Diana’s Last Dance

Part II of II (read Part I)

a story by Dan Standing

Diana still found it impossible to track the time since she had been turned to gold as her desperate concupiscence continually clouded her mind. But she was able to count the women who had failed – or succeeded – in pleasing Midas. More had been added to the hallway, many kneeling in similar fashion, some grinning as they awaited golden rewards and the others clearly aware of what was about to befall them. Diana recognized many of them from her worship at Aphrodite’s temple.

Diana knew that these trapped women were craving the touch of warm flesh as much as she was, and she wondered if any of them were able to reach climax. Diana found her mind doing two things; futilely begging for anyone to touch her long enough to bring her to orgasm, and praying to Aphrodite for help.

But whenever one of the workmen did use her to pleasure himself it didn’t seem to matter how long he took; she just could not tip over the edge of pleasure.

Then it happened. Diana didn’t notice it at first, as her mind was clouded with sexual desperation. But she soon realized that the people in the hallway around her were beginning to slow down. The walking strides of the palace goers were grinding to the speed of molasses, and soon they were going so slowly that it almost seemed as if they weren’t moving. Only someone who truly could not move would have been aware that the nearly frozen people were in motion even the smallest bit.

As Diana began to wonder what was going on she realized she was in the presence of Aphrodite. The goddess herself was suddenly in front of Diana, crouching down and staring into the golden orbs that were her eyes.

Oh, Great Goddess Aphrodite! Diana’s mind exclaimed, I would bow were it not for my affliction!

Then who am I to deny you the honor of honoring me?” Aphrodite replied to Diana’s thoughts, and suddenly the golden statue found she could move again. Not even pausing to explore her returned flexibility Diana immediately threw herself down prostrate at Aphrodite’s bare feet. The sound of gold striking gold echoed through the palace.

Oh, great goddess, thank you, thank you for hearing my prayers and coming to lift my curse!” Diana exclaimed. The light of the frozen flame torches reflected unnaturally across the her moving gilded form, accentuating every curve’s motion. So relieved was Diana that had her metal substance been capable of crying she would have.

While I appreciate your affection, loyal follower,” the goddess smiled, “I am not here because of your prayers, nor to lift the fate you have brought upon yourself by lack of foresight.”

All of the hope and excitement Diana had felt up to this point suddenly drained, replaced with fear and disbelief. Had she any blood to chill her skin would have turned to white gold.

Then, oh goddess of unmatched beauty, why are you here?”

Well, at some point Midas’ gift will bring about his end by starvation,” Aphrodite broke right into an explanation, as she enjoyed the sound of her own voice, “But Bacchus has also blessed Midas with a long life, and his death will not be any time soon. While we gods and goddesses with followers who have been affected by this golden touch continue to charge Bacchus to reverse his gift, it is likely Midas will continue to have women brought to him to relieve his base urges. The priestesses of my nearest temple have prayed, asking that I provide a solution to Midas’ predicament so that no more of my followers will be lost to his golden grip.”

Aphrodite looked upon Diana as if she was supposed to speak up at this point, but the moving statue was uncertain what to say.

So, am I to…help?” Diana finally asked.

Yes, if you agree,” Aphrodite continued, “I sensed that you were the only woman afflicted by the transformation who continued to revere me, so you will have first chance at my offer. Many of the unfortunate women here have cursed me or the other gods. Such as this one…” Aphrodite turned to the statue placed immediately after Fortuna’s addition, “Even now she calls the powers of Olympus reckless and boorish. Well…” Diana watched as Aphrodite waived her hand at the woman. Quite quickly the gold started to shift, changing form. The woman fell to all fours, fingers and toes merging together. Diana saw her nose turn up into a snout, her breasts shrink down to six teats, and a small curly tail form. After only a few moments a golden statue of a sow stood where a woman once knelled, “…let’s see how she likes knowing that is the ‘boarish’ form she will spend eternity immortalized in. Now she lacks even her beauty.”

