What happens when you cross ninja legend, anime, the great art of Erwin Prasetya, and Drowemos’ amazing and unique humor? If you said “a female ninja dressed with bunny ears and a tail” you’d be right.

If you said “an awesome comic” you’d also be right.

Blade Bunny is Copyright Drowemos

Blade Bunny is the story of a female ninja called Bunny who goes around being awesome and killing a lot of people. She’s extraordinarily skilled – and lucky – and her upbeat view while living in a feudal-Japan style world creates some great juxtaposition.

Of course, things don’t always go to plan for our energetic protagonist. Throughout the comic’s run Bunny has been on the receiving and of a lot of punishment. Part of the fun, however, is watching her egotistical enemies go on about how superior they are before Bunny proves otherwise.

Usually through dismemberment.

Even when not in the thick of battle her anger is quick to ignite, especially when someone calls her by the wrong name or makes any sort of assumption about her. This usually leads to a lot of fighting with the people she was meant to work for or be helped by. Which for those around her leads to frustration, and for we readers hilarity.

Blade Bunny is copyright Drowemos.

I’ll be the first to admit that this article is going to have very scant details about Bunny’s adventures and be more about theme and pictures. Although the two comics are very different in story and plotting, trying to describe Bunny’s adventures and how she interacts with the world around her would be like trying to explain the plot and concept of Axe Cop. Any description is best left at a minimum simply because the experience of reading the real comic cannot be described properly.

Sure, I could sit here and type about how Bunny uses a bomb on a guy which turns out to be inefectual so they fight some more and she tries it again and of course the guy mocks her for it then she stabs him in the armpits with hidden blades and blows the bomb and it turns out it wasn’t for what he thought. But how much did you really get out of that?

Trust me, it’ll be way better to just go read and see the comic than have me sit here and try to explain any of it.

Blade Bunny is Copyright Drowemos

Honestly, there’s not much more I can say. Drowemos’ writing is great, and the art by Erwin Prasetya is amazing. Just head on over to Blade Bunny right now and start reading.

And, in the spirit of Bunny’s straightforward view of the world;

Witty closing comment.