Kea’s Proposal

a short story by Dan Standing

“Fine, you don’t have to be naked but I recommend removing any restrictive undergarments that could get too tight.”

Kea sighed as the bitchy blonde gave her a look and then slowly undid her bra from under the light white tank-top she wore. The blonde’s name was Bridgette, and Kea could not wait to get her out of her dorm room.

Kea and Bridgette were both sophomores at Lyon State University, and from Day One Bridgette had mocked and lead the “cool girls” on an anti-Kea campaign. Kea knew it was just so that Bridgette could make herself feel good and fit in with the cheerleaders and jocks. The raven-haired girl dressed in punk attire and was better blessed in the breast department than the rail-thin Bridgette and could see why she was a target of such a shallow person, but that hadn’t made the last year and a half of name-calling and social snubbing any easier.

“I’ve got a thong on, turn around so I know this isn’t all just a trick to get me naked,” Bridgette hissed at Kea as she pulled the padded bra out of her shirt. Kea sighed and turned away as the blonde bitch started to push down her cotton booty shorts. The dark haired girl looked down past her orange sized breasts and studied the text in her hand, which was the whole reason the two were in Kea’s room.

Kea considered herself a witch-in-training. Not part of any actual group or sect, she was just independently interested in the occult. She had spent the last few months tracking down an old book she had heard was floating around some shops in the area; the Upficum. Her research said it had been a repository of spells and only a week ago she found it in a box in the basement of a local antique store. Ratty and smelling of mold the store owner didn’t think twice and was happy to be rid of it. Since then Kea had put her Language Studies major to work and translated a few passages which claimed to be enchantments and spells of reconfiguration.

“Okay, turn around,” Bridgette announced and Kea repositioned herself as the popular girl sat again in the center of the oak leaf ring. She placed the bright pink thong outside it on the carpet with her bra.

Most people, after so many months of abuse, would have used such a spell book to try and wreak revenge on the source of their hardships. But Kea was a believer of karma, and felt that if she had tried to do something nasty to Bridgette it’d only come back to bite her on the ass in some way. So she took a different route.

Catching Bridgette alone in the women’s room in Marren Hall Kea submitted a proposal; she’d use her magic book to give Bridgette the body she always wanted if the bitch would leave her alone. At first Bridgette tried to blow off Kea, but the witch lied and said her big bust was the result of a previous use of the book. Still Bridgette doubted so Kea sweetened the deal; if it didn’t work she’d never again try and bring official action against Bridgette’s harassment again. Feeling the pros outweighed the cons the cheerleader agreed.

“Hurry up before one of your nerd friends barges in and tells everyone I was here,” Bridgette muttered as she assumed the leg-crossed position Kea had shown her.

“Just another moment and then I can begin,” the brunette responded, spreading some salt and placing a dark blue candle in front of her. “Do you know what you’re asking for?”

“Oh, yeah, one sec…” Bridgette pulled a folded piece of paper out of some impossibly small pocket in her shorts and unfolded it. The nature of the spell was another reason Bridgette had agreed. She wasn’t an idiot and had looked at Kea’s translations; although the witch would cast and power the spell only the subject would determine what happened. No chance Kea could turn her into a plastic dolly or something. Once the magic was opened Bridgette just had to speak what she wanted – which, according to the paper resting on her discarded underwear was; tits as big as grapefruits, no back pain, three inches off the waist, a butt with more curve, and a tighter vagina.

Bridgette’s body issues had lead her to be known for some very lax standards…and a strange eagerness to get a man in bed.


“Okay, all set. Now remember, when I say so speak what you want done, and do it quickly. The magic window is open very briefly and will be very receptive to what you say.”

“Yes, yes, I’m ready,” Bridgette replied impatiently. Kea shook her head to cast off a little frustration and lit the candle. She then began humming…the magic was tonal and she could be making any sound as long as it was in the right tonal sequence. Humming was convenient.

Modulating her sounds as needed Kea picked up a vial of fox urine. She pulled out the dropper and placed a few beads in front of her and on either side of Bridgette, who scrunched her nose.

