This has been a very busy week for me so my friend Sumguy agreed to let me post this short story of his,  slightly tweaked but originally posted on The Minimizer’s forum. Please be aware that some may consider it a more visceral piece than the other stories posted here, and indeed his work is usually more humorous. But it’s good to switch things up now and then.

Room Service

a short story by Sumguy


Megan Alexander sat in the lobby of the twelve-story hotel in Chicago. A debate raged in her mind. “Do I really want to do this” she pondered as she reached her well-manicured hand into her expensive designer purse. Inside she took hold of small item, a strange metallic tube, about the size of a double A battery. It had a button on top that she brushed her thumb across, but did not push.

She let the tube fall back into her bag, and reached for her cell phone. Hitting speed dial and #1, in moments she was smiling as her husband said “Hey.”

“Happy Birthday Mister Alexander,” Megan said in a breathy voice trying her best to impersonate Marilyn Monroe.

“Wow Hon, that was hot… I’d better let you go before my wife calls though,” he replied. Megan could tell he had a smile on his face by the tone in his voice.

“Oh, don’t be a jerk; otherwise I’m not going to give you your birthday present when you get back from Chicago.”

“Oh yeah, what’d you get me?”

“It’s a good one Rick,”

“Do I get a clue?”

“OK… what’s something that you’ve always wanted but I’ve always said no too?”

Richard was quiet for several moments and Megan was about to speak up when he finally broke the silence. “Are you serious?”

“I am.”

“Oh man, I’m going to be here for another two days! This is cruel… Megs you have to tell me about her,” Richard’s voice was excitement personified.

“Oh, I guess I could tell you a little bit about her. You ask questions; and I’ll give you a few answers,” Megan teased her husband, realizing that she had him completely awed and surprised by her news.

“Just tell me that you didn’t get an 18 year old,” he said.

“Nope, this one’s got some miles under her belt. In fact I’m almost certain that we’re the same age. I wouldn’t saddle you with a girl when I know you really want a woman; give me some credit.”

“Ok, just checking. So, what size is she?”

“She’s a 1/10th… six inches tall on the dot; just like you’ve always wanted,” Megan couldn’t help but smile a little and think about the many conversations she and her husband had had in the past about getting a mini. Richard had a long fantasized about owning one.

Megan on the other hand, had a completely but not unrelated fantasy of her own. She had always wanted to become a mini herself. However until this last year, she and Richard had never been financially stable enough to afford a single income household and maintain their accustomed lifestyle; so she always kept that to herself.

Six months ago, Richard had finally received the promotion at work he so much deserved and his salary increase was actually more than what Megan made in a year as an executive assistant. When Megan asked her husband if he would be alright with her quitting her job Richard didn’t argue; asking only “Will it make you happy?”

In Megan’s mind it was the first step.

With his new position came new responsibilities and more business trips than either of them had realized. The trip to Chicago was the tenth Richard had been needed to go on since the promotion. All the more reason to seriously consider becoming his mini as far as her logic was concerned.

“Hey, Megan you still there honey?” Richard’s voice broke into Megan’s momentary reverie. She had been thinking about the look that would be on his face when he finally got to see his new mini and then started thinking about the look she would have on her face when she finally got to greet her new master.

“Oh, sorry babe got distracted by your present. You were saying?” she teased her husband.

“What does she look like?” Richard pressed the question.

“Well, she’s got a pretty nice body. Good hourglass figure, full hips, a nice round tushie, and some very toned legs. I did good Richard. She’s got a really nice wrack on her. They look like they would probably be about the same size as mine if she weren’t a mini,” Megan looked down at her chest and had to cover her mouth so Richard wouldn’t hear the laughter. She knew she wouldn’t be able to give much more away now; otherwise Richard would surely start to put the pieces together and figure out her plan.

“What about her hair? Her eyes?” Richard asked excitedly.

“Black hair, blue eyes.”

“Oh honey, you did really good.”

“I know.”

“How is she?”

“What do you mean Richard?”

“Is she trained? For some of the things I used to talk with you about?” Richard added the second portion of his question with a modicum of hesitation.

“Well she’s had no training; but she’s been very receptive to me any time I play with her,” Megan smirked and fought back laughter once again.

