Three Blondes On An Island

a story by Dan Standing


“Oh my God, we’ve become a living joke.”

“Like we weren’t already, have you seen the tabloids?”

“Shut up, both of you, we have to figure this out.”

Three blondes stood still on the sand of the tiny island and looked out at the wrecked schooner. The swell of the tide caused it to teeter, almost as if it would be lifted free at any moment, but it wouldn’t matter. A five foot long gash had been ripped down the side of the boat. If the waves managed to lift it off the rocks the only place it would be going was down.

The weekend had started out so wonderful.

Daisy, Joy, and Tiffany were the three live-in girlfriends of rocker Torrence Surf. The hard partying music star had collected each of the gold-diggers at different concerts. They’d put up with each other and the tabloids because Surf had plenty of money for all three to enjoy. The girls didn’t have to see each other except in the bedroom and had happily shopped separately with Surf’s credit cards for some time.

Then the media started reporting that Surf was rumored to be going monogamous. The girls had accidentally and independently discovered that their money bank was secretly dating a fourth girl – a brunette of all things – behind their backs. So the plan was formed; Torrence Surf had to die while they each had an equal claim on some money. They seduced him to take them on a trip to the South Pacific, convinced him to rent a boat, and this very morning they had gotten him to sail as far off shore as possible. All they needed now was to fake the accident and back up each other’s stories.

All was going to plan until the storm.

The girls had taken cover inside the boat’s cabin and watched Surf get blown overboard while trying to sail through the winds. This turn of events would have been perfect, except for where the storm had landed the boat. Now the three conniving beauties were stuck on a random isle in the middle of nowhere. They were glad to have survived, but escaping a deserted island hadn’t been part of any of their back-up plans. Two young palm trees swayed in the wind as the skies cleared and the blame started to grow.

“This is your fault, Joy, you know,” Daisy scowled. She dropped her butt down onto the sand. Her grapefruit sized breasts, the largest of the three girls, bounced heavily and she placed her arms across them to regain some control and support. Thanks to the wind and waves only her red bikini bottom had remained on while escaping from the wrecked boat to the isle.

“My fault?” Joy countered, spinning in the sand and making fists. She was the only one of the three whose entire swimsuit had survived – a white “one piece” thanks to a strip that connected her tiny top to the thong bottom. Her orange sized breasts were barely covered. “How is it my fault?”

“Well, we wanted to kill him state side,” Tiffany spoke up, the only one of the three completely nude. Her hands were to her hips without any concern for what she bared; they’d seen it all between the sheets. The wind licked the nude woman’s fist-sized tits and her nipples had hardened thanks to the cooling moisture still beaded on her skin, “If you hadn’t convinced us to kill him out here we’d be home already.”

“Oh, yeah, like we wanted to deal with American investigators having immediate access to our murder scene,” Joy replied, stomping her foot in the beach, “We would have been suspects our entire lives! You both agreed with me! Here we had the best chance of there being a quick decision that it was an accident.”

“And we see where ‘accident’ has gotten us,” Daisy replied, picking some shells out of the sand and pitching a few into the surf.

“Oh, you want to start something, bitch?”

At that the seated woman jumped up from the sand and stomped towards the clothed one.

“As soon as I find a coconut I swear, I’ll-”

“Wait, stop it,  we don’t have time to fight, we need to figure out a way off this island,” Tiffany shouted, running over and getting between the two.

“And just how do you think we’re getting out of here?” Joy exclaimed, motioning to the tiny beach around them. The island was barely bigger than a driveway, the two small tropical trees growing in the center the only signs of life. “We’ll die of dehydration before anyone even starts looking for us!”

“Oh, now little miss genius  ‘let’s kill him on foreign soil’ can’t come up with anything better then ‘die of dehydration’ eh? Really?” Daisy shouted, getting back in Joy’s face with Tiffany struggling between them, “You got nothing better?”

You said this was all a joke, are you expecting a fairy or something to show up and complete it?”

“Girls, please!”

“At this point I’d take ‘hoping for a genie’ over ‘waiting to die’ – which I can speed up for you if you like!”

“Bring it!”


“Fine! Eat shell!”

