Big Picture

a short story by Dan Standing

It’s actually the front legs that feel the strangest…especially the vagina.

That’s probably because they’re all newer.

I guess this is where most people would say “after drinking the potion it happened so fast” but that’s not the case for me. It was slow, drawn out, and horrifying. That’s not to say it hurt – it didn’t. And that’s not to say it didn’t happen in the course of about twenty minutes – it did. On a grand evolutionary scale, the idea of growing an extra set of legs and tail in less than half an hour is pretty damn fast.

It just didn’t feel like that from my perspective.

And, even though it didn’t hurt, seeing your lower body contort, split in half, and duplicate all at once is horrifying. First it was the pressure in the hips…like my bones were creaking. I had gone to the mirror and could see my butt getting bigger. At first I was happy – the potion was supposed to improve my looks so I could attract Tony, after all. But then the real cracking happened as my bones started to split. It could feel my spine pushing…extending.

I had already stripped so I could clearly see in the mirror that my stomach was starting stretch under me as my lower lips slid out of my view. From the side I was beginning to look like the symbol on those signs when a road has a sudden curve in it. My hands pressed against the wall as my balance failed me…I could sense my legs but when I tried to move them it was like they were a mile away, and still waiting to get my request.

Again, none of it hurt…it was just like a warm cloud was remolding me. After a few minutes the warmth spread down to my feet. I could see a crease begin to form and a second pair of legs started to split like an amoeba. I guess either set could be considered my originals but something gives me the impression the rear legs are the old ones. I felt my new pair of legs pop into the second hip which was sliding mostly back where one would expect my hips to be. As they moved forward a new fleshy female flower rose to the surface between my thighs.

Suddenly direct communication with my legs was reestablished. My mind was flushed with sensations – I could barely handle it all at first. Twenty little toes fired back the feeling of the carpet beneath them.  One by one I lifted each foot and wiggled and stretched my tiny feet. My breathing was ragged as the dry air caressed two vaginas, the sensation of such pleasure so far behind me was disorientating.

My torso remained angled slightly forward so I’m reliant on the counterbalance of my extended rear to keep me from toppling. And what an extended rear. It is as if the torso of another woman had been sliced off and attached to my ass. Once the stretching and the creaking had stopped my ass was at least two feet behind me. It’s good I have so much, because I also had an extension in the front. I felt the warmth envelope my breasts and watched helplessly as they started to fill with flesh. My skin stretched and shifted as my once fist-sized boobs jiggled and shook their way to grapefruits. As I struggled to maintain my balance I couldn’t help but make them swing and slap together. That immediately brought to my attention their increased sensitivity.

After my transformation seemed to finally finish I was afraid to try to walk with all four legs so I shimmied in order to turn myself and look. My undertorso was lean and athletic just like my normal one. I can’t tell if there’s a naval under me or not, and my original pussy seems to be permanently shaved.

With my rear legs and butt bent the way they were I couldn’t help but display one of my most intimate spots. The thought upset me, and seemingly in response I felt an itch at the end of my spine over my ass. A spot about the diameter of a half-dollar started growing long hair – blonde, just like my head. The hair reached up into the air a few inches before getting too long and submitting to gravity. Soon I had a two foot long tail like a horse which covered the view of my rear flower.

Since the changes I’ve started to adjust. I can walk now, without my back feet kicking my front legs. I tried wearing shirts and skirts to cover my new genitalia and enormous breasts but something about my skin now just makes clothing incredibly uncomfortable. As I embrace my new form more and more I actually really love going around the house nude. The air currents on all this extra skin are intoxicating.

Tony certainly loves my nudity. After I was finished crying about what had happened I called him. When he saw me he was stunned at first, but when I explained what happened he said it made sense. If the potion had been intended to make me more attractive to him it had certainly found his most secret fantasy – a humantaur, he called me.

I prefer womantaur. I certainly have more than enough womanly parts now.

Wonderful Tony…he helped me get a new in-home job and bought some new furniture that better suits my extended form.

He’s also helped me in other ways.

I’ve become so horny since the change. My nipples grew as well and anytime they brush something I get a jolt straight to my groins. I don’t have an issue with that happening to my new slit – I can still tend to that like I always have. Running my fingers from my heavy bags of pleasure flesh down to the smooth lips adorning my front is incredible.

The problem is that all of that – and every forward orgasm – lights aflame my other pussy! And I can’t reach my rear one. Even when I’m not stimulating myself my damned tail caress my rear lips at all times. I can’t stop it.

If I go more than a day without Tony inside me the burning heat behind me becomes practically unbearable, leaving me rolling in helpless slick need on my new king mattresses.

But Tony helps me. He caresses my breasts, licks my sensitive skin, and fills me in ways I’d never thought of before. I can’t explain to you how it feel when he enters my rear pussy while my fingers plunge inside my forward lips. God, there is nothing that compares.

I drank the potion to get his attention, and I certainly got what I wanted.

And more.