Booty Change

a short story by Dan Standing


“Ooo, this is perfect!”

“It’s the wrong era.”

“Booty is booty,” Pauline snidely remarked as she rubbed some dirt off the chained pendant holding a strange red gem before dropping it into the small plastic shopping basket Joan was carrying.

“Yes, but no pirates would have been around…never mind…” Joan sighed as her bubbly brunette friend continued down the aisle of the resale store. Pauline was far too wrapped up in the vision she had in her head to care about what anyone else had to say.

Besides, the brunette was buying so Joan pushed any need to complain out through the blonde locks that surrounded her brain.

“Oh! Some paint and a pair of strong scissors and these will be perfect for my feet!” Pauline exclaimed as she threw a pair of scuba flippers into the basket. They joined some yellow hosiery, a black vest, some old pants, a feather boa, and a very cheep tri-corner pirate hat.

“You are certainly enthusiastic about this costume…” Joan laughed as she worked hard to keep up with her friend, “…I didn’t even think you wanted to go to the party tonight, let alone compete in the contest.”

“Of course I did…” Pauline replied as she stopped to look at some bikinis. Here attempt to sound non-suspicious had failed.

“No, there’s something more here…” the blonde mused as Pauline pulled out a few multi-colored tops. Joan watched, a little jealous, as her friend held up the tiny swatches of fabric to the enormous breasts barely contained by her white tank-top. The boccie ball sized soft bundles bulged over the inadequate bra cups, and thanks to Pauline’s slim figure a bit of curved skin poked out where the top’s straps met the full fabric. The basket-carrying friend had spent high school and the past year of college coveting any woman who’s profile bested her barely-Bs. “You don’t call a girl at nine in the morning and pitch some crazy pirate and parrot costume thing for a Halloween party that same night – even though you’ve never mentioned it before – without a reason.”

“Alright, alright,” Pauline sighed, dropping her arms and the bikinis to her sides, “I saw a new RSVP on the evite this morning…Billy Krocker is going to be there.”

“Billy the Bird Boy?”

“Shut up, that’s not his name,” the brunette pouted, stamping her foot in anger and sending a sensual bump to her breasts, “He’s totally hot – you’ve seen him at the basketball games.”

“Yeah, I have, he’s got an athletic build and I wouldn’t not fuck him, but you must have read that article the school paper ran where – oh my God, you’ve read that article the school paper ran!” Suddenly all the planning and shopping and whirlwind insanity Joan had been dragged along made sense, “The paper quoted him saying that after each game he just looked forward to going home and being with his birds, and you…”

“…are planning on being the bird he goes home with, yep, now can we drop it?” Pauline replied, turning and looking through the bikinis again.

“No, no, let me finish, because I can’t let this thought remain in my head unresolved…you came up with this plan of dressing me like a pirate and having you try and sit on my shoulders dressed like a pirate’s parrot because you’re banking on the idea that Billy Krocker has some sort of bird fetish and will get turned on by your secondhand plumage! You’re a sick slut!”

“No…I’m just tailoring my party outfit for a specific guy I’m interested in like I always do,” Pauline replied as she picked the brightest bikini while her back was to Joan. Then the brunette turned and let the blonde see her sly smile, “That makes me just a slut.”

“I better be really entertained this evening…”

After picking up a few more things the girls headed back to Pauline’s. Joan easily dressed herself. A white blouse was rolled up and tied around her ribs, letting her own slim abdomen be on display to make up for her flat cleavage. The old vest was cut short and acted as a cheap replacement for a corset. Joan accepted that the chained red gem amulet at least looked nice resting on her chest. Once she had on a pair of poofy black pants and her own leather healed boots the blonde looked like a fairly convincing pirate lass – sans the hat, which she didn’t end up liking.

Pauline’s costume was a little harder. While they had managed to buy a ready-made fake beak – currently reaching from over the blonde’s nose to her lower lip and glued on with spirit gum  – much of the costume had to be made from scratch. They had spent a good hour cutting the foot flippers and painting them to look like bird claws. The feathery boa had been divided up and crudely stitched around the edges of the bikini’s top and bottom. Yellow tights had been pulled over Pauline’s legs, with some black lines drawn on to try and recreate the texture of a parrot’s lower limbs.

When all was said and done both girls stood and stared into the mirror. Joan did indeed believe she had pulled off her desired pirate look, but was nervously fiddling with the amulet around her neck while Pauline examined herself. The blonde didn’t think the proper idea of “parrot” had been conveyed, but she wanted Pauline to decide for herself.

“Maybe I should get on your shoulders…”


“C’mon, we have to practice anyway, and I’m hoping the effect will be better when I’m up on top of you,” Pauline insisted, running over and grabbing a chair from her breakfast table.