“You’ve played with her?”

“Seeing as you were out of town; I didn’t see that I had any alternative. However, she’s seen a picture of you and is very eager to see you in person. She’s actually quite excited about having you as her master,” Megan bit her lip and shifted her legs in the chair she occupied in the hotel lobby. The word master passing her lips had more of an affect on her than she thought it would; but the anticipation was killing her. Any doubts she had about her plan to surprise her husband and fulfill both their fantasies had been pushed out the door by the eagerness of his questioning and the not so slight hint of arousal in his voice as she answered those questions.

Richard swallowed so hard, that it was audible through the phone line. This time Megan did not fight off her laughter, and shifted in the chair once again.

“Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing my present now Megs… you take good care of her until I get home.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem at all honey… I love you,” Megan said sincerely into the phone.

“I love you too Megs, see you in a couple of days! You’re the best babe!”

“I know; good night.”


Megan ended the call and flipped her cell phone closed. “If you only knew,” she said to herself. Today was Richard’s thirty-second birthday; and in their ten years of marriage Megan had never missed giving him a gift on that day. After much consideration, she had decided that this year would be no different despite Richard’s distance from home.

One plane ticket to Chicago and three cabs later and here she was at the Monarch hotel in downtown. The same hotel her husband’s company had put him up in for the weeklong business summit.

Megan headed for the pool area; a bit nervous about her plan but too excited by her conversation with Richard to not carry it out. How disappointed he would be if he got home to find no mini, now Megan knew she had to deliver.

Another guest graciously held the key carded door for her and checked her out as she walked by. Megan didn’t mind one more admirer for the road she told herself.

The pool area also housed a full gym and locker rooms for both men and women. Megan walked into the locker room and slung her overnight bag down on the empty bench. There were a few women talking loudly two or three isles away; but she had remained thus far unnoticed save for her gentleman admirer at the door.

Sitting down, Megan slipped off her shoes. She sat and rubbed them on the carpeted floor of the locker room for a bit before undoing her belt and pants. She slid the rather tight jeans off little by little having to wiggle her hips and backside a bit to get them to slide down. She folded her pants up and set them on the bench next to her shoes then proceeded to disrobe. As per her plan, she hadn’t worn any undergarments; there was no need to waste expensive lingerie after all. She took off her shirt and folded it neatly as well. All that was left was her watch, which was a cheap Timex knockoff she’d gotten at the airport for about double what it was worth. She slipped it off and set it on the pile of clothes.

Moving back to her overnight bag, she opened it and pulled out a short, white, silk robe and a makeup case. Megan slowly slid the robe on, enjoying the feel of the material as it glided along her skin.

“Good thing I shaved my legs before I left today,” she thought to herself then moved to the counter closest to her set of lockers. She applied her make up and fixed her hair just right; the exact way she knew Richard liked it. Dark red lip-gloss and violet eye shadow accentuating her already beautiful face. She teased her hair a few different ways before she finally settled on a slightly wild, but still kept style. Her dark and wavy locks of hair framed the gorgeous portrait of Megan’s face and hung down a little past her shoulder to about the middle of her back.

“Damn, I do look good!” she thought to herself as she struck a pose in the mirror.

Walking back to her belongings, Megan placed her makeup case and her clothes into the bag. She turned her attentions back to her purse, taking out all her cards and identification but leaving a hundred in cash. Her wallet with ID and credit cards safely therein joined her other belongings in the overnight bag followed moments thereafter by her cell phone, which she turned off.

Last but most certainly not least, she pulled out the battery sized, metallic cylinder with the button on top. It was black market technology, but commonplace if one knew where to look. Megan had actually found the “antique” shop where she bought the shrinking device with more ease than she expected. It hadn’t been cheap; but when else would she have the chance to get her hands on an unsanctioned minimizer? Especially a one tenth, they were actually very hard to come by and very popular as well according to the woman at the shop that acted as a front for the more off the books business.

Megan slipped the minimizer into the pocked of her robe, slung her overnight bag over her shoulder, and grabbed her purse with only the cash inside. Slipping quietly out of the locker room, she moved casually to the door and left the pool area. No one really batted an eye. In fact Megan passed an older couple dressed in long wool robes themselves; certainly her attire was more provocative but judging from the complete lack of reaction she was getting from the staff and most of the guests it was not entirely out of the ordinary. She did get one catcall from a young man wheeling a cart into an elevator. She blushed a bit, but kept on her mission.

