Down in the Warehouse District in Cleveland is a particular bar with a particular bathroom. I don’t want to sound like I’m encouraging people to go take advantage of it – so I am withholding the name of the bar – but I cannot stop myself from venting about how uncomfortable it made me.

I was there for the first time with Amber and some friends up at the front of the bar/dance area when nature called. Making my way towards the back of the building I came across a large dance floor, which was sparsely populated. It was a Wednesday night in Cleveland so there was plenty of room upfront where the bar was so the area wasn’t really needed. A few women had wandered over to get some space and were drunkenly gyrating in their fairly slutty outfits as I made my way past them, but not much else was going on.

Abutting the dance floor was a large wall made up of three mirrored panes; they all ran the width of the wall and the bottom one was about 5 feet tall, a smaller strip above that was about 18 inches tall, and the third went from there to about 10 feet higher. All the way to their right, cut into the treated glass, was the men’s room door.

Once inside I found the room to be clean, bright, and spacious. Then I discovered that the middle, thin strip was in fact a two-way mirror.

And that was also the wall the urinals were installed on.

I’ve always been something of a private urinater and had I known about this aspect of the bathroom I would have not used that specific facility. But I had already sidled up to a urinal and established my spot before I realized the mirror let me look out at the women who had been dancing. It was a weird and strange experience, especially when a guy came up about four feet away on the other side of the wall and adjusted his hair. It was not conducive to my immediate goals.

So, if you happen to be a guy with a very specific fetish about peeing while you secretly watch men and women drunkenly dance in a dark room then there’s a bar in Cleveland you may want to come find.

I, however, will be using the stall…