So a little while ago I posted up a survey asking which of my short stories people would like to see continued.

THIRD PLACE with 12.5% of the vote went to STIR, which is interesting because it was the one I had the most cohesive idea for. For now it’s prioritized.

SECOND PLACE went to TATTOO FOR YOU, with 25% of the vote. I’m excited to write this one once I’m done with;

STICK TO IT, which had a staggering 62.5% of total votes to secure FIRST PLACE! Wow! I have a few ideas rattling around, not sure what direction I will go in yet.

So, I can’t say right now when I will have the time to write it, but know that if you were a fan of these three stories they are on my schedule to expand/extend in some way when I find the opportunity!