This week, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, I will begin doing Reviews of things, starting with an old issue of Playboy. What I will also be starting is something called Spotlight. I’d like to quickly elaborate on the two.

Review entries will be about professional, established, well-funded items. It will mostly consist of vintage magazines and some books and comics. These are going to be constructively deconstructed by me for the good of my consumer readers. Since it is a professional item from a large company whose business it is to produce said material I will be harsh on them when appropriate, but praising as well when I feel it is worth your time/attention/money. These are organizations who will be hardly effected by anything I have to say, and perhaps the only way for me to make my opinion known to them is by posting it publicly here, whether the opinion is good or bad. But you should find honest representation of vices in addition to any cited excellence.

Spotlight entries will be about small, up-and-coming, amateur/hobby independent projects. I won’t be writing a Spotlight about the project if I don’t already think it’s great and worth your attention (or money in certain circumstances). These are projects where I will be extolling all the things I love about the book/comic/webcomic/et cetera. So don’t be looking for me to go slamming the creators of the (predominantly) free material they provide to the internet; 99% of the time this is not their job, but their passion, and I have no desire to publicly rip them apart for sharing what they love. These are individuals who are often easily accessible by me and their readers for feedback, and if I have an issue with the website I probably already voiced it directly to them. If it such a big issue it would have been worthy of mentioning in the Spotlight I probably won’t write a Spotlight. The internet is a garden of amazing and fantastic material, so why would I bother writing about the manure when there are so many flowers?

So there’s the difference. I just want people to be aware that if you read a Spotlight, and wonder why it’s mostly praise and recommendation, that’s because that is the purpose of the Spotlight. You can look for critiques and constructive criticism in the Reviews, but you’ll have no blood-lust sated in the Spotlights.

Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.