I saw X-MEN FIRST CLASS last night. It was an excellent movie. But you can read any review to know that. Let’s get to what this website is about.

Angel – She’s sexy, and the wing effects are great. She uses them a few times and flies, as well as firing off some acidic spit. The shots of the wings sprouted from her back are done well. She kind of looks like a giant fairy.

Mystique – Mystique has a lot of screentime, most of it in normal human form, and even when blue she’s clothed – her walking around “nude” is actually character development. Lots of transformations, both male and female, and when she does finally go naked there’s a nice rising tracking shot of her fine form. For a moment earlier in the film she takes on the visage of Rebecca Romijn.

Emma Frost – I have to say, I was VERY satisfied with January Jones’ portrayal of the White Queen. The outfits, the attitude, and the form were all perfect, in my opinion. While many may scoff that her diamond form is not the smooth solid version in the comics, I found the movie’s “facetted” design worked very well. Although she transforms both her body and clothes – a departure from the comics – this has its benefits. Once Emma’s clothes shift to diamond she looks pretty much nude. It’s a pretty awesome trade-off.

I feel that movie in general is a great film, and if that isn’t enough for you to go see it you will get your fair share of PG-13 rated T+A…including Moira MacTaggert in her skivvies.