Sometimes curiosity is the best salesman. More often than not I hear rumors and rumblings on the internet of projects and I’m compelled to seek them out. That kernel idea…that singular concept that one starts to develop from a short plot synopses or still frame begins to grow and nag and eventually I just have to give in and see if the reality is anywhere near what my imagination has managed to concoct.

More often than not I’m severely disappointed. But on occasion I run across a gem like Mood Boobs.

The case to my copy of There’s Nothing Out There (Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition) DVD. Mood Boobs appears on Disc Two.

Rolfe Kanefsky‘s “mini-flick” first came to my attention in some forums, and eventually I discovered the film’s website and a few online places that hosted video segments. I steered away from the online video postings, however; I knew there was a DVD and I was determined to get it.

After all, from what I understood this was a short breast expansion movie that was actually filmed with production-style resources – why would I not want to treat it with reverence? The breast expansion genre gets some throw-away gags in movies, but here was a short film dedicated to the idea. This required more aplomb from me.

Unfortunately I discovered that the original DVD print of about 1,000 had sold out quickly, and I found it quite impossible to find any for sale second-hand. Sadly I nearly accepted the fact that I may never watch Mood Boobs at its full quality and resolution, and my own resolution nearly cracked.

But then a light! I don’t remember how I stumbled across the article, but somehow I read that a film I had never heard of – There’s Nothing Out There – was being released as an Anniversary Edition DVD. The film had also been done by Mr. Kanefsky, and among the special features were two short films; and one was Mood Boobs!

I immediately pre-ordered it through Amazon and waited patiently, nervous that I had overblown my preconceptions. Eventually it arrived, and with great anticipation I popped it into my computer and watched.

I was not disappointed.

Now, let me pause here a moment. Before I go any further I have to point out something; Mood Boobs has no nudity and no sex. That may be a deal breaker for some, but at least hear me out to understand what it has to make up for that; it has quality plot and characters. I can get nudity anywhere online. I can even get breast expansion videos online that have nudity and sex. But here’s a boob growth film which goes the extra mile to be a film.

That’s what makes this important.

We start out following the lovely-but-small-breasted Amanda (played by the wonderful Shaina Fewell) as she arrives at an out-of-town friend’s apartment to check mail and feed the pussy…cat. While there she accidentally opens a package intended for her friend (worst packing for postal travel ever), and discovers a magical wishing rock. While Amanda talks on the phone with her friend Gwen (played with great mischief by Tiffany Shepis) we learn a little about her and get some insight into what is going on in her life.

Then she muses on the advantages of having breasts that would react to internal and external commands to fit different situations. And while holding the wishing rock Amanda absently wishes to have such a chest.

And the fun begins.

I don’t want to ruin what happens. Of course clothes rip, libidos are piqued, and overall what you’d expect from a breast expansion story starts unfolding. But it’s all done with great cinematography and a very well-done growth mechanism. And the folly work is absolutely amazing. We don’t need nudity. Ms. Fewell’s reactions and line delivery are wonderful – we are dealing with an actual actress here – and I honesty don’t think seeing any forbidden skin would have really enhanced her scenes. And the ending absolutely pushes all of my buttons when it comes to wish-centric plots and human nature. And it’s all bundled up in a film which both actresses should be proud to have on their resumés.

Some of you may be wondering, “Yes, but is it worth buying a DVD for an 18 minute film?” It’s a legitimate question, given that right now the DVD is running $10.99 on Amazon (just check my convenient widget at the top of the screen, or the link down below). And Mr. Kanefsky did film a short intro that plays before the film which must be fast forwarded through after the first viewing – the “mini-flick” has no chapter skip functions.

But let’s remember, technically Mood Boobs is the bonus feature – there’s an entire Troma film on Disc One which includes plenty of topless attractive women and all the R-rated debauchery you could have wanted in Mood Boobs. There’s Nothing Out There does deserve my own review at some future point, but if you’re only curious if it’s enough to justify the DVD purchase for Mood Boobs, trust me; its worth it. If you’re at all interested in anything on my website I’m certain that both of Mr. Kanefksy’s films will be worth your time and money, if even to only scene skip through. But the bottom line I’m going to stick with is this; Mood Boobs is a great film about breast expansion and it deserve our support.

THE FINAL VERDICT: For Crap’s Sake, Go Buy It!

I don’t care if you buy the DVD from me or your local soon-to-be-closing-Blockbuster (please buy it through me), but either way I absolutely feel that any breast expansion enthusiast should own the There’s Nothing Out There (Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition) set if only to have Mood Boobs at hand. It’s probably one of the few breast expansion movies you can actually put on your shelf and not have anyone ask uncomfortable questions about.

Mood Boobs is a fun quality example of how we COULD be getting films in this genre if we were just loud enough and patronized the right people. Mr. Kanefsky even says that the entire project was done because someone on the internet asked for it. The actresses are sexy and can act, the production quality is great, the breast expansion scenes are excellent, hot, and fun to watch, and Mr. Kanefsky proves how adept a screenwriter and director he is to get it all done in 18 minutes. Buy the DVD and let it be known why your money went to it. Only by doing this can we show that this genre has an audience – a profitable audience – and maybe we’ll see more like it.

Or at least a sequel.