a short story by Dan Standing

Phera flipped another page of the magazine she was reading and reached out for her cup of coffee on the small table. Just feeling the hot exterior against her palm was enough to let her know she needed to let it cool longer. Bringing her hand back to hold up the glossy paper she shifted in the barely-padded wooden seat and crossed her legs. As she moved a quiet tinkling sound from the many buckles of her tall leather boots wafted through the air and were barely audible to the other patrons of her regular coffee shop.

Impatiently touching her hand to the paper cup once more Phera sighed in frustration. The coffee shop only had wooden stirrers, and she wasn’t fond of the sensation of scraping the wood against the inside of the cup.

Phera was not a big fan of wood in general.

The shop sold no food so there were no sets of plastic silverware for her to use. Normally she brought her own plastic spoon to stir and cool the straight black coffee she preferred, but today she had left it in the drying rack by accident.

Phera’s fingers, with their dark black nails, pushed a lock of her shoulder-length raven colored hair behind her ear. Before turning to the next page of her magazine she adjusted the thigh-length hem of her black skirt and then continued reading.

It was at that moment she felt a shadow pass over her and she looked up as a young woman pulled out the chair across from her and sat with purpose. The unwanted guest had to be of college age, with her blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun. A white blouse was wrapped around her athletic torso, and a short plaid skirt barely covered her thighs. Her runner’s legs went smoothly to a pair of high white socks that led into a pair of strappy black heels. Behind her magazine Phera made a frown as the intruder placed her own steaming cup of something on the table and grinned.

“Yes?” drawled the slow suspicious inquiry from Phera’s black lips.

“I’m Selma, pleased to meet you,” the blonde replied perkily, a big smile on her face. She extended a hand but Phera simply stared at it before looking up into the big doe eyes across from her. She thought she could see Selma’s  view quickly jumping from Phera’s own gaze down to the black tank top that barely concealed her orange sized breasts.


“I’ve seen you in here a few times,” Selma replied, lowering her arm but still looking at Phera intently, “…with another woman…and lately I noticed…you hadn’t been in here with her, so…I wanted to introduce myself.”

Phera narrowed her eyes; the intruder was correct. The last woman she had been in the coffee shop with was now her ex of nearly a month. But why…suddenly the gears clicked into place.

“Are you trying to pick me up?” Phera replied, closing the magazine and leaning forward. As her breasts shifted in the black top Selma’s eyes unabashedly glanced down to get a view and Phera had her answer.

“I’m sorry, I thought that you were-”

“You’re assumption is correct,” Phera interrupted, gathering her thoughts and trying to be less gruff. She reminded herself that being attractive to someone likely nearly ten years her younger was a compliment.

“Oh, good, I…wanted to know if you wouldn’t mind us drinking together… talking… maybe…” Selma’s voice quivered a little, and Phera wondered if it was from inexperience in asking out another woman or if somehow this woman had turned Phera into such a prize that she was trying to control herself in other ways.

“Let me stop you right there,” Phera spoke up, checking her coffee once more and sighing that it was still too hot, “I am interested in women, but only in my own kind.”

Selma furrowed her brow. Phera couldn’t blame her. On the surface that sounded really bad, and there was no obvious way for the blonde to understand what she meant.

“How do you mean that-”

“Are you a sorceress?”

Selma was taken aback by the question.

“Am I a…”

“Sorceress. Because I am. And Raeline was. And if you’re not then I’m not interested.”

Selma sat and processed this for a moment, and all Phera could do was watch the steam rise from the other woman’s cup. Then it seemed like Selma was ready to respond as her entire body shifted from the submissive position she had been in to a more aggressive one.

“Are you saying that just because I’m not some magic bitch I’m not good enough for you?” Selma replied with a hiss as she tried not to make a scene. It was almost as if she had shifted into a character.

“No, you’re quite sexy and I am attracted to you,” Phera replied, being honest, “…and the only reason I wouldn’t do you right now in the restroom is because if you’re not a sorceress you can’t protect yourself from the curse Raeline put on me.”

“Curse?” Selma replied, raising an eyebrow. Phera sighed. She hadn’t really talked to anyone about it before now and if this crazy blonde hadn’t run away screaming yet the sorceress figured she might as well use the moment to do some venting.

“I broke up with Raeline,” Phera explained, “And I told her that my reason was that she was definitely someone I wanted to be with, but wasn’t what I needed in my life. She was sort of an enabler of my less altruistic aspects and I needed someone who would help me keep my life balanced. Raeline isn’t real fond of rejection so she cursed me.”

Selma seemed completely wrapped up in what Phera was saying and at the first hint of a break in the story interjected, “And?”