Megan bypassed the elevators and the front desk and headed straight for the kitchen and bussing area. It was getting to be late, much past normal dining hours so the staff was sparse.

A young woman with her hair up in a long blonde ponytail was toweling off several of the service carts that had seemingly just come from being washed up. Megan steadied herself and headed over to the young blonde.

“Excuse me miss, maybe you can help me out,” she said in the cheeriest voice she could.

The blonde only half looked at her, then pointed in the direction Megan had just come from “Pool’s that way ma’am.”

“Actually, I have another question for you; a favor rather,” she stammered slightly, but the way she phrased it was enough to get the blonde woman’s attention. She stood up and got a good look at Megan.

“Bit cold for just a robe isn’t it?” the young woman said.

Megan became suddenly, very aware that her attire was revealing a bit more than she wanted it too as her nipples made two tiny tents in the silk of the robe. She crossed her arms in front of her and blushed once again.

“Actually, I was hoping that you would be willing to wheel this cart up to room nine nineteen for me.”

“You want me to take an empty cart up to the ninth floor?” the girl cocked an eyebrow as she asked.

“Well, it won’t be completely empty.”

“Right. So you’re going to put something on this cart and you want me to deliver it… and I’m just going to go out on a limb here and guess I’m not supposed to look at said item either am I?” The blonde’s tone became a mix of charm and sarcasm as she smiled and shook her head at Megan.

“Just step into the kitchen for a minute, then come back out and deliver this cart to nine nineteen without looking at what’s inside. That’s not too much for me to ask is it?” Megan gave the woman a cute puppy dog look.

The blonde stepped over too Megan, and whispered to her looking both ways to make certain no one was around to hear. “Well, I’ve had stranger requests made; but you’re going to have to give me a good reason to do this for you,”

“How about I give you a hundred good reasons,” Megan said as he she reached into her purse and slid five twenty-dollar bills into the blonde woman’s hand.

“OK, I’ll go make up a card for the cart. Nine nineteen right?” The blonde said as she pocketed the money.

“Right, and remember absolutely no peaking under the lid!” Megan whispered to her.

The blonde headed for the kitchen to make out the room card. The young woman made an X over her heart and winked at back at Megan as she disappeared into the kitchen’s Dutch style doors.

Megan didn’t hesitate, and with only a minute to get everything together she really couldn’t afford too! She pulled open the curtain style white cloth that hid the under shelves of the cart and stuffed her purse into her overnight bag; then set the bag on the bottom shelf of the cart and closed the white cloth neatly.

Standing up she lifted the silver platter cover by its handle and set it down close to the silver tray it had been covering. Megan reached into the pocket of her robe for the minimizer. The woman at the shop had told her there would be a ten second delay after exposure and said it should shrink anything she was wearing but not much else.

Megan closed her eyes and hesitated for just a second, then opened them and pressed the button on the minimizer. Quickly she sat her shapely behind down on the silver tray, yelping slightly as the cold metal touched her exposed underside. She grabbed the tray cover and sat it on her head like a hat, then pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them so that she was almost entirely on the tray.

Just as she was settled in, her internal countdown ended and without warning she was gripped by the sensation of being trapped in a falling elevator. There was a rush of air around her, and she instinctually ducked her head down as the now enormous platter cover come down with her and crashed into almost perfect position on the tray.

Megan had expected this part of her plan to be somewhat unpleasant. Fortunately she had done a good job positioning the platter cover, otherwise she would have dealt with more than just a slight jolt and thundering resonance.

“Wow,” she looked about her. The minimizer had done its job and sat useless in her hand.

“The woman said it was a one time use only,” Megan thought to herself as she pocketed the device in her robe. The lid had landed slightly askew, so a bit of light filtered in. The dome of the platter cover was mirror polished and so Megan was startled slightly by her own reflection looking down at her from the ceiling.

