If you’re familiar with my work then you know that I enjoy a particular trope in transformation fiction; people who are jerks or attempting to cheat life getting more than what they bargained for.

Suffice it to say I could not have been happier when I stumbled across Bloomin’ Faeries so long ago.


Written by Jaycee Knight and currently illustrated by W. Wondollar there are three main portions of the website. 

The most prominant part of http://www.bloomingfaeries.com/ is the webcomic that sits front and center of the page. Although the activities of a busty and mischief-prone fairy in a fantastical version of the Middle Ages drive the story the comic truly follows the human characters and their poorly chosen actions. Starting with the knight who takes a piss in the wrong forest and moving to a princess who doesn’t keep her ego in check the audience can giggle and watch as the “protagonists” make various attempts to undo their gradually escalating situations but do more harm than good.

From uncontrollable orgasms, switching bodies, growing breasts, and unique male enhancement the comic is also not afraid to bare some bosoms when the action calls for it. The fearless nature of the comic, however, can sometimes make it seem to be heading into uncomfortable directions. While there have been times the comic storyline has edged dangerously close to situations that would have turned me away, I’m happy to say that the material has always skirted just enough to the lighter side of gray to keep me coming back. I’ve learned to have faith that sexy fun is the truest rule.

Since the comic only updates once a week on Mondays regular readers can also get their kicks in the Blog section.

There “Jaycee” relates his life dealing with his own fairy, dubbed Attitude. Just as in the comic the blog follows Jaycee and the people in his life who are gradually effected more and more by Attitude’s pranks and vindictiveness, and how they try to deal with them. Rampant orgasms, gender switches, invisible clothes, breast expansion, and nipple swaps are just a few examples of the issues Jaycee and friends have endured under Attitude’s influence. Amongst it all there has been character growth and arching plots that can be followed. Recently the Blog itself even gained sentience, and we have yet to see what that may mean for the narrative…

Last but not least is the Member’s Section. My jaw literally dropped when I saw some of the art inside. Members get a variety of perks – including an upcoming exclusive comic by the amazing artistic team of Portal Comic whom some may know from the BE Story Club – which I feel easily makes the monthly subscription worth its cost.

So if you’re a fan of rampant sexy magic and a little erotic irony by all means head over to Bloomin’ Faeries.

Just be sure to check your Attitude.