“And…until I can lift the curse only another sorceress who can protect herself can-”


“No, seriously, the last-”

“I didn’t mean bullshit on just the curse, I mean bullshit in general,” Selma frowned. The moment it was clear the story was still moving in the direction of rejection her suspension of disbelief had crashed. Leaning back and crossing her arms across her almost flat chest she added, “You are not a sorceress and there is no magic. This might be the lamest rejection I’ve ever gotten.”

Phera’s anger flared up and she almost spoke some phrases that would have kept her from ever being able to return to the coffee shop. The use of magic in public was carefully monitored and some spells, such as turning wood to plastic or a woman into a dog, would alert the nearby enforcer mages. So Phera collected herself and tried to find another way to address what Selma had said.

“I am a sorceress, and I can prove it. Normally I’d have been a bit more rash after an outburst like that, but since you’ve let me get that off my chest I’m gonna prove it nicely.”

“And how would you do that?”

“Well, I’ve noticed you’ve been quite interested in my breasts,” Phera replied, “Would you like a pair like them?” Phera knew that the right body modification spell done in the right way would fly under the radar.

“Really?” Selma replied, her voice still dripping with sarcasm but there was a small hint of hope in it that betrayed her desire for Phera to be telling the truth. That was all the sorceress needed and she started making some hand motions. Once she was done Phera picked up her coffee cup. It was still too hot to drink but it warmed her hands nicely.

“That’s it?” asked the blonde, staring down at her chest expectantly.

“Just wait a moment. That spell is designed to jump-start some of your natural biology. You may feel -”

“Oh, my chest is tight…”

“-some pressure.”

Selma’s hands fluttered around her chest, not certain what to do. Phera watched the fabric start to push out as it became clear the blonde had not been wearing a bra. Phera sensed herself get moist as she watched Selma’s suddenly rock-hard nipples begin to tent the fabric. The young woman could only stare down and pant as flesh began to push out from her ribs, like warm clay filling out across her skin. In just a moment her breasts had gone from being barely there to nearly three inches deep. Twin Ds, round and proud on Selma’s chest, pressed hard against the straining buttons of the blouse.

“Holy crap holy crap holy crap…” Selma quietly exclaimed, still trying not to make a scene. They were sensitive orbs, and the growth had been warm and pleasant. As the pressure of expansion ceased suddenly a new sensation started. “Oh, now that feels different…”

“Yes, well,” Phera smiled, still unable to sip from her cup, “…in order to do that without getting in trouble I had to-”

“Oh shit, I’m leaking!” Selma exclaimed. Her slide into a DD cup size had been thanks to a sudden and intense lactation. As her smashed nipples released a spray of milk, creating two big stains on the front of Selma’s blouse, the blonde bolted up from her seat in surprise. As she did so her thighs hit the table and Selma’s own cup was thrown over, very quickly sloshing hot coffee across the table and onto Phera’s skirt and boots.

“Fuck!” Phera exclaimed, forgetting where she was. Seeing the looks she was now getting from the other patrons the sorceress quickly lowered her voice.

“They won’t leak forever, control yourself and clean up this table while I dry off…” Phera sighed, placing her cup and miraculously dry magazine on the chair before strutting off to the women’s room.

Inside the tiled bathroom Phera discovered that some of the liquid had gotten inside her boots. Sighing she pulled both off. She had knee-high nylons on, which in no way protected her feet from the liquid in the footwear or the chill of the floor. Once she had dried her boots and legs to her satisfaction Phera turned her attention to her skirt. The fabric was already dark, but the stain was just wet enough to look like she had peed herself. Admittedly her panties were damp for an entirely different reason, but she couldn’t go back out like this.

Taking another paper towel and blotting at the moisture Phera at first did not pay any attention to the sound of someone entering the communal room. Other than the discarded boots she was dressed.

It was when she heard the bolt slide into place that Phera noticed. She straightened up, but before she could turn around there were a pair of slim feminine arms wrapping around her waist.

“I just wanted to thank your for my…enhancement…” the blonde’s breathy voice was heavy with lust in Phera’s ear, and the lips were quick to move to her neck.

“No, you can’t, there’s…” before Phera could say anything more Selma had moved one of her legs between the sorceress’ thighs, and Phera knew the aggressive woman had already pushed things far enough to activate the curse.

She figured she might as well make it worth it for the doomed woman.

As the raven-haired beauty turned around to face her insistent lover Selma smoothly pushed Phera’s top up to display her full breasts. As the younger woman’s fingers and thumbs pinched her nipples Phera moved to release Selma’s newly expanded breasts from their own confines. Ripping the soaked blouse open and scattering buttons everywhere Selma threw back her head in lust as Phera admired her handiwork.

