lot she had been able to park in, but with the stores pulling the chains and bars down over windows Pam decided to cut down a small and mostly unused hallway to save time.

Pam’s modest heels clacked on the tile as she walked down the dark corridor, but she stopped when she noticed a storefront she had never seen before which showed no sign of closing up. Curious, and still wanting to distract herself from the reasons for the bag in her hand, she went inside. An eclectic variety of items greeted the curious customer. It was like a tiny department store; small selections of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toys, food, gardening tools, and other items were spread about on shelves and hangers.

An old woman sat at the small checkout counter along the far wall of the store, nose buried deep in a magazine. She was clothed in a flowing dress that Pam felt hearkened back to the free-love 60s. Her gray hair was curly and poofed out around her head. The woman had the wrinkles to be expected at her advanced age, and her nose was a tad long and pointed, but otherwise Pam felt she was fairly beautiful. The woman stared down at the pages through a pair of wire-framed reading glasses. The cashier looked up and smiled, revealing teeth that were yellowed but straight.

“Can I help you with anything?” the old woman asked.

“Uh, no, thanks…just browsing.”

“Very well, enjoy. Let me know if I can be of service. Anything in the store was either found, made, or special ordered by me.”

Pam nonchalantly nodded her head and started to browse. As she examined many of the seemingly generic items she realized that up close they had strange names, logos, and tags on them;

JOGasm Socks.

Self-Root Fertilizer.

No-Gag Sausage.

As Pam walked along, her heels making slow taps on the floor, she found a corner with a curtain over it. Brushing the fabric aside Pam realized this was a small adult section. Nipple pasties, costumes, vibrators, and dildos sat on a trio of shelves.

Since Pam’s romantic trysts were few and far between she was intimately familiar with – and even owned – some variations on the self-pleasuring items displayed before her. Pam could not help but grin at the puns and wordplay attached to the majority of items;

Do-It-Yourself Dildo.


Cold Chill Shiverator.

Looking over the toys Pam began to think about when the last time was she had tended to herself. Not being able to recall, and beginning to get turned on by the images and suggestions in front of her, Pam knew what she’d do later tonight. She also figured it’d be a good way to pump her up for what she’d be wearing tomorrow.

Not needing any more toys she was about to close the curtain and leave but something caught her attention. Almost completely obscured, and spotted only thanks to a most serendipitous line-of-sight between bottles, a decorative decanter sat in the back on one of the shelves of lubricant. Pam had only spotted the stopper and top of its neck, and after moving aside the plastic bottles the brunette stretched her hand back and slid her quarry forward.

Bulbous at the bottom it tapered to a thin neck where a stopper plugged its opening. The surface of the decanter was covered in Hindu characters. Pam didn’t know what to make of the symbols, but she could feel liquid smoothly shifting within the bottle. Given the shelf it had been found on Pam had little doubt as to what was inside. A small string tied the stopper in place, but she could find no price tag attached anywhere.

“Excuse me…” Pam spoke up, leaving the curtain and walking to the cashier, “…could you tell me how much this is?”

The old woman looked up from her magazine and removed her reading glasses as the inquisitive customer arrived at the counter and placed the decanter down. The cashier took it in her bony hands, holding it up and examining the item.

“Oh my, there you are…” said the grey haired woman, smiling as if seeing an old friend. She then turned and addressed Pam, “This was one of my first stock items, back before the sexual revolution. Everyone hid the fact that they needed lube. Now all these plastic bottles people leave lying around have no style.”

“How old is it?” Pam asked, her eyes still affixed to the bottle. But her concern about the safety of the contents was audible in her question.

“Well, age is unimportant, right? All that really matters is whether or not it gets the job done, would you agree?” the woman asked in turn. Pam nodded, the words resonating within her, so the cashier continued, “Well, I can assure you this is as potent as ever. It has a beautiful scent that will never leave you. But I would think carefully before opening this; it’s a one-use item, and all natural, so have a plan and think quickly before things go bad.”

“How much?” Pam asked, blinking a few times and bringing her attention back to the cashier.