With that last taunt Daisy pulled back her hand, which still held a few shells in it, and tossed them at Joy. Both she and Tiffany ducked and they flew safely overhead. Behind them the sounds of the mollusk remains landing could be heard;






“Wait! Did you hear that?!” Tiffany shouted, pushing Daisy and Joy apart again. Both fighting blondes stopped and turned to look along with Tiffany where the shells had impacted. Silently walking in unison the three women followed the trail of sandy shells until they came to an object partially buried in the sand.

It was clearly an Arabian oil lamp.

“MINE!” all three cried out simultaneously, six hands diving down and trying to be the first to grab the brass object. Limbs thrashed and pushed and shoved and hands and fingers tried to rub the metal. The fighting probably wouldn’t have stopped if a humming hadn’t started. Daisy, Joy, and Tiffany all paused – each with at least one hand on the lamp – when suddenly a pulse of deep bass soundwaves caused them each to be knocked off their feet. Landing on their asses on the beach they each took a moment to brush the kicked-up sand from their eyes.

“Ah – pfft – what happened?” Tiffany coughed, trying to focus.

“Why, you summoned me, my mistresses,” came a female voice unfamiliar to any of them. All three girls looked up, and their eyes focused on an incredibly busty and exotic looking woman, whose hourglass body was colored a light green. Dark hair swept down to her ass and the impressive size of her bust and butt was inversely relative to the daintiness of her hands and feet.

“You’re…you’re a genie!” Daisy gasped, slowly getting up and staring at the green woman.

“Yes, indeed, and I am here to grant you each a wish.”

“What, we don’t get three each?” Joy scoffed, standing and brushing the sand off her skin and white swimsuit.

“I’m afraid not. When I am summoned I grant everyone present on this isle a single wish. Then I return to the lamp and must wait ten years before being summoned again.”

“But we can wish ourselves home!” Tiffany exclaimed, jumping from from the sand and clasping her hands in excitement.

“Unless your home is this isle, I’m afraid not,” the genie replied, walking and circling the three blondes, “My powers only stretch to the water’s edge. I can do nothing beyond it, including transporting you across it.”

“What about the boat?” Joy asked, pointing to the ship still teetering on the rocks.

“It is close, but too far to work my magic. If you desire to leave this island I’m afraid you will have to find another way.”

“Well, I know what to do,” Daisy smirked, stepping forward from the line the three women had subconsciously fallen into, “I wish I could swim so fast I’d be at the mainland in time for dinner!”


The genie moved her hands and a few little sparks flew out and struck Daisy’s chest.

“That’s it?” the wisher asked, patting between her bare breasts where the little bits of light had passed through her skin. “I can go give it a try?”

“Well, you may want to get closer to the water, yes,” replied the genie, motioning to the crashing waves, “But you’ll have to wait until the metamorphosis completes before swimming too far.”


Daisy’s response to the genie was interrupted by her legs going weak, and she fell backwards onto the sand.

“Daisy, are you okay?” the other two blondes rushed to the fallen one’s side. They started to help her up but stopped and gasped when they saw scales start to spread out from under her red bikini bottom. They were iridescent green and very fishy.

“Oh shit!” Dasiy cried out, pushing the fabric off her hips to better see what was going on. The transformation of her skin had a strange tickle to it…like getting goosebumps that wouldn’t go back down. The scales had started just above her mons and already traveled up her stomach, stopping short of her naval and forming a U shape as they continued over the edges of her hips before ceasing their advance on her torso. The transforming blonde could feel that her entire ass had been covered, and her legs had already surrendered to the knees.

“What have you done to her?”

“Well, she wished to make it to the mainland by dinner and there’s no way she could do so as a human,” the genie replied, watching with a small smile.

“This is not what I meant!” Daisy screamed as her feet surrendered to her fishy transformation. Her toes stretched and widened, giving each end of her legs the look of being half a tail. It was then that Daisy noticed the strange feeling between her legs. Her pussy had already been taken by the tingle and transformation, and now seemed to be pushing up and out from her body. The glistening scales made it look like she was aching for attention below, but it was nothing more than how the light cast on her new skin.

“I did what I thought was needed to fulfill your request,” the genie replied, “Only a wish from one of the others can undo this.”