“Okay, I haven’t made a big deal of it yet, but I really don’t think I can support you on my shoulders…not for long at least, and especially not in these heels,”Joan protested as the brunette dropped the chair on the floor behind her.

“Nonsense, you were my partner when we did that chicken fight on break, you had no problem then,” Pauline argued as she stood up on the chair and forced Joan to turn towards the mirror.

“Yes, but we were in a pool, which helped support your – ack – weight,” grunted Joan as her friend put one leg over her shoulder and pushed up to swing the other on. The duo almost fell over but they both threw out their arms for support against the wall.

“Are you calling me plus-sized?” Pauline gasped, gently pulling her hands away from the wall as Joan tried to balance.

“Not all of you,” the blonde muttered under her breath – she could feel her friend’s breasts resting atop her head as she leaned forward for balance. They had jiggled and thrust all over in the skimpy bikini top and Joan was amazed neither boob had popped out.

For another moment neither woman spoke as they each independently tried to maintain balance. Soon their attempts synchronized and Joan was able to slightly straighten up under Pauline’s weight. This, of course, meant that Pauline was too high to see all of herself in the mirror and she bent over to get a full look.

Silence continued to reign as the brunette examined her outfit. Soon the supporting blonde could feel her legs starting to shake.

“What’s the conclusion?”

“I hate it. I look like ghetto Big Bird both on the ground and on your shoulders,” the brunette sighed.

“I don’t think you even look like a bird…except for the beak.”

“Oh, thanks. All that money. I just wish I was clearly a big chested parrot for Billy Krocker,” Pauline sighed, playing with some of the boa of her bikini top and reaching for the fake beak.

“And I wish my breasts were like the tits resting on my head, but I don’t think either of us are getting either before the party tonight,” Joan groaned, trying to back up so Pauline could get off onto the chair. As she did so she caught sight of the gem in the mirror.

It was black now.

“That’s weird, I could have sworn-”

“Shit, I can’t get this beak off.”

Joan stopped moving for two reasons. The first was because she looked to the mirror to see what was wrong with her friend.

The second was that the weight on her shoulders seemed to be getting lighter. Neither girl realized it at the time, but the sudden change in weight was caused by Pauline’s bones starting to become hollow.

“My skin feels strange…”

Pauline looked to her arms and saw all of the fine hairs stand on end as if she was getting goosebumps. Slowly she could see her arm hair begin to stiffen and grow, becoming slightly white. She took her hands away from the beak that wouldn’t budge and turned her attention to the mirror, where Joan’s eyes were also locked.

The hair on the brunette’s head was already beginning to thicken and turn to feathers.

“Hully shit, wut is haggening tu geh?” Pauline tried to exclaim, but her lips were starting to fuse to the hard interior surface of the beak. As her body hair started to grow and cover her in a fine down Joan almost dropped the transforming woman. The sound of the painted flippers slipping and hitting the floor with two loud claps announced that the brunette’s body had begun to decrease in size.

“Pauline, what…what do I do? OW!” Joan screamed as her friend desperately tried to keep from falling and grabbed the blonde hair in her shrinking lap. As Pauline tried to steady herself both parts of the bikini started to get loose on her. Even the yellow leggings, up until now snug and tight across her legs, began to wrinkle and slide.

Pauline was very quickly only 60% of her original size, and was having problems holding on to Joan. The skin over her ass had become particularly prickly, and long feathers were pushing out over the sagging bikini bottom. As the shrinking woman tried to grip Joan’s hair she felt her fingers stretch and become less reactive, the details of their metamorphosis into wings lost as long brown feathers completely overtook her form.

Still not willing to fall Pauline suddenly realized her legs had shrunk and contracted, now barely within the loose yellow hosiery. But somehow she was gripping the vest – her toes had stretched and become far more maneuverable. Ignoring Joan’s pained cursing Pauline gripped the blonde’s hair, stepping out of the leggings and climbed up to the top of her friend’s head with her feet, most of her clothes slipping away as she moved.

Joan had mostly lost sight of her transforming friend, who had been struggling outside her view. Feeling the scratch of claws and the weight of something heavy rest atop her head the blonde looked to the mirror and saw a Macaw parrot – uncharacteristically sporting a brown and pink color pattern – sitting atop her hair. The ruffle of pink feathers on it’s chest were especially large and pronounced.

For a moment the human and the parrot just locked eyes in the mirror. Then, just as Joan was starting to feel a flush of heat in her chest, she meekly asked, “Pauline? Is that you?”

The parrot stared back, it’s head moving up and down for a moment, and then squawked; “Pauline want a Krocker!”