“Well, I’ve got to decide if I’m putting it on clearance sale or making it a one-of-a-kind premium item…” the old woman bit her lip, looking at the clay container and then glancing back to Pam. “Oh hell, looks like you could use a change in your life. How’s five sound?”


“No, just five dollars,” the woman replied, grabbing some paper to wrap up the bottle, “I need space on that shelf.”

On the way to her apartment Pam had stopped for fast food so she wouldn’t waste time making dinner. She knew the chicken wrap she had ordered wasn’t as healthy a choice compared to what she would have cooked, but this was a time saver. Besides, she was enjoying the cool sweat of the plastic cup full of iced tea between her thighs. The thought of some long-overdue alone time with the bottle of mysterious pleasure liquid had Pam’s loins all a twitter, and she lustily squeezed the cold and perspiring cup against her yearning muscles. She thought how wonderful it would be if every drive could give her a little pleasure down there.

Once inside her apartment the eager woman dropped her purse by the door and kicked off her shoes as she went straight to the bed room. Unbuttoning her blouse and skirt she soon left a trail of personal items as she went along, including the plastic bag from Spencer Twins and the packing paper that had held the bottle.

Pam’s bedroom was as sparse as the rest of her apartment. She didn’t plan to live there forever and hadn’t bothered doing much with it. But the bed that sat centered along the wall across from the doorway was comfortable. A small shelf hung over her pillows with a few personal items and decorative knickknacks. Two small drawer tables, each with a reading lamp and one with an alarm clock,  flanked the mattress. A bureau and full length mirror sat along the wall next to the door, and the double doors of a closet were along the wall on the right when one entered the room.

Pam, now dressed in only panties as she undid and discarded her bra, eagerly climbed onto the bed. Kneeling by her pillows the brunette placed the bottle in the center of the tiny shelf, admiring its look. If she ever had visitors no one would have ever known what the container was for. The old woman had been right that the plastic bottles of lube in Pam’s drawer just weren’t as sophisticated looking. Remembering that the cashier said her new purchase had a time limit once opened Pam decided to warm herself up with one such plastic bottle first. Crawling over to the table at the left side of the bed Pam slid open the drawer and grabbed some lube while also pulling out her favorite toy; a long dildo with a clit tickler.

Rolling onto her back Pam first sent some inquisitive fingers down her body. Her panties were damp, only some of which was from the sweating drink her thighs had cradled in the car. The rest of the moisture was quickly wicking through from the other side.

Hooking her thumbs under the elastic waistband the eager and horny brunette peeled the fabric down her shapely legs and tossed it aside. As she returned her hands to her pleasure place Pam was reminded that she’d have to shave soon. She sighed in frustration; she hated dealing with shaving her legs and the delicate space in between. No one else ever saw it, so what was the point?

Putting aside those thoughts the naked woman quickly began to tease herself. On occasion a hand would give a nipple a quick flick, but Pam had never found her breasts to be very sensitive. Instead she concentrated on stimulating her skin, and finally gave in and massaged her most sensitive crannies.

After a few minutes of this Pam popped the top off of the plastic bottle of lube and spread some across the rubber shaft she now hefted. Being gentle with herself the horny brunette slowly slid it inside, marveling at how good it felt to be filled again. She abstained from switching on the vibrating tickler; she wanted to save that for the main performance.

After experiencing some wonderful sensations moving the toy back and forth Pam decided it was time to break out the star attraction. Reaching one hand up over her head Pam felt for the bottle and grabbed it, gentling bring it down off the shelf. Undoing the knots that held in the stopper Pam pulled it out placed it on the covers. Holding the now open bottle up to her nose she was delighted to smell a beautiful combined scent of lavender and jasmine.

Pulling out the rubber phallus and holding it over her pelvis Pam slowly poured out some of the liquid onto it. It had a very slight purple hue and was just slightly more viscous than the generic liquid in her other bottle. After being careful to cover the shaft, and managing to not drip any of it, Pam placed the bottle to the side and gently reinserted the toy.

Oh my God! Pam screamed in her head, followed by a long guttural “Oh yes…” that escaped her lips. The substance was silky smooth, and seemed to warm every inch of Pam’s clenching canal. So lost in the intense sensation was Pam that she didn’t notice the bottle was starting to shake.