Slightly larger than oranges the blonde’s boobs bobbed with freedom, the thumb-sized nipples glistening from milk. The sorceress cupped the teats and gave a squeeze, and the last remaining ounces of lactate sprayed out.

“Oh!” Selma exclaimed, unable to control herself now. She threw her face forward into Phera’s cleavage, licking whatever she could find until finally latching onto one of the sorceress’ own nubs. A warm smile drifted across Phera as she enjoyed a sensation she hadn’t had in nearly a week.

Moving one hand from Selma’s breasts she traced the blonde’s bombshell body to her backside, giving it a little smack before pulling up the short skirt. Selma gasped at the pushy play and moved to Selma’s other nipple, her mouth now a little more rough. Phera’s hands found the elastic band of Selma’s thong and followed it down between her legs.

The sorceress could feel the moisture between Selma’s thighs. Her index and pointer fingers moved through a small patch of curls and slid to each side of the blonde’s feminine cleft as her center finger slipped inside the folds. Selma bucked and moaned as the probing digit pushed in and out of her, the fingers squeezing together as Phera’s palm put just the right amount of pressure where it was needed.

Pushed to new heights of horniness Selma pulled away from Phera’s cleavage and shoved the raven-haired beauty against the sink counter. Phera raised her ass up so she was sitting on the cold marble and Selma grabbed the black skirt and pulled it up over the sorceress’ legs. A smooth yank exposed Phera’s slit and Selma’s face was quickly planted in it.

Phera couldn’t stop herself from crying out as lips nibbled lips and moist flesh pushed against moist flesh. She was much too lost in sexual passion to remember that she had intended to give Selma one last big fucking thrill. Instead the sorceress panted and moaned as the other woman crouched between her legs lapped away with abandon. It was only when Selma’s tongue started to pull away that Phera remembered the curse.

By the time the accursed woman looked down Selma was already half her size. Perfectly proportioned at 50% her original proportions all of the shrinking woman’s clothes had already slipped off her to the floor. And she hadn’t even seemed to notice it yet; Selma was still trying to pull herself towards the dripping pussy above her. Phera watched as the other woman continued to get smaller and smaller. After she could no longer grip the sorceress’ thighs Selma grabbed a nylon, peeling it down the long smooth calf before eventually losing her grip on that as well and dropping into the pile of cloth below.

Her mind still clouded in sexual lust Selma started to masturbate herself while laying back in the heap of her enormous clothes. It was only when her height reached about four inches, and her arms were pulled away and were forced to her sides, that Phera thought she saw the tiny woman realize something was wrong, but it was all too late by then. Selma still had a look of lust on her face as her skin started to bleach white.

A short while later Phera exited the restroom and returned to her table. Moving the cup and magazine to the cleaned surface she sat in the chair, completely ignoring the looks from the other customers. Selma’s clothes had been deposited in the trash and Phera deposited Selma in her coffee cup.

“Well, I’m not sure if you can hear me or not, but now you know what I’ve been cursed with,” Phera had told the former blonde in the bathroom as she cleaned herself up, “Raeline had been so mad about my reason for breaking up with her that she cursed me so that anyone who got intimate with me would turn into something I literally needed at the time.”

Phera twirled the Selma Spoon around in her coffee. The liquid had already cooled enough while they had been in the women’s room, but the sorceress didn’t want to deny Selma a chance to experience what her new eternal purpose would be like.

Selma was indeed aware of the luke warm liquid sloshing around her up to her chest. She was also very aware of Phera’s thumb pressed across her breasts. Her mind mentally screamed in pleasure as her entire lower body was lapped at by tongues of coffee. For the most part she looked like a tiny plastic version of herself; hair frozen in a white mane around her head, her arms fused against her sides, her newly proportioned breasts now white orbs in front of her. Her legs had seemed to roll to the sides a bit to reveal more of her sex. Only her feet, spread out and curled up to make the cup of her new spoon form, were unnaturally shaped.

Selma’s mind had also been somewhat frozen in her erotic haze. Somewhere in her brain she was aware of what she had become, but she was more concerned about coming. As the coffee swirled around her sealed slit Selma was almost able to peak but felt her body removed before she could finish. Her mind cursed and swore as her hard back and butt were placed on a napkin on the table, but eventually she turned to begging to be used again.

It was an existence she’d adjust to.

Phera, meanwhile, was finding her place in her magazine with a smug look on her face. Railene had provided her with a spoon, and because it was her curse it was Railene who the enforcer mages would be out looking for right now. The sorceress was quite happy about that.

She did like to stir up a bit of trouble, now and then, especially when she wasn’t one who’d be in trouble. Her coffee wasn’t just cooled…now it was victory.