While, as a professional, I would love to own the Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive, ultimately I will always opt to not purchase it. Why? Because for me, the joy of having access to an old, classic Playboy is actually having it in front of you. Holding, gripping, and knowing I’ve got in my hands something I honestly believe is a part of our culture’s collective history goes far beyond what any virtual medium can instill.

I was brought up not far from Atlantic City – and its then-existing Playboy Club – and so for me there is something classy and mature about Playboy and the lifestyle of equal opportunity sexual expression it particularly espoused and fought for in its “Vintage Era” (which for me is anything 1979 and back). I’m not knocking the purpose or content of the current issues any, but something about the older issues and the age in which they were printed holds a particular mystique for me.

It’s with all of that in mind I want to start doing reviews of the issues I own. I plan to start with the first Playboy I ever bought, the August 1968 issue. Basically all I want to do is break it down a bit, discuss a few of its better or worse details, and give my opinion as to whether or not I would recommend you pick up this particular issue next time you stop by that hip vintage store downtown. Hopefully this will help build a system for reviewing more issues in the future. I’m still reading through everything in order to best give my opinion, and I hope to have the review posted within the week.

Please Note: I have no intention of “reviewing” the bodies of any of the women pictured in the magazine, as I feel it would be demeaning and inappropriate for the level of class I am trying to maintain on this website. I can’t say a passing detail or opinion won’t come up because of my conversational style of writing, but everyone is beautiful in their own way and I will make no comparison, rating, or assessment of their forms. Honestly, if you’re curious as to how they look, shouldn’t the fact that they’re in Playboy be enough information?