After the initial start she gave herself, Megan marveled at her surroundings and grew very eager to see the world out side and to see her husband’s face when she surprised him. All at once she heard voices outside and for fear of discovery she froze her movements, and tried to remain completely silent.

She couldn’t discern who the voices were, or what they were saying; only that there were two of them. If she had to guess it was the young blonde and another employee.

Megan moved towards the slight opening, trying hard to hear the giants’ words. She slowed her excited breathing and concentrated. Sure enough, one of the voices was the young blonde. Just within her view, she saw a white table card set down to lean against the platter cover.

“Harvey, can you make this a priority?” Megan heard the blonde say.

Suddenly the cart spun ninety degrees and began to move forward. “For you Mel, anything,” came the booming voice of a young man. The cart stopped, and Megan could here the young man singing to himself. She had to hold back her laughter as he butchered Sir Mixalot’s infamous hit; unconsciously shaking her own rump to the tune.

There was a ringing sound far above her and the cart moved again, this time though the wheels hit a bump in the road and the platter cover shifted to its proper alignment. Megan found herself in total darkness, and as she tried to get up from her listening position; she found she was somehow caught on something.

The cart had stopped moving once again after a one hundred and eighty-degree turn. Megan was actually thankful that she was somehow caught, because it kept her from being tossed around in the dark. However, she was not thrilled to be pinned down and lying on her stomach.

Feeling the side of her robe, Megan realized quickly what had happened. When the platter cover was bumped back into place it caught a good portion of the hem of her robe in between it and the tray. Megan tugged a few times but couldn’t get a good grip on the slippery material. Seeing no other option, she untied the belt of the robe and slipped out of the garment.

Sliding herself to what she assumed was the center of the tray she tried standing up just as she heard a second ringing, this one much more muffled. The cart hit what seemed like the exact same bump in the road and it was moving once again.

“That was quick,” she thought to herself as the cart stopped and she heard a muffled knocking followed by the voice of Harvey.

“mmmm rrr visss,” Megan heard him call.

About thirty seconds later the cart was wheeled forward again. Megan felt the vibration of the door closing behind her as the now still cart had obviously reached its destination. She grew flush with excitement and wanted to bang on the platter cover for Richard to lift it off. She knew better though, and instead struck a sexy pose and waited for the cover to lift off. She thought about trying for the robe again, but didn’t bother; she wanted Richard to see what he was getting.

She felt the cart trembling a little bit, and something inside told her this was it. The platter cover lifted off and Megan had to cover her eyes for more than a few seconds trying to adjust.

Megan craned her eyes and head upward, a smile adorning her face. “Well birthday boy, what do you think of your new mini?” she called up in a full voice.

Above her a shadowed figure set the platter cover down on a nearby desk, then bent forward. Megan blinked a few times as the light that kept the giant in shadow was now eclipsed by the giant himself. Then she screamed.

The giant’s face was completely unfamiliar to her. She had expected the sea green pools of Richards’ eyes to drink her in but instead found deep brown eyes behind thin glasses staring coldly down at her with a look of pleasant surprise. The giant was rugged looking and not the handsome man she had married. All at once his open-mouthed shock turned into a huge toothy grin and Megan made a dash for her robe.

As she got to the garment a single finger pressed down on it, preventing her from picking it up to cover herself. Her mind raced, what had happened? Where was her husband? Who was this man? She turned and looked up at him once again; and want for modesty moved her hands to cover her breasts and crotch. She stood up, and could only look in shock.

“Pl… please, I’m naked,” she managed to sputter out to the stranger.

“I noticed, and that’s fine by me. Every good mini should be bare-assed far as I’m concerned,” he said in a very deep voice.

“Listen sir, I’m sorry to have bothered you; but I think there’s been a mistake. I’ve been delivered to the wrong room,” she called up to him, frozen by his unblinking gaze and his rather Cheshire grin.

The man looked at her a few moments more, then picked up the table card that had been leaning against the tray cover. It had fallen face down at some point, so the man flipped it over and picked it up.

He looked at the card, then turned it to so Megan could read it. “No mistake, miss mini; this is room six sixteen.”

Megan’s eyes went extra wide. Tossing the card down on the tray, Megan forgot her humility and ran to it. She picked it up, and flipped it over so that it read “nine nineteen,.