Joan passed out, leaving the new parrot to desperately beat her wings trying not to plummet to the floor. She dropped pretty quickly, but neither landed hard enough to injure anything.

Collecting her wits Pauline immediately tried to walk over to her fallen friend, and fell flat on her beak. Her legs were shorter and weaker, and her feet were no longer ideal for ground travel. But she had no idea how to work her wings for flight so bipedal travel was the only option. She spread her wings a bit for balance and was able to sort of side-step her way to Joan.

The blonde’s wish was still acting on her. Pauline’s parrot eyes watched as the cut-off vest grew tight with tit-flesh, luscious round curves rolling out across Joan’s chest at the vest reached its space capacity. Pauline wondered what her friend’s reaction would be when she woke up, but most importantly she was breathing – if not a little haggardly.

Pauline also noticed the necklace was gone.

Satisfied that her friend was safe to the extent Pauline could be of help she turned and sidled into her bedroom. Reaching the chair at her computer desk the parrot looked up and sighed. She couldn’t climb with her wings, didn’t know how to fly yet, and needed to get on top of the desk. Remembering a random fact from the last time she was at the zoo Pauline stretched out her neck and bit part of her chair with her beak. With a quick hop she pushed up her legs and grabbed the chair leg. With another stretch of her neck she climbed a little higher.

About twenty minutes later Joan’s eyes slowly blinked open. She was disorientated and just stared at the ceiling for a moment. She tried to remember what had happened when she realized she was having problems breathing. Looking down she saw two bulges of flesh desperately squeezing out the top of her vest.

“Holy…shit…” the blonde wheezed as she pushed herself up onto her elbows and quickly undid the buttons on the straining material. After undoing about half of them her new breasts suddenly poured out of the opened fabric and relieved the pressure on her sternum.

Joan’s lungs automatically started breathing heavily, which was good since her mind was flabbergasted. The blouse’s knot had long ago failed so these huge tits hung bare on the woman’s chest. The floor was cold and her nipples were hard, poking out like the tip of a man’s finger. Each breast was about five inches in diameter, and reminded Joan of Pauline’s.


A squawk from another room got Joan’s attention and she carefully pushed herself up. The unsupported breasts bobbed and pulled on the blonde’s chest and back – she recalled someone once describing having large breasts like having gelatin attached to one’s ribs, and Joan understood that now. She cupped them in her hands to relieve the pulling and got a slight tingle from their seemingly increased sensitivity.

Carefully walking into the bedroom Joan saw a computer and desk next to the bed, and at the computer’s keyboard stood a brown-and-pink Macaw. The brown feathers ran from atop the bird’s head all the way down through its tail, while the pink plumage covered its underside. Joan marveled at the large ruffle of plumage that pushed up from the bird’s breastbone in a heart shape. The two locked eyes for a moment, then the silence was broken by the parrot’s whistle and a croaky, “Hello.”

“Uh…hi…” Joan timidly replied, still scared about what was happening. The parrot turned its head toward the computer and stretched a wing slightly. Joan’s attention went to the monitor where she noticed a text doc had been opened and typed;

hi joan, i typd becausd i can only say certaim trite phrases anf onlt if i concentraye hard enougg. please excyse the spellinh. typong with claws is hard.  i figurd oit that your necklace wss magic anf granted us eacg one wish. so now you have big breastd and i am billy’s parrot. don’t be upset, i want to be his, so pkease take me to yhe party.

Joan finished reading, looked back to parrot Pauline, then looked for the amulet, which was indeed gone.

“Oh my God, I mean, this is really real…I have…and oh God, Pauline, you’ve been turned into a-”

Another whistle from Pauline got Joan’s attention. The nearly bawling blonde looked over to the parrot, who was shaking her head.

“No worries,” the former woman squawked. Pauline then brought up a claw and tapped on the last sentence of her text, then pointed at the time at the corner of the computer screen. Joan realized the party was starting soon. She cleared her eyes, thinking they should both be far more upset, but the blonde’s mind started to lose that thought. She started to think that it was right for Pauline to be a parrot. After all, she had wished to be a parrot for Billy so it only made sense to take her to the party and present her to Krocker, right? This was what Pauline had wanted.

Of course they had to get to the party; Pauline was Billy’s now.

Joan’s last sniffle signified the last of her doubt about Pauline’s fate.

“Okay, come help me figure out how to fix this outfit with my new…developments…” Joan smiled, putting out her fingers which Pauline climbed onto with care.

“That a girl.” The parrot then whistled and clicked twice, causing Joan to laugh.

“Well, that impressive bust of yours is all feathers now, Pauline, so one of use has to be the slutty one!”