Diana was a little scared by such a flippant – and permanent – punishment.

My goddess, may I ask what the solution is that you bring for Midas, and offer as my choice?”

Indeed, yes!” Aphrodite smiled, her demeanor immediately perking up as she turned back to her faithful follower. “As a reward for your faith I offer to turn you into the plaything Midas needs to satisfy himself.”

Turn me into…plaything?” Diana’s golden lips barely repeated the words, “Would it not be possible to return me to flesh and blood and simply make me immune to the king’s gift?”

Unfortunately the mobility you have now is only capable in my direct presence,” Aphrodite explained, “Only Bacchus can permanently undo this own mischief. The moment I leave here you would once again become still. What I intend to do is make you more accessible to the king, so that one who has already fallen to his gift may continue to satisfy him.”

Diana wasn’t certain what to think. Not only had her hopes of being returned to the world of the living been dashed, but now her only other option was to spend her existence as a literal object for sex. Although she had always enjoyed sex – probably more so than many of the other prostitutes – the idea of continual coitus without relief would be an eternity of torture.

My Goddess, I am honored you have asked me, and I would accept, but I have one request of my pending fate.” Diana knew better than to argue Aphrodite’s will, but hoped she could help herself.

If you mean to ask about your inability to achieve climax, do not fear. I have heard those prayers. Bacchus’ gift to Midas was based entirely on desire. Therefore a side effect placed upon those women who have been turned to gold is that they will only ever feel desire, and nothing else. However, as the goddess of fleshly pleasure that portion of the golden curse I am able to change. Therefore, Diana, should you accept my offer your golden body will be made especially sensitive, and you will have no trouble finding carnal bliss from your use.”

Relief washed over Diana as she heard that. Eternal stillness wouldn’t be so bad if she could find sexual release. For a moment she glanced at Fortuna’s golden body, and gave a small smile. Some pleasure came to Diana knowing what the eternally frustrating fate of her former friend would be.

I accept,” Diana replied.

Why did you look upon her?” Aphrodite asked, motioning to Fortuna. Diana’s eyes immediately went back to the goddess, whose face was more inquisitive than angry.

My apologies, Great Aphrodite,” Diana exclaimed, bowing, “Fortuna knew me before Midas changed us. She saw my golden form, and I thought she had come to comfort and support me, instead she stole my rings and was unable to see what was coming to her.”

Well,” Aphrodite mused, walking over to Fortuna and patting the statue’s head, “I assure you that after tonight she will forever support you, and she will certainly see what is coming. Now let us begin.”

With a wave of Aphrodite’s hand Diana suddenly found her body no longer under her control. Her ability to speak was also gone. As Diana felt herself rise and stand before the goddess, her entire golden body on display, she realized the last sentence she may ever speak had been about Fortuna.

First, a few alterations to make. Midas has a particular type of woman he prefers. I don’t want him seeking out any more women because you do not match his preference.”

Aphrodite waved her hand again, and Diana felt her golden flesh shift. While her body wasn’t entirely devoid of curves she could now feel her waist contracting. Her belly was shrinking, and her arms and legs become leaner. Then a painless crack marked the beginning of her widening hips. While all of this was going on Diana felt the gold that had melted from the other areas of her body flowing into her chest. Her breasts, which originally would have been more impressive on a petite woman, were swiftly growing as the additional mass flowed to them.

When Aphrodite’s adjustments were done, Diana knew she had changed drastically. Her legs and arms were leaner and longer, and even her face had sharpened its features slightly. She had womanly hips that tapered to a waspish waist. Hanging over all of this was a pair of golden breasts that must have been larger than the melons Diana saw in the marketplace. Her nipples had stretched out like thumbs. The golden whore wasn’t sure what real woman could actually possess such a figure, but she was saddened that it was only now, as a metal statue, that she would possess it.