“No, I’m supposed to go to nine nineteen; see!” she called up to the giant man and showed signs of panic.

“Well, that’s not where you went sweetie; and from where I’m sitting I say you’ve got that card upside down,” the man said coolie with a slight southern drawl. He reached for the card again, and took it from Megan and pinched her robe up in his other hand. He balled the card up with the robe and tossed both into the waste basked next to his desk.

“Hey that was my robe!” she yelled up and covered herself once again.

“And now it’s garbage,” he replied and began reaching for Megan. She had nowhere to go, and so she let the man’s leathery fingers wrap around her and for the first time since she’d shrunk herself; was picked up by a giant. She did feel a rush of adrenaline and the slightest hint of arousal at the attention; but fear and frustration were the foremost emotions at the moment.

“So little thing, why did you call me birthday boy?” the man asked as he set Megan down on the desk and turned on the lamp.

“I’m supposed to be my husband’s birthday present. It’s a surprise and you’re ruining it! Please, just take me to room nine nineteen!” Megan began to plead with the giant stranger.

“I’m sorry honey, but I don’t feel too inclined to do that. I have to know what doctor or institution would allow you to be minimized and all on your lonesome like this? You know there’s laws been put in place for some time now says you’re not to be left unattended and unidentified,” the giant said as he opened the top desk drawer and took out a pad of lined paper and a pencil.

“Really it’s my civic duty to call the proper authorities,” he continued.

Megan’s pulse began to race even more than it already was. She had used illegal technology purchased from an unlicensed vendor. That would definitely get her prison time or worse yet cause her to be remanded into official custody! “No, no! There’s really no need to call authorities; I just need you to take me to my husband’s room sir.”

“Not until you answer some question for me little lady and let me get a good look at you, then I’ll consider it,” the man said as he leaned forward to get a better look at her. Gently he brought his index finger to the hand that rested across Megan’s breasts. With a small amount of pressure the giant stranger made it very clear to her that he wanted an unencumbered view of her upper body.

Megan really had no choice but to cooperate. She was impossibly outmatched in strength, had no where to run and the table she stood on left her no where to hide. She knew all this, but still she covered herself once again. A long strand of dark hair fell in front of her face, and with both hands desperately trying to keep her most personal body parts covered; Megan was left blowing the strand fruitlessly.

The giant stranger chuckled, and to Megan it sounded like rumbling thunder heralding a huge storm.

“Look missy, I’ll give you two options. First option is you just start playing nice and let me see what I want to see.”

Megan did not like where this seemed to be going; though she felt a glimmer of hope when the man said he’d take her to her husband’s room if she cooperated. She looked up at him sheepishly “Alright, what’s my other option?”

“Option number two will involve a rubber band and a whole lot more of me touching you. Need I say more?” the giant man said with a grin.

Megan brushed the arrant strand of hair away from her face and let her hands fall to her sides. She felt a swell of emotion inside. Anxiety, terror, anger, and arousal all assailed her at once. She fought back the tears like a champion, though one managed to escape her efforts and flow down her cheek. She wiped it away quickly.

“There now you can see me; are you happy?” she said in a controlled but also irate tone.

“Very, now turn around for me a couple of times,” the giant commanded.

Megan took a deep breath, and gracefully spun twice on the ball of her foot her arms held out to the sides to better display herself. She was hoping by giving the giant man a good show she would avoid any other extracurricular activities he might have in mind. Still, he had yet to really take advantage of the situation; maybe she could still get out of this and into Richard’s hands if she cooperated. She flashed a smile as she finished her turns, once again making eye contact with the giant.

“You a professional dancer?” he asked her. His tone and approach was that of a normal conversation and had the circumstances not been so extreme; Megan would have likened it to an interview.

“I took five semesters in college. I thought about pursuing it but I’m a little top heavy for the ballet,” she gestured towards the curvature of her body.

The giant was writing on the tablet of paper and held it away from Megan so that she couldn’t see “Curves like that are nothing to be ashamed of missy. Speaking of which, what were your measurements before all this?”

“Which ones?” Megan asked nervously, somehow keeping a smile on her face and doing her best to forget that she was completely naked before a giant stranger.

