One of the great things about WordPress is the stats it can pull up for you. One of the stats you can track are what Search Engine Terms are bringing people to your website. As of right now, the top four are;

  1. breast expansionyeah, sure, makes sense…
  2. breast expansion captionsstill with you there…
  3. breast expansion gallerysomeone knows what they like…
  4. i’d like some more things pleasewait…what?

Yes, the phrase “i’d like some more things please” has brought TWO people to my website. I mean, hey, welcome! I hope I satisfied that desire. It just seems like such a random phrase.

So if anyone wants to sound off about what it was they used to stumble across this site, I’d love to hear it. Meanwhile please enjoy my top five favorite seemingly random search phrases;

  • quest nsfw webcomic fairy curse
  • i’d like some more things please
  • italian restaurant wall art
  • lybia url extension
  • submissive italian waiters