“Girls, please!” Daisy begged as it became clear that the changes in her vagina were to allow her legs to begin fusing together. Soon the scaly lips of her feminine cleft were riding high on the base of a long mermaid’s tail, the formation of which had pushed her bikini bottoms completely off and to the sand. Daisy tried to separate her formerly dual appendages but found she could only swing her tail back and forth. “Please!”

“If I wish you normal I’ll just lose my wish.”

“Yeah, that’s one less chance we have of escaping!”

“You may want to start getting near the water,” the genie prodded again. Daisy, her mind lost in anger and confusion, looked up to curse at the genie when her nose flattened into her face. A completely smooth curve of skin went from between Daisy’s eye’s to her mouth, and slitted gills appeared almost instantly along her neck.

Gasping Daisy suddenly understood what the genie had been trying to get across, and she made an awkward dash down the beach on her arms, dragging her tail behind her. Her breasts bobbled around as they hung from her chest, knocking into her arms and making the crawl more difficult. She managed to get to the water’s edge  just as a large wave broke the surf, and the life giving liquid poured over the asphyxiating mermaid and gave her the relief she needed.

Joy and Tiffany watched as the merDaisy turned to shout something, but water poured out of her mouth instead of swears; she was no longer designed for talking on land. Starting to feel a lack of oxygen once again Daisy took her half-fish half-human nude body and disappeared under the waves. Once beneath the surf she floated for a moment, entranced by her neutral buoyancy. Her hair and tits floated weightlessly around her. Suddenly Daisy could feel a sort of tug on her sense; she knew where the mainland was. Not sure what else to do with herself she began swimming as her mind tried to comprehend how her entire existence had just changed.

For a moment the remaining women just stood and stared at the spot wear Daisy had vanished under the breaking waves. Finally Joy broke the silence.

“Good riddance.”

“Joy!” Tiffany exclaimed, turning to her remaining companion, “You can’t mean that! This monster just turned her into a monster!” Tiffany pointed at the genie, who seemed unconcerned about the insult. “She was our friend!”

“She was not our friend, Tiffany, she was a co-conspirator! We plotted murder for fuck’s sake, we’re all monsters…it’s just that Daisy’s looks better match her demeanor now,” Joy replied, seeming to share a smile with the genie, “Besides, that was a stupid and ill-thought wish. She brought it on herself.”

“Oh, and I suppose you have a better one?”

“I do indeed,” the smug blonde replied, taking a few steps over to the green woman, “I figure eventually someone will at least notice their boat hasn’t been returned, and send people out here to search for it…and us. So my wish is that there was enough food on this island for someone to survive long enough to be rescued.”

“It shall be so,” the genie replied, and she once again cast out a few sparks. Joy turned towards the palm trees that stood proud at the center of the island and expected the sparks to pass into them and bare fruit. It was only Tiffany who saw the little balls of light instead pass into the other blonde’s back.

“Uh, Joy, you may not have phrased that as perfectly as you thought.”

“And why is that?” Joy asked, starting to turn to address Tiffany. But she couldn’t, not fully anyway. Her feet seemed to be stuck in the sand, and her toes felt strange. Looking down the recent wisher screamed.

Her toes had turned into tiny roots and were burrowing into the ground.

“Oh, God, what have you done?” she screamed, trying to dig the sand away from her feet, but the roots were too deep. A rough woodiness was beginning to infect her ankles and quickly moved into her calves. Everywhere it went Joy felt her muscles stiffen. She could still feel her hands desperately grabbing at her transformed flesh, but nothing would budge it.

“I did as you asked…you desired enough food to sustain someone. With two people here on the island it was necessary for me to grant your wish in a way that would resolve the problem. And since you didn’t specify the food was for yourself…”

“You fucking genie bitch!” Joy screamed. The woodiness had already moved up into her hips, freezing her legs in place and stiffening the otherwise soft folds of her nether lips. The stiffness and immobility of her wooden parts somehow enhanced the feeling of the wind caressing her bark. She saw her ankles start to shift together, and soon her legs were beginning to fuse into a single trunk. Panicking as the process neared her crotch Joy instinctively tore away her swimsuit so that the material wouldn’t be trapped inside her. Joy was completely nude now, and Tiffany watched from the side as the other woman’s thighs pushed together to complete the trunk, and the gray/brown woodiness already embracing her naval, stomach, and ribs began to advance into her breasts. The feeling of being completely unable to move from the plant-part of her body down was scary for Joy, but the part of her that had enjoyed Surf tying her up was starting to get stronger.

