The genie (left) and Cindi (right) as a genie.

Hello all,

I know many of you are fans of my series T&A, which I did for the BE Story Club. It featured a number of issues; T&A1, T&A2, T&A – Three’s a Crowd, T&A Before and After and T&A Before and After 2.

For reasons best kept between myself and the BESC I have decided to publish future issues of the comic on my own. I will once again be working with Portal Comic to illustrate the further adventures of Cindi, the genie, Tina, Andrea, and Kyra.

However, the new general title of the series is now Time And Again. Or T+A.

But I can’t do this alone.

I’ve set up a Kickstarter page in order to raise the funds needed to pay Portal Comic. We need to make at least $2,100 for this 10 page comic to happen. If we don’t reach $2,100 I don’t get ANY money so we have to  hit that.

Something neat that Kickstarter lets me do is give people rewards. For $5 you get the finished PDF. But for $10 you get the PDF and your name/URL in the PDF on a Thanks page. Beyond that you can get sexy pin-ups. And even a chance to cameo!

But what I’m most excited about is this; the chance to do more pages based on what is donated. The money doesn’t cap at $2,100. So for every extra $300 we make I will write an extra page. So even if you’re reading this and the minimum is met, your extra donation will get you the PDF and possibly an extra page of art!

I love writing this series, so please please please donate. Email the link to friends. Post it on forums. Get it everywhere. Because if this works we could really see this beloved series take off. And I want to get that done for you.

Thanks and Regards,

Dan Standing

[EDIT: Funding was successful. New pages of TIME AND AGAIN update here: ]