“All of them. Height, weight, cup size, waistline, and hips no fudging them either! I think you’re lying too me I’ll just take the measurements myself,” the giant’s look was dead serious and his voice was humorless. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and waited for Megan to speak.

Megan swallowed nervously and brushed her hands through her hair again still fighting the urge to try and retain her modesty. “Well, I’m 5’6 and I weigh 128 lbs. At least those used to be my height and weight.”

The man scribbled on the tablet again, obviously recording Megan’s answers. She waited until he looked up at her again. “I’m a D cup, 25 inch waste line, and 38 inch hips.”

The giant finished writing and looked at Megan with a discerning stare. “Do ten jumping jacks for me.”

“Ten jumping jacks? But…”

“Now!” the giant cut Megan off and startled her with the volume of his voice. Immediately she began to do as requested. The giant watched her every move until she got to ten and stopped.

A burly gray eyebrow raised as the giant’s forehead crinkled a little. He looked to the tablet again and started writing; simultaneously mumbling aloud “Big and natural breasts, that’s very good.”

“Alright, now turn to the side and stick out your ass,” he ordered.

This time Megan didn’t question him; she didn’t want to make him raise his voice or God forbid lose his cool again. She turned to the side, put her feet together, placed her hands on her thighs, and stuck out her large behind while arching her back.

The giant’s hand came towards Megan and she felt fear welling up inside she needed to fight it so she did the only thing she could think of. She closed her eyes.

She hadn’t known what to expect from the giant stranger, but a generous backrub was not on the top of her list. His finger messaged her shoulders expertly and he took a couple of minutes before moving down her back and taking each of her ass cheeks between thumb and forefinger. Megan imagined it was Richard’s fingers giving her the attentions; and was so momentarily lost in her fantastic delusion that she started to push her hips back into the giant’s touch. She caught herself though, after the first little grind and managed to regain some measure of composure.

Megan gasped aloud and almost opened her eyes as her right breast was taken between thumb and finger. The rough folds of leathered skin tickled and teased her like never before, and as the giant’s fingers moved from one mammary to the other she let herself believe again that her beloved husband was fondling her and not some titanic stranger.

Abruptly and almost too soon the attentions ceased. Megan held her pose for a few moments longer. The absence of touch clued her in that she could open her eyes once more and stand up straight. The giant was smiling his toothy grin down at her as he cleaned his glasses with the hem of his shirt.

“Enjoy that a bit did you missy?”

Megan didn’t answer, but her eyes fell away from the stranger’s billboard sized face in shame. She could hear the scratching of the lead tipped pencil on paper once again; and forced a smile on her face as she looked back up at him.

The man got up and took a soft cloth hand down from off the wrack in the bathroom. He set it down next to Megan and then sat down in his chair again. “Lay down.”

She looked up at him apprehensively. “What’s this for?”

“I told you to lie down,” he said in a gruff tone while pushing her over to the towel using just two of his fingers.

Megan obeyed, but had a horrible feeling she knew where this was going. “Okay, I’m laying down for you.”

“Good girl. Now, I don’t care how you do it but I want you to get yourself off.”

Megan went red. “You want me to what? I’m not going to masturbate for you!”

“Two options, first one is you do it however you like. Second option is I find something that’ll fit the bill and do it for you. Either way is fine with me, I just figure you can do it faster yourself,” he said nonchalantly.

Her anger turned to terror at his words and then quickly to stark acceptance of her situation. Megan could subject herself to the indignity of masturbating in front of this stranger; or he would rape her. It wasn’t really a choice at all. If he was so keen on seeing her climax, then that’s what she would have to do; anything to get to her husband safe and relatively unspoiled.

She reached down between her legs and slowly began to touch and tease herself.

“Don’t even think about faking it either, I can tell if you do. A lot easier to see it when you’re watching a mini,” He added.

Megan rolled over onto her stomach slightly frustrated. She and Rick had watched mini porn many times. She could always tell when the starlets were faking it too. This would have to be the real deal.