Pam did notice the explosion of purple liquid; an impossible amount of it erupted from the bottle’s top, rolled to the end of the bed, and started to take on a very human shape. Pam was so startled by this that she let go of her toy, leaving it inside her, and pushed herself up in the bed. But she moved up too high and smacked the top of her head against the bottom of the shelf above.

Cursing in pain as small items rained around her onto the bed Pam threw a hand to her new goose egg. She checked to make sure she wasn’t bleeding and when she looked up to inspect the shelf she stopped when she saw a man standing at the foot of the bed.

“Who the hell are you!?” Pam exclaimed, curling up her body out of reflex. “Ow!” She had forgotten the dildo was still inside her. Reaching one hand down she pulled it out and waived the plastic shaft like a club.

The man, completely naked but sporting no genitalia, sighed. He was of average muscular build, hairless all over, and fairly attractive. His skin was the same light purple color as the liquid.

You have summoned me, my dear,” he said, crossing his arms out of frustration, “I am the Djinn of the Eternally Fragrant Oil. I am here to grant you three desires.”

“You…you’re a genie?” Pam asked, eyes scrunching up in suspicion. Her defensive stance didn’t change, but she did move a hand up to her head to check on her injury. I must have bumped my head REALLY hard…

“I am not a genie I…” the being paused, and then sighed, as if accepting a long standing frustration, “…yes, fine, I’m a ‘genie.’ And, to put your mind at ease, I do not think you have injured yourself badly.” The man was slowly walking around the bed and Pam removed her hand from her hair but continued to wield her toy.

“So, if you’re a genie…you said I get three wishes?” Pam asked, playing along so as to not upset the strange man.

“Three desires may be yours, yes,” he replied, slowly sitting on the bed. “But there are parameters. My magic may only affect the one who has used the Oil. Thus, you may only fashion changes to yourself or dressings. Secondly, I am unable to do anything that would cause you physical pain. And lastly, but most important, you must think of your desired requests within the span of one Muhurta. Failure to do so would-”

“What the hell is a Muhurta?” Pam interrupted.


“A ‘Muhurta’ – what is that?” Pam asked again.

“It is two Ghadiyas,” the man replied, looking very frustrated.

“How long is that in minutes?” Pam asked, thinking to herself, You know…minutes, hours…

“I’m unfamiliar with what you refer to, these are units of measure unknown to me,” the djinn replied, standing up and crossing his arms. Audible frustration was building up in his voice, “You are wasting many a precious Paramaanus with your questions, human woman. Think of your three desires before a Muhurta has passed. Any of the three not decided upon will be forfeit to my pleasure, at the time of my choosing. And those used will be timed to my desires.”

With that the man burst into a shower of the purple fluid. Pam covered her face with her hands to keep from being splashed on, however she felt nothing hit her. When the naked woman lowered her hands the purple man was gone. The bottle sat by her side where she had originally placed it. The open decanter was tipped over and holding some liquid, but not enough to escape the bell of the bottle and run out the end.

Pam relaxed her offensive stance and lowered the dildo as she moved the fallen items off the bed and onto one of the tables. Pam’s head still ached and she again felt for a bump or blood.

Talk about seeing stars, Pam thought to herself, now certain the strange man had only been the result of hitting her head in a moment of passion. Not willing to waste the lovely scented liquid Pam shook away the dull pain in her noggin and returned the thick plastic to its proper place inside her slit, which was still glistening purple. After a few pumps to get back in the mood – with some thanks to the erotic warmth the substance spread through her pussy – she turned the tickler on with a flick of her thumb.

A little while later the brunette was laying back very satisfied. The smell of jasmine and lavender hung heavy in the air, and Pam let out a long sigh as she laid back in afterglow. The post-orgasmic warm embrace was one of her favorite sensations. As it ebbed she replaced the stopper before putting the decanter back up onto the shelf. Pam then slowly removed her toy and rested again.