“Tiffany, please you have to turn me back!” Joy cried out as her soft orbs were completely overtaken by the rough transformation, her nipples now tiny stiff branches. Tiffany couldn’t respond as she watched Joy’s hands and arms lift away and up – apparently not under the command of the surprised Joy – and stretch over her head.

“What…what now…” Joy gasped, her breathing becoming weak. The wooden wave poured up under her arms and over her shoulders. Tiffany could watch the tree woman’s lithe limbs struggling to move apart, but something kept them in place posed over her head. As the wood spread up her arms it also washed over Joy’s face, transforming lips, tongue, eyes, and eventually hair. Her expression, one of confusion of fear, had been locked in place – her mouth and eyes slightly open. On the inside of the wave one moment she could see, and the next – darkness. But somehow she could still sense the presence of Tiffany and the genie nearby.

Joy’s hair, like the rest of her skin, also turned to wood, fusing together in one solid piece. As her hands, the last remnant of her fleshy body, were infected by the metamorphosis her fingers spread apart and started to stretch. Soon ten palm fronds were sprouted over the freshly minted tree as her arms also shifted together to create one solid trunk from root-toes to finger-leaves. Tiffany stared on as Joy swayed gently in the breeze. The genie slowly walked up to the remaining woman.

“Fear not, she still lives. Her mind is fully alive and active within this woody form. Although she cannot move or truly see she feels and senses us. The sun on her leaves is like the caress of a gentle lover.”

With that statement Tiffany turned her attention to the fronds stretching from bark-covered hands and saw that the palm was already bearing fruit.

“Well, Joy, you always wanted bigger coconuts that Daisy…”

From inside her woody prison Joy could actually hear Tiffany’s mocking tone as the sound played across the trunk her entire body had become. She did indeed feel the sun caressing her finger-leaves, and she tried desperately to move them so she could get more of the sensation – but she got no response. With no choice but to accept her silenced fate Joy turned to the part of her that had loved being tied up and dominated in the bedroom. To stay sane she thought of this as one permanent S&M session. The sun was her cruel lover now.

Neither of the onlookers noticed but a small drop of warm sap started to drip from what was still exposed of Joy’s formerly soft lower lips.

“You are the last to have a wish…” the genie spoke up, and Tiffany slowly turned to face the otherworldly woman. Now that she was the last one left – certain to gain most of Surf’s money once she got back to the States – Tiffany just needed to not fuck herself like the others. Looking around the island she took stock of her situation.

“Okay, I know what I want…” the last blonde said, taking a deep breath, “I wish that regardless of what I say next I will retain my human form and that I won’t need to worry about finding fresh water or getting sunburned while I wait for rescue.”

“Very well,” the genie replied, casting some sparks into Tiffany’s chest, “It is done and I wish you a pleasant existence!”

Before Tiffany could say anything the genie burst apart in a shower of light and faded away. The lamp was also gone.

Letting out a sigh and turning around the nude woman walked a little bit away from the Joy tree and looked out over the water. For a moment her thoughts lingered on where Daisy had gone, but then a smile crept over her face as she thought about Surf’s money.

The smile left her when she felt a pressure in her bosom.

Looking down Tiffany gasped as she saw her fleshy orbs start to grow – no! Fill! She could feel liquid flowing into her breasts, pushing the muscle and fat against her tightening skin.

“No no no no no!” she bemoaned, clenching her fists. Tiffany was already certain she knew what the genie had done. As the pressure continued to increase her chest now started to truly grow in size, and Tiffany guessed at least a pint of fluid was now being held between her two breasts.

“Oh, God…release…release…” Tiffany gasped as the sensation started to turn to pain. Her breasts had expanded over two inches and were now like oranges stuck to her ribs. Her fingers rubbed and pulled her thickening nipples as she tried to relieve the pressure. Bent over slightly from the weight she stumbled a little and stopped near Joy. Tiffany let out a long moan as she felt something start to move through her teats, and she was suddenly rewarded with a spray of water.