She got up on her knees and let her left hand go to work on her crotch while the right massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. She rocked slightly at first, but began to pick up the pace as she could feel herself building towards release. She let her situation fall away, and just focused on the moment and the feeling her fingers were giving her. Megan had always had a very healthy sex drive and had become quite adept at finding her own pleasure since Richard’s promotion; thanks in no small part to all of his business trips. Without conscious knowledge of her own actions Megan was furiously stroking herself; and she just kept fantasizing about her husband and how wonderful it would be to have him near her. Powerful and loving, in her mind he was always the ultimate and consummate protector. She imaged the games they would play together; and the sexual exploration that could happen now that she was finally the mini she always wanted to be. Her breath was shallow and quick. She bit her lower lip and thrust her hips against her hand desperately wishing for her husband’s touch.

“Oh yes, play with me Richard! I’m your toy” she heard herself passionately screaming out in absolute ecstasy in her head.

Outside her head, the words she cried out were indiscernible as he bucked and fell to her side before rolling onto her back. She spread her legs as wide as she could and moved her hand as deep inside herself as she could while crying out in absolute delight as the orgasm she brought on rushed through her body and made her shake.

“Well, that was not bad; and certainly not fake,” the stranger remarked.

Megan opened her eyes and looked up at the stranger still desperate for breath. He reached out to her and picked her up once again. The rough and firm grip caught Megan off guard and her body absolutely betrayed her in that brief moment. She shuttered and shook as another orgasm washed over her making her cum as the stranger held her. He chuckled, and held her until she was done. Once he set her back on the table the stranger took the towel away and sniffed it.

Megan was clearly embarrassed and looked up at the stranger shaking her head. “I don’t know why that happened.”

“I think we’ll chalk that second one up to the heat of the moment. Now it’s time to get back to business. How old are you missy?

Despite her terror, apprehension, confusion, and arousal Megan managed to get the courage up to answer the stranger and speak her mind. “I’m 29; but I don’t see why all this is important. You’ve had your fun with me. You’ve stared at me and forced me to masturbate and I’ve answered all of your damn questions so you can write whatever it is you’re writing about me. Now I would greatly appreciate it if you helped me get to my husband Richard.”

“I’ll tell you in just a minute why it’s important. First though, you never answered my original question. Where did you get the procedure done and who are you registered with?” the giant said with no more urgency than he had his other questions.

Megan’s frustration had peaked. She had been taken to the wrong room, left naked before a giant man who was asking her strange questions, made to humiliate herself in front of him and all she wanted was to get to Richard. She fidgeted in frustration before stomping her foot down on the desk and throwing her hands up in mock surrender. “Alright, I did it myself! I bought a one tenth minimizer from a guy back home and used it on myself. So there’s no one for you to call to get in trouble; because I’m not registered anywhere!”

“Not registered and planning on surprising your husband for his birthday? So no one even knows you’re here or that you’re a mini now?” the man followed up, calculated and calm in his tone.

Megan registered the questions, but did not think about their implications as she answered them. “Yes mister interrogator! I bought the minimizer on my own with cash, I made certain no one saw me shrink myself, and absolutely no one has any clue that I’m…” Megan stopped her words short and looked up at the giant in shock, swallowing hard as she did so. Reflexively her hands covered her breasts and crotch once again as she suddenly felt far more naked and vulnerable than she had the entire night.

The familiar sound of the man’s thunderous chuckling rumbled from his chest as he set the tablet down next to her. Megan chanced a glance at it, all her information was written line by line and in the margins next to her statistics were numbers. Numbers with dollar signs. She looked at the last line, but turned away from the paper as a shadow fell over her.

The giant stood now, his enormous hand slowly and purposefully reaching towards her as he flipped open a cell phone. He snapped a photo of her in his hand and then hit a number that was on speed dial.

“Yeah Brooke, this is Taylor. I don’t care if you have to wake them all up; call the usual buyers and let them know I’ve got merchandise I know they’ll all want to make a bid on. I’m sending a picture too. Starting price is 250K.”

As the giant’s fingers wrapped around her, Megan couldn’t help but scream and thrash. The giant held her up before his eyes and removed his glasses.

“On second thought Brooke, make it 200K. She still needs some training,” he said as he flipped his cell phone closed and leered down at the helpless beauty in his hand. He started unbuttoning his shirt and sat down on the bed.

Megan could only look up at him in wide-eyed terror as he removed his shirt and began to undo his belt.

The End