Now to pose you,” Aphrodite spoke up, waiving her hand again. Still not in control of her body Diana bent and laid out on the floor. Rolling to her back Diana’s legs bent up into the air, giving a clear view and access of her womanly treasure. It was a position the prostitute was very familiar with.

Diana felt one of her own hands slide down her torso, the tip of one finger pointing forward and just brushing the very top of her feminine cleft. Diana’s other hand slid up one breast and circled a thick nipple, as if she was offering it to someone.

It was in this position that Diana felt herself stiffen. Legs in the air, hands beckoning and indicating her anatomy, she somehow knew this would be the pose she’d hold for all eternity. She was unaware that Aphrodite had also spread a come-hither look across her face.

Now, to get you to the proper height…” Diana heard Aphrodite, but could only stare up and was unable to see what the goddess was doing. Suddenly the posed woman felt four cold hands upon her. From the peripheral of her fixed gaze Diana saw one of the golden statues move around her. This was the most recent of Midas’ statues, and she was adjusting herself to lift from under Diana’s shoulders. Diana could feel another golden whore gripping under her perfectly reshaped ass. It was clear this was also Aphrodite’s will acting on them, and not actions of their own choice.

In one swift motion Diana was lifted, and the two golden women positioned themselves under her body. After a few moments of getting into place the two whores also stopped moving, frozen into their new arrangement. Diana could feel that the woman under her upper body was bent forward; Diana’s back rested on hers. Indeed, the woman’s head was just under Diana’s, and a pair of golden orbs with thick hard nipples hung from the woman’s own chest.

While Diana didn’t know the doomed whore who held her upper half, she was certain she knew quite well the one who held up her ass. Two hands held each curve of Diana’s rear, and a head of stiff hair was pushed up between them. Diana knew this was Fortuna, doomed to face outward and stare at the men who were coming to use the woman she carried. The traitorous friend was literally supporting Diana now, and Diana was indeed comforted by the idea of her lovers’ scrotums nearly hitting Fortuna in the face every time she was sexed.

Now, for access…” Again Diana could not see Aphrodite, but this time she could feel her. The moment the great goddess’ hand touched her hip Diana’s mind exploded in ecstasy. Compounded sexual energy from an unknown length of time released almost violently through her golden body. Diana didn’t know if it was Aphrodite’s holy skin or if that would be the reaction from the touch of any warm flesh ever more, but she could happily spend eternity experiencing that.

Aphrodite ran her hand down Diana’s hips and between her thighs. Gentling brushing the mons and lips of Diana’s closed pussy Aphrodite took one finger and pushed against the gold.

Diana’s mind gasped as her vaginal lips opened for the goddess’ digit. With a few swirls of her finger Aphrodite made enough room for a man’s dick to slide in and out with ease and proper pressure. Diana was taken aback by the feeling of her pleasure canal permanently opened, and she was struck by another sensation. Aphrodite now made sure she would always be slick and ready. An unceasing ache of need now settled in Diana’s pussy as thick oil appeared and magically flowed without end from her golden snatch. She could feel it drip out of her, which also meant that it was dripping down Fortuna’s ill-positioned face. Diana momentarily bemoaned this constant reminder that her womanhood was empty, but knowing that the dripping oil would keep Fortuna constantly, and hopelessly, stimulated was a nice trade-off.

There now,” Aphrodite said, taking a step back to admire her handiwork. Diana knew what the goddess was seeing; a beautiful golden woman of impossible sexiness, legs open and dripping with the desire to be filled, supported by two other helpless golden statues whose purpose was only to make sure the top woman was high enough off the ground to be properly and comfortably used. Aphrodite smiled.

Enjoy eternity, dear Diana.”

And with that Diana could feel the goddess’ presence vanish, and momentarily wondered what would come next. But quite quickly she felt many warm and invading hands on her body. Although Diana’s vision was mostly locked looking upwards she realized that all of the palace residents who had seemed frozen earlier were now moving up to speed and appreciating the sudden appearance of Aphrodite’s handiwork.