A few minutes passed before the brunette propped her head up and looked down her disrobed and sweaty body. Her eyes flitted over the bed, across the floor, and to the mirror on the wall. Examining her reclined nude form Pam thought back to the “genie” hallucination and what he had said.

Think of three desires that only effect me, eh? Pam mused, gently running her fingers over her body. If it were real, what would I want?

Pam stared at her reflection. Thoughts of the outfits she had bought earlier that day pervaded her mind. They’d all look better on Gia, she thought, so of course the first thing Pam mused about wishing for was a change to her body. She visualized a number of alterations. Initially they were tame; a bump in cup size, a more taught stomach, less body hair, and so on to bring herself to a level of attractiveness like she’d once possessed.

But that was mostly stuff that she could get done by mundane surgery or effort if she really wanted it. Pam laughed to herself; this was magic. She’d never considered what she’d do without the limits of physics or budget…why waste an opportunity to go above and beyond what was normally within her grasp in any other situation? Why now change herself to completely blow Gia out of the water?

I could make myself the ultimate fantasy woman. Really give myself the impossible! I wouldn’t want to hold back and later wish I had done more after it was too late!

Pam grinned at the absurd thought and tried to think of every cliche; I’d need to be younger again, of course…maybe 21. And sporting big, soft perky boobs the size of basketballs…but no back pain. I’d have a real hourglass waist…flaring hips…long shapely legs…petite feet just perfect for extra high heels…a luscious bubble butt…long platinum hair but completely smooth, tanned, and otherwise hairless skin…a rounder face and bee stung lips…

The thoughts were actually starting to turn Pam on and she glanced again at herself in the mirror, Permanent make-up that doesn’t smudge or run…a much bigger clit a man could easily find…I’d never get sore or tired from orgasming…shot glass sized nipples…

Mock thinking about changing the size of her nipples reminded Pam that her body’s sensitivity would need an improvement; otherwise any man she seduced would probably finish well before she did. …and my nipples would be way more sensitive than my clit is now, and everything else increased in relation! Since her nipples weren’t much more sensitive than the rest of her body Pam giggled at the ramifications of her plan; my feet would be so sensitive that just walking barefoot on a rough enough carpet would turn me on…and probably get me off!

Pam laughed at all of it. Oh yeah, I’d totally want all of that; to be a walking wet dream…

As the brunette laid back, laughing to herself at the ridiculous mental image of her body completely cheesecaked, one hand moved to a nipple and absently played with it…Pam really wished it was as sensitive as her run-away imagination had planned – but the rest was definitely her mind absently taking the idea to the extreme.

She was glad the whole thing had been a hallucination.

Pam remained on the bed for a while, gently playing with herself, before deciding she needed sleep. It had been nearly forty-five minutes since she bumped her head and exhaustion from her physical fun was definitely setting in. She couldn’t risk oversleeping and arriving late tomorrow. Grabbing her generic lube and the toy Pam opened the drawer and pulled a box of wipes out. Cleaning herself and the rubber shaft she returned everything whence it came and rolled out of the bed.

Standing and stretching Pam walked over to her dresser, kicking her discarded bra and panties into the corner. Opening the top drawer Pam removed a silk night shirt and billowy pants and slipped them on. She walked back and checked that the alarm was set, then turned off the lights and slipped under the covers. She smiled as she still smelled the lavender and jasmine hanging in the air. Snuggling into her pillow Pam sighed and drifted off to sleep.

“MORTAL WOMAN!” boomed an angry voice, which echoed throughout the surreal space Pam suddenly found herself in. She was still dressed in her nightclothes, standing amidst a psychedelic space of colors and flashes of light. While Pam could feel her bare feet standing upon something flat and solid, she could see no surface and had no idea what was actually supporting her. She seemed to be standing amidst a completely different plane of reality.

“What…what’s going on?” Pam cried out. She must be dreaming, she figured, unable to make any other sense of the situation.

“You failed to find three desires before the passage of the Muhurta!” the voice boomed. Between flashes of light and shifts in color Pam almost thought she could make out the genie she had hallucinated earlier, “For your untimely failure and the amount of my time you have wasted, you will be punished.”

“What? Punished how?” Pam yelled out.