Fresh water.

“Thank God…” Tiffany gasped as she watched her taught skin start to relax. The water arched from the tips of her nips about a foot before heading straight down. The release didn’t cause her breasts to go down in size, but the pain of the stretched flesh disappeared as the H2O sprayed onto the sand below. The final blonde looked down, expecting the streams to stop after a few moments.

But they didn’t. They kept going, and it was soon clear they would keep going, assuring Tiffany that she’d never have to worry about where she could find fresh water. And the odd thing was, now that the intense pressure was gone, the sensation of lactating water was kind of turning Tiffany on. But she shook the idea away – she could never go out in public again once she was found and taken home. Her life was ruined – although not quite as much as Daisy and Joy’s lives had been.

“That fucking genie…” Tiffany sighed, intending to turn and look at the boat once more. But she suddenly felt a sensation very similar to what Joy had felt earlier; her feet wouldn’t budge in the sand.

Looking down and pressing aside her breasts so she could see the blonde screamed as she saw that her feet had turned to granite, and that the transformation had already moved into her calves. Tiffany’s breasts swung with her movement and sprayed her legs, and she could feel the water running down her sensitive skin and then sliding down the very sensitive surface of her stone form.

“No no no! Why did you twist it like this?!” Tiffany screamed up into the air as it became apparent what the genie’s solution was to keeping her human-formed but also free of sunburn.

“Fuck fuck fuck, please, stop!” Tiffany cried as her knees locked in place, and her thighs started to become stiff, “I’m so so sorry we ever tried to kill him! Please, make it stop!”

Of course, the transformation didn’t stop. Her hips and pussy surrendered to the encroaching stone, each increasing about twice their original sensitivity under the harden surface. The sea breeze across Tiffany’s private folds was enough to make her horrified screaming catch in her throat. But that was only momentary, and as the stone engulfed her abdomen and flowed across her ribs the blonde’s useless shouts of protest resumed.

While her arms were still mobile the petrifying woman was trying to examine herself – there wasn’t much else she could do. Every muscle, every crease, every fragile tiny hair had been perfectly capture in granite. And, as her breasts succumbed to the change, Tiffany watched her slightly raised areola become immortalized. As the stone engulfed her finger-like nipples she expected the water to stop spraying – but it didn’t. As the wave of rock poured over Tiffany’s shoulders she realized she wasn’t becoming a statue – she was becoming a fountain.

The doomed woman had no choice but to slightly laugh at what was happening, and it was with the expression of a small knowing half-smile that her face was frozen in granite. The gray wave flushed down her arms and took her hands, which had settled on her hips, as the last tips of her hair petrified into place.

The Tiffany fountain stared out across the isle, the Joy-tree and other two palms just visible in the peripheral of her slightly-gray-but-still-working vision. She probably would have been silently screaming and mentally fighting against the helplessness of her imprisoned form but the spurting water and feeling of the wind across her much more sensitive body was slowly pushing her into an unavoidable loop of orgasms. It wouldn’t be long before Tiffany was begging less for physical release and more for sexual release from a stronger breeze.

Now all on the isle was still, save for the three swaying palms. For a little while the only sound was the crashing of the waves and the pooling of fresh water at stone feet from Tiffany’s two strong streams. But that peace was broken by the sound of a particularly big wave, and the refuse it left behind.

“Holy shit!” Torrence Surf exclaimed as he and the life preserver he had grabbed were spit out of the sea onto the sand. Exhausted but unharmed Surf stood and tried to brush the grit out of his soppy wet bright shirt, dark shorts, and thick hair before giving up. Giving the island a quick glance he saw the food-bearing palm and the strange fountain. Looking over and spotting the clearly abandoned boat – and knowing about the GPS tracker installed in the cabin that he had paid extra for – Surf let a huge grin wash across his face.

“Well, this is certainly a nice enough place to hunker down for a day or two until help arrives…” the rocker said to himself as he sauntered towards the titty fountain to wash himself off and grab something to eat, “I wonder if the girls will find it…wouldn’t that be funny! I could totally tell them about this joke I heard once…”