The cover to my copy of Zatanna #13

Now that I’ve caught up with Zatanna’s issues in real time I am going to wait on giving them a full review until each story arch is complete. I don’t feel each issue of a larger story should be entirely judged until everything can be seen in perspective.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to report on anything, though!

Issue #13 is the one that lit up some forums because we finally have proof that Mikey is magically transgendered. In a flashback we see Mikey as a portly man, and later we see the present female Mikey in the same outfit (subtle, guys). So we have some gender-changing fun to look forward to – if Flashpoint doesn’t screw this all up.

The Spectre is also in this issue, and we see Zatanna turn a corrupt banker into rat in hopes of at least sparing his life from the Angel of Vengeance.

The Spectre kills him anyway.

I have a lot of hope about this story arch and can’t wait for Issue #14!

Again, let me reiterate about Flashpoint; please please please DC, don’t screw up Zatanna! I love the series – and character – as she is. Please don’t screw with her.