“If you had come to all three desires within the allotted time they would have all been granted to you before you awoke this morning. The one you did select will still be granted as you had imagined, but now it is at my discretion how, when, and in what order I fulfill your chosen alterations to your being.”

“But I didn’t wish anything, unless…” Pam wondered if her daydreaming counted as desires…

“Indeed, you needed only think of what you desired to qualify it,” the voice boomed on, “But for leaving the second and third desires unused it is now up to me to decide when, and for what, they will be applied to. So from here forward choose your wants carefully, impudent mortal, for you will never know which may most amuse me!”

Pam cowered a little as the voice let out a gigantic laugh. It started out evilly, but slowly started to change… “Bwah hah hah hah bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz-

“Holy shit!” Pam awoke with a start as her alarm buzzed loudly on the nightstand. Pam threw a hand at the accursed time keeper and switched off the annoying sound. For a moment she sat in the dark taking a few deep breaths and realized that she was sweating.

It was just a dream…Pam thought to herself, throwing the overheated blankets from her legs, …you were right, it was just a dream…

Turning and getting up from the bed Pam walked over to the light switch by the door and flipped it on. As the lamps illuminated the room she could see that nothing had changed since the night before. Her underwear was in the corner, the newly purchased bottle sat on the shelf, and her silk outfit was as baggy as ever on her slight chest.

Pam was confused as to why the smell of jasmine and lavender still hung in the air so heavily, as the room should have aired out during the night. Grabbing the bottle from the shelf to see if it had cracked or was leaking Pam found the stopper was on tight – so tight she couldn’t pull it out again. But it did seem heavier than it had been when she had placed it on the shelf. After an examination Pam was certain the source of the perfume was not the bottle so she returned it, pulling down the sheets to see if she had spilled any.

Scratching her head at the site of a completely dry and clean mattress she figured there was only one place left that could be the source – and the pleasant warmth she was now noticing bolstered her suspicions. Sliding the smooth nightclothes down her legs Pam turned to the mirror and spread her thighs apart, pushing aside the brown tuft of hair that adorned her loins.

Her pussy had a slightly purple sheen to it, and Pam was greeted with a strong whiff of the oil. Staring at herself in the mirror the brunette was puzzled as to how she had missed so much when she had cleaned the night before. It wasn’t even dry; it was if she had just freshly opened the bottle and applied a glistening layer of the moist substance to her lower lips. It had even started to drip slightly down her thighs.

“Well, I guess that’s what showers are for…” Pam muttered, closing her legs and sauntering to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later Pam was out of the shower and walking back to her bedroom, completely naked save for the towel that was drying her hair. Tossing the terry cloth fabric aside, Pam once again turned to the mirror, and was again dumbstruck. Despite all the rinsing and gentle brushing with her washrag the purple sheen and pleasant smell still greeted Pam when she took a look.

Suddenly the old woman’s voice played through Pam’s head; “It has a beautiful scent that will never leave you.”

Fuck, she couldn’t have meant that literally…could she? Pam wondered, dabbing her finger at her moist pussy and sniffing the tiny purple spot that clung to her fingertip. Pam also realized the substance’s warming sensation on her vagina made it feel like she was horny…which was starting to make her horny. And that only added to the secretion tucked between her thighs. Does this mean I’m going be CONSTANTLY wet? Pam pouted. The sensation was very distracting and she turned to the dresser to clear her head.

“Someone has some explaining to do when I get to the mall tonight…” Pam muttered, pulling a bra, panties, and waist-length pantyhose out of the top drawer. But hey, that’s the best I’ve smelled down there…like, ever…

After slipping on the bra, panties, and carefully getting the pantyhose up over her legs and to her waist Pam grabbed one of her bags from the previous day’s shopping. She didn’t mind all that much the revealing dip of cleavage the blouse showed but she almost decided against the skirt. It stopped midway between her hips and knees and Pam didn’t think she’d ever actually worn something that short. But she steeled herself to her goals and retrieved a black pair of modest two-inch high heels. After running the hair dryer quickly across her head before putting everything up in a tight bun Pam grabbed her keys and purse and left the apartment – she’d put on make-up en route in the car.

