Bridgette’s Folly

a short story by Dan Standing

“Fine, you don’t have to be naked but I recommend removing any restrictive undergarments that could get too tight.”

Bridgette sighed as the bitchy brunette gave her a look and turned away. Putting her hands behind her back she undid her bra from under the light white tank-top. The brunette’s name was Kea, and Bridgette could not wait to get out of her dorm room.

Bridgette and Kea were both sophomores at Lyon State University, and from Day One Bridgette had been jealous of Kea. The raven-haired girl dressed in punk attire and was better blessed in the breast department than the rail-thin Bridgette and she had immediately caught the eye of many of the cuter guys the blonde had already silently called dibs on. Thus began Bridgette’s anti-Kea campaign, which had actually been very successful. The blonde cheerleader had already slept with most of the guys she had picked from the first orientation day, and based on the number of times Kea had tried – unsuccessfully – to file a complaint with the school Bridgette knew her rumor-mongering and other underhanded plots had worked.

“I’ve got a thong on, turn around so I know this isn’t all just a trick to get me naked,” the cheerleader hissed at Kea as she pulled the padded bra out of her shirt. The brunette bitch sighed and turned away as the Bridgette pushed down her cotton booty shorts. The blonde could see the other girl staring down past her orange sized breasts and while studying the text which was the whole reason the two were in Kea’s room.

Bridgette had always suspected Kea was into some weird stuff, and she was correct; Kea had admitted she was a witch-in-training or some other bullshit. Not part of any actual group or sect, she was just independently interested in the occult. This all came out rather randomly just a few days ago when Bridgette was alone in the Marren Hall women’s room. Kea came in and cornered her by one of the sinks, insisting that she listen to a proposal.

Bridgette had listed skeptically while Kea explained that she had spent the last few months tracking down an old book she had heard was floating around some shops in the area; the Upficum. Her research said it had been a repository of spells and only a week ago she found it in a box in the basement of a local antique store. Ratty and smelling of mold the store owner didn’t think twice and was happy to be rid of it. Since then Kea claimed to have translated a few passages.

She further claimed them to be enchantments and spells of reconfiguration.

“Okay, turn around,” Bridgette announced, sitting down again in the center of the oak leaf ring. She placed the bright pink thong outside it on the carpet with her bra as the brunette turned around.

Bridgette had thought Kea’s proposal was odd; she’d use her magic book to give Bridgette the body she always wanted if the cheerleader would leave her alone.  Bridgette figured that most people, after so many months of abuse, would have used such a spell book to try and wreak revenge on the source of their hardships. But for whatever reason Kea insisted she just really wanted to give Bridgette what she wanted in exchange for an armistice.

At first Bridgette tried to blow off Kea, finally getting around the brunette and making for the door. But the witch suddenly exclaimed that her big bust was the result of a previous use of the book. Bridgette had stopped, running the idea through her head a few times, but still doubted the idea the claim was real and got so far as putting her hand to the bathroom door.

But Kea sweetened the deal.

She said if the spell didn’t work she’d never again try and bring official action against Bridgette’s harassment again. Feeling the pros outweighed the cons the cheerleader finally agreed. Thus she had snuck over to Kea’s dorm this evening, despite it being Thirsty Thursday.

“Hurry up before one of your nerd friends barges in and tells everyone I was here,” Bridgette muttered, hearing activity out in the hall. She assumed the leg-crossed position Kea had shown her, but it was very uncomfortable. The faster this was over with, the better.

“Just another moment and then I can begin,” the brunette responded, spreading some salt and placing a dark blue candle in front of her. “Do you know what you’re asking for?”

“Oh, yeah, one sec…” Bridgette suddenly remembered it was on her to state what the spell would do. She leaned forward and pulled a folded piece of paper out of some a small pocket in her shorts and unfolded it. Bridgette wasn’t an idiot and the nature of the spell itself was one of the main reasons she had agreed; Kea’s translations showed that while the witch would cast and power the spell only the subject would determine what happened. There was no chance Kea could turn her into a plastic dolly or something. The witch had said that at some point Bridgette just had to speak what she wanted. The cheerleader had put some thought into her list; tits as big as grapefruits, no back pain, three inches off the waist, a butt with more curve, and a tighter vagina.

Bridgette had overheard one of her male conquests claiming she had been too loose for him, and although she wanted to claim he had a small dick she was afraid this would come off as desperate and lead people to think it was admission through protest. So instead she planned to tighten herself up, bed him again, and let him dispel his own nasty rumor.

Bridgette looked over and saw that Kea was still reading. She heard more activity outside.


“Okay, all set. Now remember, when I say so speak what you want done, and do it quickly. The magic window is open very briefly and will be very receptive to what you say.”

“Yes, yes, I’m ready,” Bridgette replied impatiently. She watched Kea shake and light a candle. She then began humming…the blonde girl wasn’t sure why but she assumed it was part of the spell. She watched Kea pick up a vial of something clear and yellow-tinted. The witch pulled out the dropper and placed a few beads in front of her and on either side of Bridgette. It only took a moment for the smell to waft up and the cheerleader scrunched up her nose.

“Ug, that smells awful.”

“Sorry, didn’t know…” Kea replied, her voice sticking to one tone.

“I thought you had-”

“Please stay quiet.”

Bridgette wanted to put the witch in her place but decided to stay quiet; if this was real she didn’t want to lose her chance at a big set of titties because she ticked off Kea. After another minute the brunette picked up an oak leaf with a drop of urine on it and let the tip touch the candle. It didn’t really burn as much as smolder. As the red worm of heat ate it’s way across the surface it boiled away the yellow liquid. As the urine dissipated the leaves with drops also started to smolder. The whole ring of leaves began to singe.