“Ug, that smells awful.”

“Sorry, didn’t know…” Kea replied, her voice staying on pitch.

“I thought you had-”

“Please stay quiet.”

The witch picked up an oak leaf with a drop of urine on it and let the tip touch the candle. It didn’t really burn as much as smolder. As the red worm of heat ate it’s way across the surface it boiled away the yellow liquid. As the urine dissipated the leaves with drops also started to smolder. The whole ring of leaves began to singe.

“You’re not going to burn down the dorm, are you?” Bridgette asked, real concern in her eyes.

“I don’t think so.”

“How do you not-”

“Quiet, I must shape the nexxus,” Kea toned. It was complete jargon, and although she did need to do something called ‘smoke shape’ she really just wanted the irritating girl to shut up.

Taking her hands and moving against the air as if pushing a huge boulder Kea saw some of the wisps of smoke begin to move. The little clouds of ash started to swing around behind Bridgette, and while the blonde could not see it a shell was starting to form over her. Kea continued her “molding” uninterrupted until;

“How much longer?”

“Just a minute or two.”

A minute or two?” Bridgette pushed.

“Don’t know, please be-”

“How do you not know? You said you did this before.”

“I received it, not made it,” Kea responded, modulating her tone and twisting her hands to make the final few adjustments. She hoped continuing the lie would shut up Bridgette.

It didn’t.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Just get ready, I think the magic will open in a second…”

“Ha, that’s good,” the cheerleader replied, glancing at her list, “…since it seems I’m your gullible guinea pig.”

Bridgette had chosen her words – and timely – poorly. It was at that moment that the smoke hood coalesced and opened the magic. There was a bit of a flash – not of light but of darkness – and Kea almost thought she saw the change happen. Long blonde fur pushed out all across the girl’s skin, her body and head started to invert in scale, her hands and feet reshaped and formed pointy nails, her eyes went black and her front teeth pushed out. The witch couldn’t observe the entire transformation as Bridgette was also shrinking, and was soon swallowed up by her scant clothes.

Once the spell finished and the magic closed Kea just sat and stared at the center of the circle. The smoldering had ceased and the smoke was entirely gone, and all that was left was a lump moving around under the white fabric of Bridgette’s tank-top. After a moment the small furry creature that had once been a cheerleader poked it’s head up and stared at the witch.

“Well, shit…” Kea sighed. They both continued the eye contact for a moment, then the remaining human woman reached forward. Bridgette snapped at her hand in anger and Kea pulled back. Thinking a moment she remembered that Bridgette had specified gullible.

“If you’re nice to me and do everything I say, Bridgette, someday the spell might break.”

The little rodent blinked a few times then crawled out of the clothes. At first she tried to walk on two legs but that was impossible, and she finally approached Kea on all fours. The witch put out her hand and Bridgette gave it a little lick, then rubbed up against the palm.

The statement had been a lie. The spell was intended to last forever, or until a new one was cast in the same method. Unfortunately, doing the ceremony again would require Bridgette to be able to talk, which she was incapable of now.

She was stuck in her new form without hope of reversal.

Kea didn’t tell her that, though. Instead she scooped up the unfortunate former girl and placed her on the computer desk. The raven-haired coed pulled up a text doc and pointed at the screen.

“Type something.”

The Bridgette-rodent blinked a few times then waddled over to the keyboard and started hitting keys.


“Alright, very literal, but at least I know you’re in there,” Kea sighed, “Don’t type anything else until I say otherwise.”

Bridgette gave a little nod and the witch sighed. She was relieved no one knew the cheerleader was at her dorm. She’d just instruct the still-blonde creature to use her email and phone to tell people she was off somewhere inadvisable and hope when people realized she was missing no one suspected Kea.

Now all she needed to do was get herself a cage and some food and keep Bridgette as incognito as possible. Kea laughed to herself, and the guinea pig turned her head and gave as puzzled a look as she could.

“Well, I always wanted a pet,” the witch answered with a grin, “Can’t call you Bridgette, though. I think I’ll tell people your name is Karma.”


Tune in next week for the story from Bridgette’s perspective!