Pam was immediately self-conscious of her outfit decision after arriving at Doverton Car Sales. She was certain she had nearly flashed a few people when getting out of the car thanks to the skirt and her cheeks were flushed red as she walked towards the main building. Her heels clacked on the asphalt and she looked around for Gia, who was nowhere to be seen. Pam went to the small lockers in the break room and dropped her purse in one and went back out to the show floor to see if any customers were inside.

“Pam, there-” Doverton’s words caught in his mouth as he saw Pam’s outfit. She could tell that her boss was considering remarking on her clothes, and some of the salesmen were whispering to themselves, but ultimately the older man held his tongue. If she could sell more cars like that so be it. “…there you are. Gia got a flat on the way here, so I need you outside grabbing as many people as you can. I won’t lose a sale just because my number one saleswoman is late.”

Pam nodded and quickly went back out to the lot before any of her idiot peers had a chance to chide her. Doverton’s “number one saleswoman” comment also burned in her mind.

Outside, especially with Gia temporarily out of the way, Pam felt like her old self. She pushed aside her self-consciousness and decided to take the stares she was getting as empowerment and was quick to nab a young man who was looking over some of the four-wheel drive vehicles. After giving him a short pitch he seemed very interested and Pam asked, “Do you want a test drive?”

Thankful for an affirmative answer Pam was quick to get his license, retrieve the keys, and get the man in the car before Gia could arrive. Seated in the front passenger seat as the guy eased the car out of the lot Pam thought she saw the tardy blonde saleswoman finally pull in as they left.

Ha! You’re not ruining this sale, Gia! Pam laughed to herself as she instructed the customer on a few upcoming turns to make.

They hadn’t gone very far when Pam started to feel very hot. She rolled down the window for some air and for a moment thought she saw someone reflected in the seat behind her in the side-view mirror. Turning sharply to confirm the back seat was empty she actually startled the driver. Pam apologized and fanned her flushed face, going on about miles per gallon. She crossed her legs to show the roominess of the passenger seat and could feel the glide of her pantyhose rub across her legs. She also inadvertently squeezed some purple warmth between her thighs and squirmed slightly because of it. But nothing had distracted her from the sales pitch until the heel of her raised shoe slipped from her ankle.

That’s never happened before…Pam thought. She had certainly let her heels dangle from her toes before in order to give her feet a break from the tight shoes, but this was the first time one had slipped on its own. But it was comfortable having the shoe off so Pam thought nothing more of it.

After a few minutes her attention was again drawn away from her customer when she realized she was slowly being pushed against the back of the chair. Pam didn’t know why she was suddenly uncomfortable but she used it as an excuse to show off the electronic adjuster on her seat.

Then she felt her pantyhose start to split.

Pam suddenly realized that the reason she was being pushed back into the seat was because her legs were getting longer – and subsequently stretching her pantyhose to their limit. Adjusting herself in the chair and trying to obscure what was happening from the driver Pam could see a run had already formed across one of her knees. Her foot in the shoe on the floor was also feeling loose and uncomfortable in the heel.

Shit, what is happening? ran through Pam’s mind as she glanced at the driver. If the guy had noticed anything he was trying really hard not to look. Pam had noted the wedding band when she started the sale and hoped he would be too embarrassed to say something about her ripped hosiery. She uncrossed her legs hoping to relieve pressure on the thin fabric, but in the process the dangling shoe slipped off her toes. Pam held her breath, expecting the fallen footwear to make a sound, but it landed on the carpet with a soft bump.

After letting herself breathe again Pam felt the pantyhose stretching further, and the material suddenly split across her exposed toes and snapped back, stopping at her heel. Pam quickly sent her foot to try and retrieve the missing heel, hoping to be able to hold the material in place and keep it from retracting further up her calf, but the moment she brushed her toes across the carpet her entire body made a small shudder.

Only her toes had been touched, but her body’s reaction was as if the course material had rubbed across her clit. And although the touch of such rough fabric on her actual delicate numb would have been painful, the thicker skin of her toes meant Pam got a jolt of pure sexual stimulation.

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