Diana was certainly appreciating the crowd’s handiwork. Although not as awesome a sensation as when Aphrodite had touched her, Diana immediately knew she would no longer experience only desire. All of the hands exploring her enormous breasts and spread legs quickly pushed her to orgasm.

Her first of many.

Oh thank you, thank you Aphrodite! Diana giggled in her head, the mental climax incredibly satisfying even if not as intense. She missed feeling her body tremble and react to the pleasure, but this was far better than what her fate had been previously.

It wasn’t long before Diana could hear the voice of Phiteus pushing through the crowd,

Out of the way, out of the way!” the chief adviser shouted, and Diana could sense him break through the crowd with a group of guards. Phiteus was stopped for a moment, clearly awed by the statues before him, but quickly collected himself. “Guards, clear this crowd! You, workmen, move them into the king’s chambers and then return to your posts!”

It took great effort and many men to move Diana, Fortuna, and the third woman into Midas’ bedchamber. But to Diana it sped by; there was barely a minute when she didn’t have at least three or four rough hands gripping some part of her sensitive body. Diana was coming up a storm, and mentally laughed at the frustration Fortuna must have been feeling.

In that short time Diana had become so accustomed to the feeling of so much constant attention that she was shocked when it stopped. She quickly realized that the move had been completed, and the three women were alone with Midas. Diana could not see the king, but from the corner of her eye she was able to see his empty bed. She guessed that he was seated in his throne, and was quickly proven right as she felt a pair of bony hands grasp her legs.

There was no pause or moment of preparation after that. Diana’s mind exploded as she suddenly felt her hard and slick cavity filled by the king’s aching member. She was tightly filled, and with each of Midas’ pumps a fresh orgasm washed through her golden body. As good as the many roving hands had felt, feeling an actual dick inside her came closest to the sensation Diana had felt from Aphrodite’s touch.

Then Midas came.

It was like a flood of ecstasy in Diana’s mind. She was almost driven mad by the pleasure she felt when this man exploded inside her – as she knew it would be with any man going forward. It was just as amazing as Aphrodite’s touch, and Diana almost felt like she had shaken her immobile body from the experience. As Midas pulled his weak and spent flesh from Diana’s form she prayed again to her patron goddess.

Oh, thank you Aphrodite! Diana cried. No living sensation had ever neared the experiences she was now capable of having – as Aphrodite had designed. As Diana felt her freely flowing oil flush Midas’ seed out of her golden cavity and down across Fortuna’s face she silently dreamed of Midas’ swift return.

And Midas would return, eventually. His starving and weak body would only allow him one such pleasure a day, at best, but every time Diana thanked the gods for her new purpose.

Although Diana had no way of knowing a month had gone by she did notice a change in the usually solemn chamber one day. That morning her peripheral vision had caught Phiteus and a group of guards swiftly entering the room before leading Midas outside. Diana thought she even caught a smile on Phiteus’ face.

Many hours later Midas and his men had returned. But Diana almost didn’t recognize the king. While he was still thin and frail, he was clothed – in actual soft linen. Phiteus was with him, freely allowing the king to touch him – with no golden effect – as the adviser helped Midas walk through the bedchamber. Half a dozen guards followed them, each carrying a large clay pot.

Wash everything down with the river water,” Phiteus exclaimed, and Diana watched as one of the guards poured some of the water onto Midas’ bed. The gold sheen quickly disappeared, soon replaced by the wet glow of a soggy and soft fabric mattress.

Diana could guess what had happened; Bacchus had granted the request to reverse Midas’ gift. The water – wherever it had come from – would return any golden objects to normal. The guards poured the water over the walls, floors, tables, and suddenly Diana saw one of them approaching her and the other two women.

