Exiern – Busted. On many levels – http://www.exiern.com/

Blade Bunny – I’m not sure what her definition of “helpless” is… – http://www.bladebunny.com/

Bloomin’ Fairies – Best competition ever  – http://www.bloomingfaeries.com/

Sequential Art – That sounds like something I should have learned about in high school health class… – http://www.collectedcurios.com/sequentialart.php

Oglaf – Male logic. – http://www.oglaf.com/

Spinnerette – Shocking! – http://www.krakowstudios.com/spinnerette/

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – She knows her priorities. – http://yafgc.net/

School Bites – That first line could have so many meanings… – http://schoolbites.net/

Murry & Lewy – Ah, crap it’s them…uh, her…uh, screw it… – http://www.murryandlewy.com/

The Overflowing Bra – Some fun ones involving security and aliens… – http://www.overflowingbra.com/recentuploads.htm

The Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archivenothing new postedhttp://www.many-realms.net/LTBSA/