So, the other day I downloaded VirtuaGirl in order to do some research on a story I thought up.

Yes, it still seems weird to me to even type that with a straight face. But I needed to have some actual experience interacting with a virtual girl program. Just be on the lookout for the story.

Anyway, with your belief or not, I did the free download VirtuaGirl and installed a few Girls and they did what a virtual stripper is supposed to do. But something kept nagging at me…

Could there be more to this?

At first I thought it was the ol’ Pokémon trainer in me crying out for something to do with what is basically a Pokedex. But I have no desire to watch a customizable catfight – it does nothing for me and seems pretty misogynistic for a man to pit two women to fight each other for his pleasure.

Then I realized the VirtuaGirl UI is more of a collectable trading card system and that it’s the Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh part of me saying, “I should be able to lay out these Girl Cards and compete with someone based on what I’ve downloaded and how I’ve arranged them.”

It doesn’t have to be a physical fight. Make it about dancing or something. You know, there could be all sorts of upgrades for the Girls…the Golden Stripper Pole, the Brazilian Thong of Fortitude, and traps like the Unexpected Wax or Breast Implant of Inconvenience.

Yes, sometimes my mind goes in weird places. Although some original Yu-Gi-Oh cards are pretty close to being strippers anyway.

So, if you’re reading this, VirtuaGirl programmers, some sort of collectable competitive aspect of the system would go a long way to keeping my attention.

Because, you know, naked virtual girl/strippers prancing around on my desktop isn’t enough.