a scene by Dan Standing


“Ooo…I feel…warm…”

Trina’s hand went limp and the metal goblet her girlfriend had handed her dropped to the floor, splashing a little as it went. Carly didn’t react at all as she watched the brunette woman slowly start to flush and bend over on the couch.

“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about,” Carly smiled. She had hunted long and hard for the fabled Euryale Chalice, and it didn’t look like it was going to disappoint her efforts.

“I…I feel…I’m…I’m going to cum!” Trina cried out as she followed the fallen goblet to the red carpet, her knees smacking down hard. But the hard impact didn’t register in Trina’s mind – right now it was overwhelmed by what felt like a hundred lovers caressing her, licking her, filling her. The brunette gasped and panted as she fell on all fours, not from the afterglow of only one orgasm but from the reaction to the next one immediately washing over her. Her sex splashed with liquid as she shuddered.

Carly’s smile somehow grew bigger as she watched Trina squirm and pant, the lips of her glistening pussy peaking between her thighs. The blonde thought back to Trina’s return to the apartment only ten minutes earlier. Carly had greeted her completely nude. Trina giggled at the naughtiness of if – “What if I had brought someone home?” she had coyly laughed, closing the door as Carly undid her lover’s blouse. It hadn’t taken long for the two of them to collapse onto the couch, a wriggling mass of caressing limbs and puckering lips. Nipples were suckled, asses were caressed, and groins had been ground against one another. It was in the middle of this that Carly pulled herself away and retrieved her “present” for Trina. The cup was already filled with water and she asked the girl to take a sip.

“What’s hap…I can’t stop…orgasming!” Trina shouted, breaking Carly from her recollection. The crouched brunette’s fear was completely overwhelmed by the erotic waves pounding across every part of her body. Although the intense sensations hadn’t ebbed, Carly noticed Trina’s convulsions starting to become less animated. The seated woman slid down the couch and leaned forward towards her lover’s lowered ear.

“It’s very simple, my love,” Carly explained through closed teeth, “I know you’ve always wanted to be a model…to be on display. In fact, I also happen to know that you wanted it so bad that you sucked off that talent scout in the mall bathroom three days ago.”

“How did…you…oh!” Trina’s body was moving less and less now, but it was clear the sensations had not ebbed.

“And before that there was the guy at the steakhouse who we weren’t even sure was a talent scout…and you got him off right behind my back! And then there was the one you snuck off with at the Paras Hotel…should I go on?”

“I…didn’t…oh!” Another orgasm pushed Trina’s mind over the edge, her mouth opening wide as she tried to voice the intense feelings coursing through her. The woman’s skin was starting to take on a gray coloration.

“One night, while falling asleep, you mumbled something about hating the taste of semen. I tried not to think about it, I tried to push it off, but finally I couldn’t take it. I admit, picking the lock on your journal wasn’t a very nice thing for a girlfriend to do, but so is secretly sucking strange cock behind my back. Maybe cheating on me with another woman I could understand, but you were just whoring yourself for your career and puting our health at risk.”

“Ahh…” was the only sound that quietly echoed through Trina’s mouth, which was now stuck open. Her skin and hair had completely transformed to smooth, hard stone and the transformation was slowly moving inward.

“So, knowing you had to be punished, and knowing how much you liked being on display, I searched out for that cup you just drank from. It’s turned you to stone…or will so completely in a moment. But don’t worry. You’ll be alive and aware in there, probably going insane from neverending orgasms. But it seemed fitting.”

No response came from Trina this time, and Carly rose from the couch and circled the once flesh-and-blood beauty. A tinge of regret washed over her as she saw Trina’s formerly soft breasts now hanging as unyielding granite orbs, but she reminded herself of the woman’s many transgressions. The once-brunette woman’s face was frozen with her lips open and puckered as the last blissful moan of orgasm had escaped during Trina’s final moments of mobility. Given the nature of the new statue’s transgressions it seemed a fitting expression to wear for eternity. Carly looked down to the chalice, which had rolled from the couch and was now directly under Trina’s frozen form. Carly bent to pick it up, but seeing there was still some water resting in the enchanted goblet she decided to leave it be until it dried. The enchanted water worked fasted when drank, but even skin contact would start the processes…just more slowly.

Walking back to the couch and lowering her nude form onto the red cushions Carly crossed her legs and grinned at her imprisoned lover. Within her body Trina was aware, but the endless onslaught of orgasms meant she wasn’t really able to do more than mentally scream.

Carly sat, hands on her knee, bobbing one leg gently and tapping Trina’s hard and handing tit with her toe as she considered what to do with her new statue. Suddenly she felt something…a tingle. She looked down at the foot she had raised in the air and realized she could see something glisten – water. She hadn’t considered that the puddle where most of the spilled water had collected was where Tiffany dropped the cup, not where it currently rested. Carly had not noticed her last two toes touch the dampness when she returned to the couch, since the wet stain was barely visible in the dark carpet fibers and was room temperature by now.

Laughing to herself the jealous blonde leaned back against the fabric as the sensation of a hundred lovers caressing and licking her started to spread up her leg. She brought one hand to her breast and slid the other between her thighs.

She’d at least try and enjoy her last few moments of moving.


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