The cover to my copy of THOR #620.1

THOR #620.1 – Unfortunately I didn’t read last week’s issue of THOR until now. Its a great issue. I’m a big fan of the current Thor series and this standalone issue shows what happens when Grey Gargoyle gets loose in the Halls of Asgard. The art is crisp and sharp and there are plenty of shots of petrified Asgardians, including two women. The first is a strangely masked random goddess, but the second is a beautifully rendered Lady Kelda. She’s drawn and colored with delicate detail in one panel. Its not enough to justify buying the issue only for that, but over all it is a great read so feel free to grab it.

The cover to my copy of POWER GIRL #23

POWER GIRL #23 – I should love Power Girl’s series, but something has kept me from doing so. I picked up this issue because it featured Zatanna, and Issue 22 may have as well but I missed it. Anyway, it’s Part 2 of a Power Girl storyline so if your thing is seeing Zatanna and Power Girl briefly turned into stone golems (along with Superman), seeing duct tape magically put on Zatanna’s mouth, and then having her covered in a mountain of glue go for it. The art is pretty, but if what I just described doesn’t have you all hot and bothered this issue may be something to pass over for the above Thor issue.