Exiern – Oh, semi-transparent nude women. Perfectly normal. – http://www.exiern.com/

Blade Bunny – Dragon ribbon! – http://www.bladebunny.com/

Bloomin’ Fairies – I love the leather outfit…can we just keep that?  – http://www.bloomingfaeries.com/

Sequential Art – Game over, man. Game over. – http://www.collectedcurios.com/sequentialart.php

Oglaf – Doubt personified is sort of a dick. – http://www.oglaf.com/

Spinnerette – Just call him CarFace now… – http://www.krakowstudios.com/spinnerette/

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – Silently. At night. Bad ass. – http://yafgc.net/

School Bites – She’s a nervous bloodsucker… – http://schoolbites.net/

Murry & Lewy – Yay, story time! – http://www.murryandlewy.com/

Medusariffic – Lot’s of doll fun in this excellent interactive issue. – http://www.medusariffic.com/9.html