Wait!” Midas cried out, but it was too late. Water from the pot had already cascaded onto Diana’s body, running down her sides and dripping onto the women below. The sensation of the cold rivulets on her auric skin was incredible. For a moment the frozen whore felt as if she was changing back, but just as quickly as the sensation had started Diana found herself tugged back to solid gold. The two women beneath her also remained immobile.

Amazing,” Phiteus’ voiced echoed through the room, “It does not appear to work on the women you have touched.”

A pity, and a blessing,” Midas said, walking over and placing his hand on Diana’s breast, “Would that I could have felt her supple flesh. No matter. This is by far the greatest piece in my chamber and I am pleased to retain it. Phiteus, have you begun to revert the gold in the hallway or treasury?”

Not as yet,” Phiteus replied, “We wanted to have your chambers completed first. We’re bringing in more of the river water tomorrow to begin on the rest of the palace. We should have plenty of time before the effects of the water are lost.”

Excellent. While we wait have the statues in the hallway and treasury placed upon the finest marble displays throughout the palace and gardens. Clearly we need not waste the washings on them. They will be beautiful reminders of my greed and foolishness, and honor the women who came to me in my time of need.”

Very good, my liege,” Phiteus replied, and the chief adviser left the room. Midas patted Diana a few times.

You are my gift from the gods,” Midas muttered before turning and directing the continued restoration.

While the reason Diana, Fortuna, and the other girl remained gold was a mystery to Midas and Phiteus, Diana knew exactly what had happened. Bacchus’ gift had turned the women to gold. But it was Aphrodite who had turned the three women into the golden furniture that they were now. The water had washed away the initial curse, but Aphrodite’s will was still acting on them, keeping them in their golden form. Indeed, they were as much a fixture in the room as any of Midas’ other possessions. Chairs were for sitting. Beds were for sleeping. They were for fucking. That was what Diana had agreed to be for all of time; Midas’ sexual toy. Fortuna and the other girl were simply unfortunate to be trapped as part of her agreement with Aphrodite. Bacchus no longer had anything to do with their fate.

Diana was certain that the water would revert the other lovely statues in the hall and treasury – save for one golden sow. But if Midas believed the washing would have the same ineffective reaction on them as it did his chamber trio then Diana believed what he had said; Midas would never try reverting the other auric whores. Her pact with the Goddess of Love had inadvertently also doomed every other woman to remain in their golden, frustrated, state forever.

It was something Diana would learn to live with.

At first she had been upset for missing her opportunity to live again. Diana’s last dance had been many years before the prime of her life. But since that Day of the Washing much time had passed and now, well beyond the years she would have been able to whore herself on the street if she had been returned to flesh and blood, Diana found that she was still beautiful and climaxing far more passionately than she ever would have alive.

And she had come to love being polished.

Decades of attentive lovemaking from Midas had made Diana feel more like a submissive lover than a fornication tool; the lifting of his curse had not lessened Midas’ passion. While the king’s dedication to his golden lover had waned for a short time the addition of a new curse – a giant pair of donkey ears he received for upsetting another god – had only inspired Midas to use the gossip-impaired Diana even more. It was a far more sensual and loving experience now than that first week’s groping – or from any paying customer.

Strong and vigorous, Midas had taken to caressing Diana’s breasts and legs before, during, and even after his sessions with her. Following each passionate moment Diana would wonder what Fortuna was experiencing, if the break of Bacchus’ curse had provided her any sexual release. Either way, Diana would internally smile as she felt herself drip onto the backstabbing whore.

At times, when Midas was tired and alone in his chambers, he would even talk to his golden beauties. The king would not live forever despite his godly blessings, and he assured Diana that upon his death she and her companions would be installed in Aphrodite’s temple, to be made available to any man in need of release.

Diana was pleased to know this. For now she was happy to be surrounded by beauty and grandeur beyond what she would have ever known in the marketplace hovel.

But it was nice to know an eternity of sex awaited her.

And to think, all of it thanks to a sneeze.


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