All sorts of fun movies are coming up this summer, and some of them include some great transformation sequences or sexy mythological creatures. Here are two I’m excited for, and one I’m…listing.

First up we have Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp look great, but I will be going for three reasons, ranked as follows;

1. Geoffrey Rush (tied for 1st)
1. Ian McShane (tied for 1st)
1. Well-done mermaids (tied for 1st)

The effects I’ve seen so far look great, and I’m very excited for close-up looks at these watery beauties.

Then we have the film I’m also very excited for – X-Men: First Class

January Jones is perfectly cast as Emma Frost, and from the looks of things we may have an acceptable looking diamond form for her. I’m starting to warm up to Jennifer Lawrence as the young Mystique, and the effects for the wings sported by Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore have my attention. It looks very promising in general, and details like these only stoke my anticipation.

And then there’s Immortals

Honestly, if it WASN’T for the brief moment of what looks like a goddess landing with frost rising up around her I wouldn’t even be bothering with this movie. It looks terrible – and that’s from someone who liked the Clash of the Titans remake. The helmet they have Mickey Rourke in makes him look like Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko. And in general it seems cheaply made. Perhaps as the release date gets closer it will clean and tighten up, but meanwhile I just want to see who that ice goddess is…

Are there any other sexy transformation or mythological themed movies coming up that I’ve not mentioned here that also have people’s attention?