“You’re not going to burn down the dorm, are you?” Bridgette asked, unable to repress the questions since real concern was welling up in her.

“I don’t think so.”

“How do you not-”

“Quiet, I must shape the nexxus,” Kea toned. Even without any voice modulation Bridgette could tell Kea was serious and she sat silently.

For a moment.

Bridgette watched Kea move her hands about as some of the smoke started to blow behind her.

“How much longer?”

“Just a minute or two.”

A minute or two?” Bridgette pushed.

“Don’t know, please be-”

“How do you not know? You said you did this before.”

“I received it, not made it,” Kea responded, modulating her tone and twisting her hands to make the final few adjustments.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Just get ready, I think the magic will open in a second…”

“Ha, that’s good,” the cheerleader replied, tired of being jerked around. She glanced at her list and added, “…since it seems I’m your gullible guinea pig.”

Bridgette had chosen her words – and timely – poorly. It was at that moment that the smoke hood coalesced and opened the magic. There was a bit of a flash – not of light but of darkness – and suddenly the cheerleader felt strange.

It happened very quickly, but the ill-spoken blonde watched and felt it all.

Looking down at her arms Bridgette saw long golden fur push out across her skin. It itched slightly, and seemed a tad courser than the hair on her head. Quite quickly she noticed the fur was also sprouting across her knees and pushing out from under her shorts and top. Beneath the fabric should could feel her breasts flattening further, while her nipples started to divide and slide to match her newly developing anatomy.

Before she could even react to that the cheerleader felt a pressure move across her skull and core. It was as if her torso was shrinking…or was her head growing? Or was it both? Bridgette squirmed as the contracting pressure made her feel crampy and uncomfortable.

She put out a hand to feel her new fur when she noticed her finger were starting to get shorter, her hand tightening into a paw. The polish cracked and fell from her nails as they pushed deeper into her digits and started to sharpen. As Bridgette flexed her stubby forepaws she could sense the same happening to her formerly dainty feet. She couldn’t see her eyes turn black but she did feel something as her pupils expanded. As she felt her front teeth start to push forward while something pulled at the base of her spine she was suddenly enveloped in darkness. At first thinking it was just part of more magic Bridgette suddenly realized she was actually much smaller and was lost in the fabric of her shirt.

As she felt the magic close and leave her the former-human struggled under the shirt until finally pulling the fabric away. Turning up her head she stared at the witch.

“Well, shit…” Kea sighed.

‘Well, shit’ is right! ran through Bridgette’s tiny furry head as they continued eye contact, her elongated ears twitching in anger, What happened?

Of course, the remaining human woman couldn’t hear the little rodent’s thoughts and reached forward. Not certain what Kea was doing Bridgette snapped at her.

Fix me, you bitch!

Kea pulled back and sat for a moment, her eyes indicating deep thought.

“If you’re nice to me and do everything I say, Bridgette, someday the spell might break.”

Ha, do you really think I…suddenly a small fog rolled over the former-cheerleader’s mind. She blinked a few moments as Kea’s statement suddenly became an unquestionable truth to her …do you really think I don’t know that?

Bridgette had turned herself into a gullible guinea pig, after all.

I should apologize for snapping at her.

For the first time Bridgette really tried to talk, but quickly understood she had no vocal chords; she’d have to make her peace offering up close. Climbing out of the clothes at first she tried to walk on two legs but that was impossible; her joints and body design simply didn’t allow it. Giving in and accepting the humiliation of being forced to walk on all fours she finally approached Kea – and even that was difficult. Bridgette was unaccustomed to this new body; her furry ass was huge above two stumpy little legs, her balance and alignment was all off, and she could feel an uncontrollable little tail twitching at the end of her spine. Her very muscles moved and pulled in strange ways. As she approached the witch put out her hand and Bridgette gave it a little lick, then rubbed up against the palm.

Mmm…salty and warm.

Of course, Kea’s earlier statement had been a lie. The spell was intended to last forever, or until a new one was cast in the same method. Unfortunately, doing the ceremony again would require Bridgette to be able to talk, which she was incapable of now.

She was stuck in her new form without hope of reversal.

Kea didn’t tell her that, though. Instead she scooped up the unfortunate former girl.

Oh! I love the feeling of your skin against my fur…so strange!

The little creature was disappointed when Kea placed her on the computer desk and moved her hands away. As the raven-haired coed did something with her computer Bridgette turned to the mirror and got a look at her new form for the first time.

A golden blonde guinea pig, completely typical in all ways except for the brilliant color of her fur, stared back. Bridgette didn’t really know what to think of the situation and simply twitched her nose.

“Type something.”

Kea’s demand brought Bridgette’s attention back to the computer monitor, where the witch had pulled up a text doc and was pointing at the screen. The cheerleader-rodent blinked a few times then waddled over to the keyboard. Not certain what to type the gullibility factor of believing she’d be returned to normal if she did everything Kea commanded kicked in and with her forepaws she hit S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G.

“Alright, very literal, but at least I know you’re in there,” Kea sighed, “Don’t type anything else until I say otherwise.”

Bridgette gave a little nod, happy to do another thing that might lead to the restoration of her humanity one day. She sat and watched as the witch sighed, pacing a little and glancing at the rodent now and then. Finally Kea laughed to herself, and Bridgette turned her head and gave as puzzled a look as she could.

“Well, I always wanted a pet,” the brunette answered with a grin, “Can’t call you Bridgette, though. I think I’ll tell people your name is Karma.”

Karma…Bridgette thought, rolling the word around in her tiny head for a moment, I could see that working.


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